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UN Secretary-General urges “enhanced dialogue” between Erbil and Baghdad

By Majeed Gly 14/9/2017

NEW YORK -  The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday urged “enhanced dialogue” between Erbil and Baghdad amid recent developments as the Kurdistan Region is going to vote for independence in a referendum on September 25 and said he understands the concerns of the Kurds.

In response to a question asked by Rudaw’s Majeed Gly in New York on the exercise of the self-determination right by the Kurdistan Region, Guterres answered: “our advice at the present moment is for an enhanced dialogue, mainly between Erbil and Baghdad, to come to an understanding on the near future.”

“I’ve relations with many of the Kurdish leaders. I understand their concerns. But my appeal is at the present moment for dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad to make sure that we are able to stabilize a situation that is still extremely fragile,” he added.

“I have a lot of personal sympathy,” for the Kurds, he said.

He went on to say “I would hope that unilateral decisions from one side or another would not undermine the belief I have that this is a very sensitive moment in Iraq and that we need to do everything possible to the benefit of the Iraqi people in its entirety, including, of course, the Kurdish population.”

He added at the moment “Iraq is facing an extremely decisive moment in its history.”

He, therefore, urged “the need for an effective reconciliation of the different communities in Iraq.”

The Kurdistan Region will hold an independence referendum on September 25, despite mounting regional and international pressure to postpone or cancel the vote.

Iraq considers the referendum unilateral and unconstitutional. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said they will not engage with the outcome of the vote.

Al-Abadi in his latest weekly press conference on Tuesday, once again called the Region’s referendum “unconstitutional” and therefore urged “dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.”


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Independence is our RIGHT | 14/9/2017
Thanks for your sympathy to us. However, we need UN to support our right to be independent! We also want to have our own country and to be proud to belong to a country after so many horrible experience under other nationalities! Please support us and urge Bagdat to a peacefull divorce. Regards
Kurdish State | 14/9/2017
The world is in dept with the brave race of the Kurds
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 14/9/2017
Please forgive me. I know nothing about Guterres. But for the UN to propose “enhanced dialogue” sounds like something out of a Monty Python skit.
lana dizay | 14/9/2017
It really upsets me when some UN Secretary General, or some other non-Kurd makes comments about our destiny! They are talking about an Iraq that they all know too well that no longer exists! Furthermore, they claim that they sympathize with the Kurds, so I am wondering where your understanding is and how you can justify 40+ million people in this world, in the 21st Century without an independent state!??
Independence now | 14/9/2017
US, UK and the UN won't even support a refrendum which is our right! THESE hypocrites have no shame. The US is repeating the betrayal of '75 spearheaded by henry kissinger. I hope Massoud Barzani declares independence as soon as possible and doesnt listen one second to these so called "freedom and democracy" supporters!

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kurt basar | 2/19/2018 6:23:18 AM
Self defense? what a Shameless liar, Turkish terror state is occupier's of the Kurdish land & eternal enemies of the Kurd's, because of that Turks,...
Ankara using ‘legitimate right of self-defense’ in Afrin, Turkish FM tells MSC
| 4 hours ago | (1)
help the kurds | 2/18/2018 2:28:46 PM
Lets hope they stay and not turn there back on the Kurds.
Hamiad Kirkiuki | 2/19/2018 6:00:45 AM
As a KURD,, living in USA for past 42 years ::.. I do NOT trust American at all..
How long will the United States stay in Rojava?
| yesterday at 10:50 | (3)
Non kurd | 2/19/2018 1:13:09 AM
This is a sign that ypg is being wiped out in Afrin and they are so desperate for help!
KRG MUST INTERVENE | 2/19/2018 2:27:28 AM
Unfortunate, that the Syrian government has to intervene. If only the KRG opened the border to Rojava, to send weapons and supplies, then maybe The...
Kurdish politician: Syrian forces to enter Afrin tomorrow
| 20 hours ago | (16)
Suli | 2/17/2018 12:19:44 PM
They need younger and new faces who are honest and not the same old face that lied was corrupt. Don't send again your old guard send fresh people...
Azad Azadi | 2/19/2018 1:51:34 AM
as long as Talabani family has a control in PUK, it will only gets worst. They are lying. If they truly mean what they say, The entire leadership...
PUK plans party ‘renewal’ to appeal to new generation
| 16/2/2018 | (4)

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