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Iranian Guards with Iraqi forces near Kirkuk, Peshmerga claim

By Rudaw 14/10/2017
Picture taken on October 14, 2017 shows civilian taking up arms to defend the oil-rich city of Kirkuk against a potential attack by the Iraqi forces. Photo: Rudaw TV
Picture taken on October 14, 2017 shows civilian taking up arms to defend the oil-rich city of Kirkuk against a potential attack by the Iraqi forces. Photo: Rudaw TV
KIRKUK, Kurdistan Region – Peshmerga intelligence shows beyond a doubt that Iranian Revolutionary Guards are among the ranks of the Iraqi army and the Hashd al-Shaabi stationed south and west of Kirkuk.
“The Iraqi army and the Hashd al-Shaabi are not the only state that are attacking us. We have intelligence with 100 percent accuracy that there are also the Iranian army and the Revolutionary Guards among them,” Shwan Shamerani, commander of the Peshmerga second brigade in Kirkuk, told Rudaw on Saturday.
The Peshmerga General Command said in a statement on Friday that Iraqi forces were preparing to attack the Peshmerga-controlled areas with “foreign encouragement and backing.” It did not provide more details.
Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani also on Friday urged Iraqi forces and “any foreign force” against igniting a war between Erbil and Baghdad.
A Peshmerga commander told Rudaw that an Iraqi attack is imminent.
“Big masses of forces, with big fire [weapons], does not mean good will, or send a good gesture. This force has been deployed and they have said themselves, they say so in public, that ‘we want to enter Kirkuk,’” said Wasta Rasul, commander of the southern front in Kirkuk.
Kurdish military officials have said that the Iraqi forces have set a deadline to hand over their areas to a combination of Iraqi forces and mainly Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi, or face an attack. The Iraqi government has denied such ultimatums exist.
“Their demand is to take over the airport, the oil factories, the urban areas. In short, they want to take over Kirkuk,” said Ayub Yousif, a Peshmerga general.  
“We took these areas with blood,” he continued, vowing they will defend the areas with more blood. 
The Iraqi forces have already taken some areas south and west of Kirkuk, in Bashir and Taza, following a Peshmerga “tactical” withdrawal on Thursday night.
Baghdad has said that they want to “redeploy” their forces to areas that were under Iraqi control before the rise of ISIS in June 2014.


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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 15/10/2017
Baghdad is essentially saying: "We want back that which Chemical Ali gave us!" ... Metaphorically speaking, Saddam isn't dead. He's merely put on different clothing.
Lehmen | 15/10/2017
Why oh why are Kurds claiming a city outside the Kurdistan region they want to claim as independent. Yes you defended Kirkuk against ISIS but that doesn't mean it's yours now ffs
Elf | 15/10/2017
Oh what a shock that Iranian revolutionary guards are running the show! Abadi is pulling a quick one on the Americans by pretending he doesn't know anything, just as Malaki did for 7 years, the American's suffering from tunnel vision with their nonsense "one Iraq" policy bought into everything Malaki said until he destroyed Iraq with his sectarian policies all backed by Iran.
Goola | 15/10/2017
What's special is that Christians Sunni Turkmen and Arabs have also taken up arms in Kirkuk against the Iraqi and Iranian Shia forces. The people of Kirkuk overwhelmingly votes in favor of independence so this is now another Shia vs Sunni war. Iran has to be destroyed otherwise they will just ignite one war after the other
Cara | 15/10/2017
Bagdad is already usurped by Iran and West Iraq by ISIS, there is no Iraq. I wish the Western Countries would pull their head out of their righteous ass and recognize Kurdistan, and recognize that Iran is an evil country controlled by evil people who issue letters and fatwahs to kill pregnant women and suffer them not to give birth. I am sick and tired of liberal fucktards giving other people's lives for their ideology - because it was Obama and his zombies that brokered a deal with Iran. I hope those individuals lose their sovereignty one day and fall into the hands of evil people who will destroy them, because that is what they deserve.

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Salim | 5/18/2018 3:44:21 PM
Rudaw make report about date industry in Kurdistan. Here in Europe we just see dates from Tunesia and no from Kurdistan or Iraq even though it have a...
Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 5/21/2018 2:25:11 AM
Looks to me Rudaw is run by the Muslim Brotherhood. There is million issues to talk about in Kurdistan other than Ramadan. BTY I never met an Arab...
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Azad | 5/19/2018 8:19:59 AM
Women covering themselves are much better than half naked women presenting their body to everyone like western women do.
Outsider | 5/21/2018 1:27:14 AM
BTW... if a woman wants to "cover" herself or not, its her personal decision... either way, it does make her a better, more inteligent or trustworthy...
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Zero | 5/21/2018 12:58:53 AM
This is the beginning of the end of a century long plot against the Kurds. With gods help.
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| 19/5/2018 | (1)
pete | 5/19/2018 9:52:19 AM
God bless the heroes of the PKK, the World supports you against Turkish fascism and nationalist cave dwellers in Iraq.
Trinity | 5/21/2018 12:49:27 AM
Peace talks? The only thing the Turks are concerned about is how to end their miserable life on earth and they stirring people up hoping those will...
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| 18/5/2018 | (5)

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