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Abadi welcomes KRG decision on court ruling

By Rudaw 14/11/2017
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaking at his weekly press conference. Photo: Iraqi PM Media Office
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaking at his weekly press conference. Photo: Iraqi PM Media Office
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraq’s prime minister said he welcomed the decision of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) with respect to the Federal Court ruling on secession. 

“We welcome the decision made by the Kurdistan Regional Government,” Haider al-Abadi said in his weekly news conference on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, the KRG issued a statement that they would respect the court’s interpretation of Article 1 of the constitution and expressed hope that the court decision could be used as basis to begin “inclusive national dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad.”

Abadi stressed that the constitution protects the integrity of Iraq, “ensuring security, stability and enforcing the federal authority in all places. This stance serves the interests of our citizens, especially Kurdish citizens.”

He called on the KRG to “coordinate and cooperate” with respect to oil revenues, airports, and borders. 

He said that he has asked the military committee, which has been tasked with negotiating terms with the Peshmerga, “to form a high committee to prevent any unjustifiable confrontation or casualty. We don’t want any military confrontations to happen.”

Abadi also said his government would “regain control over border areas without escalation. We will not wait forever, we will take action regarding the border areas.”

Baghdad wants to bring Kurdistan Region’s international borders under federal control – one of the steps the central government has taken in the wake of Kurdistan’s independence vote. 

Iraq particularly wants access to the borders in order to export Kirkuk oil via a pipeline to Turkey. 

Deputy Peshmerga Minister Sarbast Lazgin told Rudaw last week that they have made it clear in discussions with their Iraqi counterparts that they are not ready to hand over the border crossings, “but through the context of political talks between Erbil and Baghdad, we are ready to administrate them with coalition partners.”

The KRG, backed by the United States and United Nations among others, have repeatedly called on Baghdad to sit down for political talks to resolve their problems. Baghdad, however, has set preconditions, not least of which is cancellation of the result of the independence referendum. 

In his press conference on Tuesday, Abadi also reiterated his government’s commitment to paying the salaries of KRG employees. 

Amid concerns about the structural integrity of Darbandikhan Dam when cracks appeared after Sunday’s earthquake, Abadi said the dam “is in no danger.”

Updated at 9:06 pm


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Muraz Adzhoev | 14/11/2017
Al-Abadi actually has said and has made it clear that Baghdad is not going to “respect” neither the Federal court’s nor the KRG’s “interpretation” of Artical 1 of the Iraqi federal Constitution. He said and stressed that Baghdad “will not wait forever” and “will take action regarding the border areas”. Al-Abadi has been demanding from Erbil to surrender in order to “assist” Baghdad in “the enforcement of the constitution” and “administering the border ports”. Erbil must adequately respond and appropriately react to al-Abadi’s insolent mockery so as to make Baghdad, Tehran and Ankara, the whole world, the UN SC and GA understand at last that the legitimate outcome of the justified self-determination Referendum on reintegration and independence of Southern Kurdistan will be implemented by all military, political and diplomatic means in accordance with the international law and the federal constitution of the deadly failed Iraqi federation in favor of peace, security, stability, development, cooperation in the Greater Middle East Region.
Outsider | 15/11/2017
Dear Muraz, it was "advisors" like you, who caused Barzani to go ahead with the referendum.... Look, it is everyones right to have a dream or vision for the future... however in this backstabbing Middle-eastern world, you have to look twice around you... then think hard...and base your decision on realities and not feelings/dreams.
Disappointed | 15/11/2017
Abadi is riding on a high horse. The more Kurds give to him the more he wants. Kurds respect Abadi and and his court ruling. Abadi has no respect for Kurds and their leaders. Is there a Kurdish man who can stand tall and say enough is enough. What happened to those brave Peshmargas the Kurds and the world once were proud of? What happened to the proud nation with high dignity? If a man die in a battle for his cause and for his dignity he will die once but his name will live forever; but if a man give up his dignity in order to live, he will live once but die a thousand death every day. In the words of a French philosopher, to win without risk is a triumph without glory (A vincre san peril on triomph sans gloire).
Roj | 15/11/2017
Of course he does! The KRG has unconditionally surrendered to Baghdad in return for some money for their cadres. The KRG (i.e., Barzani and Talabani families) will not hesitate to sell Kurdistan to anyone as along as there is some financial benefit to them. The enemy of the Kurds is not Iraq, Iran or Turkey. The biggest enemy of the Kurds is the KRG! WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
guest2002 | 15/11/2017
these clowns who bow at everything that those shiia jihadis ask of them are traitors to Kurdish nation. how low can you go???? and if you think that those shiia jihadis are done and will not ask for more and more concession from KRG,you are in for a big surprise. every day that passes they weaken you till everything is under their control and they "SIQA" your NINE YEAR OLD GILS!!! shame on such incompetent leaders.if you are unable to help Kurdish nation achieve their dreams,then step aside!!!

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