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New trade deals to connect Kurdish markets across borders

By Rudaw 15/7/2016
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region. Rudaw screenshot.
Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region. Rudaw screenshot.
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region— Kurdish businessmen and capitalists are due to meet at an economic forum in Sulaimani in early August to discuss a new trade deal which is thought to link Kurdish marketplaces in neighboring countries and promote domestic entrepreneurship.

Head of Sulaimani chamber of commerce Sirwan Muhammad told Rudaw the conference will come up with a road map which is planned to lead a joint effort to revive the economy across Kurdish borders.

“Each part of Kurdistan is producing a material that could be of use in other parts,” said Sirwan Muhammad referring to Kurdish markets in Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq.  

“We want especially to help Kurdistan region out of this crisis. The private sector has in the past been unable to rise to this task due to lack of coherent plan,” he added.

Muhammad said the conference aims at attracting Kurdish capital and investment in domestic production.

There has been an increase of free movements of people and goods across the borders since early 2000 between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria with a dramatic rise of free trade on all sides of bordering regions which are almost predominantly populated by Kurds.

Over 75 percent of the domestic consumption in Kurdistan region is based on imported goods which the conference aims to address.

The Kurdish traders are confident that in particular the food production in Iranian and Turkeys Kurdistan will impact the consumption market in the Kurdistan region.

Skeptics however say that the project will depend on “the good will” of the regional countries who have the legal power to close the borders and stop the trading.

“Unfortunately Kurdish businessmen in these countries have to abide by their country’s trading rules that could harm such a pact,” said Muhammad Rauf who is university lecture in market economy in Sulaimani .


Muraz Adzhoev | 15/7/2016
Businessmen must first join the national movement of the People and struggle of the Peshmerga forces for independence, reintegration and sovereign statehood of Southern Kurdistan, if they are true patriots interested to make local economy become industrially developing, to provide socio-political stability and attractiveness for internal private and government, international foreign investments to infrastructure, banking system, sectoral production, education, healthcare, security, environment. That is the only way to become free and the only possibility to help and support other Kurdish regions economically, politically and diplomatically in the near future. Businessmen should be much more responsible, honest, serious and out of dirty and provocative political partisanship.
Bob Carr | 15/7/2016
Trade has always been the first step in opening new territories. Remember in ancient times the caravan routes from East to West. Currently look at how trade was the first attempt to open up China. Free Enterprise as brought about by small individual farmers and businesses are the mechanism and the people that demand those items in other countries are the groundswell that will break down barriers that keeps freedom out. Remember the first step always comes before the second. Regards Bob Carr

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