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Preacher targeted by grenade attack in Sulaimani voices support for referendum

By Rudaw 17/6/2017
Dr Abdul Latif who received a minor injury from a hand grenade on June 16, 2017 is seen receiving visitors in his house next to the Bahasht mosque. Photo: Rudaw/Sartip Othman
Dr Abdul Latif who received a minor injury from a hand grenade on June 16, 2017 is seen receiving visitors in his house next to the Bahasht mosque. Photo: Rudaw/Sartip Othman
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – The controversial Islamic preacher who was injured in a grenade attack Friday in his mosque in Sulaimani has said that a member of his congregation was asking him about his views on the forthcoming Kurdish referendum on independence when the attack happened.
He voiced his “100 percent” support for the referendum on the condition that it will lead to full independence, calling those who do not support the September 25 vote not “genuine Kurds.”
Dr Abdul Latif, a well-known Salafi figure, preaches at Bahasht mosque in Sulaimani and also owns the satellite channel Amozhgari, or Preaching, that teaches the Salafi version of Sunni Islam. 
The motive for the attack on the mosque is not known at this time.
The preacher who received a minor injury to his right leg from the grenade said that the motive behind the attack could well be because of his anti-ISIS stance as he does not regard what the extremist group is doing as “Islam.”
The preacher claimed that he has been receiving threats from the ISIS group via its social media channels. 
He also said people like him who dare to speak “the truth” despite the difficulties become a target for such attacks.
He said that one such case is his stance in favor of the Kurdish people in their quest for independence.
“I look at the referendum as it is. Not in the political way where they exchange accusations, I have no business [with this aspect of it],” Latif told Rudaw hours after the attack, repeating his long-held view that he does not want to get involved in political issues. 
“But as for the issue itself, which is the issue of referendum, that referendum to be held so that the Kurdish nation would be independent, I am with it 100 percent... with no regard to who is calling off the referendum.”
“The question is as a Kurd: do we want to be independent and try to achieve it? Anyone who does not like it and does not make efforts, it is obvious then that they are not genuine Kurds,” the preacher continued.
The Kurdish security or Asayesh in Sulaimani stated that a hand grenade was thrown into the courtyard of Bahasht mosque on Friday night, lightly injuring three people. Later health and police sources told Rudaw that five people were injured with wounds were described as minor.
The Asayesh said that they have started their investigation into the incident and will inform the public "after we find a lead."
The hand grenade was thrown when Latif, the controversial preacher, was leaving the mosque towards his house which is located next to the mosque, Latif told Rudaw after he received treatment in his house for injuries he sustained from the attack.
He soon returned to the mosque for his Ramadan prayers with members of his congregate, in a defiant message.
Latif told Rudaw that it may have to do with his anti-ISIS stance.
"When you defend your people, the Peshmerga, and [make remarks] against terrorists, surely you will pay the price."
He appears to have been the target of the attack as the grenade was thrown directly at the Islamic preacher. 
"I do not have any personal problems myself, thanks to God," Latif told reporters from within his mosque after the attack. "But we always hear ISIS threats, and just yesterday I was talking about ISIS on one of the media outlets. I think this could be the reason."
He said he remains committed to his public stance that what ISIS is doing is not "Islam," but rather aimed at conveying a bad image of the religion. 
He also said that about three years ago he asked the security forces in Sulaimani to provide security for his mosque and an Islamic channel he owns, but the security forces have not done so. 
The attacker, believed to be a young man wearing black clothes and armed with a pistol was caught on camera. A car was also parked near the mosque to pick up the assailant.
As some people tried to chase him, the attacker opened fire.

Kurdistan's ministry of religious affairs described the incident as "sabotage attack" calling on the authorities to do their utmost to bring the assailant to justice. 
Latif is a controversial and well-known Salafi figure in Kurdistan. In 2014, he condemned ISIS attacks on Christians and Yezidis and called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi "an extremist man who has no fear of God."
He described ISIS as the product of "political Islam" and said that militants killed in battle are not martyrs. 
He was arrested last year in connection with an alleged illegal marriage. 



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Muraz Adzhoev | 17/6/2017
Independent Kurdistan should establish its secular and democratic statehood managed by means of the rule of law. Religions must have nothing to do with political and legal issues of Kurdistan.
PLINY THE KURD | 17/6/2017
He is right in one thing: Those who oppose the Kurdish independence are not Kurds; I would even add that they are nasty bastards of Arabs ,Turks and Persians. I salute the Kurdish preacher ,wish him saftey and a long happy life under the Kurdish flag of the Kurdish state. And I ask him to pray for a strong, safe and prosperous KURDISH STATE. May God also accept my prayers though I do not believe in Islam at all. I would recommend Dr Latif to read Platon , Saint Augustin, Saint Thomas and Spinoza Anyway I think he well knows and appreciates these authors.
kurdish natinalist | 17/6/2017
it is only work of terorrist party grupp like Goran they are arabe and iranier slaver.
Salahuddin Ibn Abdullah Al-Kurdi | 18/6/2017
Long live a Kurdistan with Islam as an official religion
THE KURDISH BOY | 18/6/2017
To KURDISH NATIONALIST sorry for by mistake having thumbing down your comment on Gorran. I agree with you that Gorran is not Kurdish. Let's remember here that WIKIELEAKS has published that the founder of Gorran the late N.Mustafa had told the U.S embassy that he is against the Kurdish independence. N.Mustafa was a traitor in life and after his death he left his bastards trying now to frustrate the Kurdish independence and they try to submit the Kurds to the enemy.

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Welatowelato | 3/17/2018 6:53:13 PM
the west has kurdish blood on their hands! Its their weapons that kill kurds! Its their arrogance n silence dat kills Kurds! UN has allowed for...
Renas | 3/17/2018 7:03:47 PM
Once again, there a common reason why Turks are attacking Afrin, why Arabs attacked Kirkuk and why we are still without country. WE ARE NOT UNITED!!...
UN wants access to '300k regular men, women, children' in Afrin
| yesterday at 03:30 | (3)
It is not you, it’s us | 3/17/2018 4:43:04 PM
When the Kurdish people in Turkey wake up and realize what you have done to them for decades, your nightmares about the Kurdish people will come...
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 3/17/2018 6:17:22 PM
Neither the EU nor the USA's present government have the spine for a military confrontation with the fascist regime now in power in Ankara. They are...
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aa | 3/17/2018 12:57:38 PM
If they not even can organize a congress to get rid of chaos then forget it
Shivan | 3/17/2018 4:45:34 PM
These people are so power hungry that they cannot over come their gread and choice a leader with in their own party. Imagine if they end up leading...
PUK selects new politburo
| yesterday at 10:56 | (3)
kurdish natinalist | 3/17/2018 4:43:06 PM
this dogs Nasr al-Hariri, the head of the opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC)are terorrist opposition grupp like isis.
Syrian opposition negotiator tells PYD to leave Afrin
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