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Two Rudaw journalists captured by Islamic State

By Rudaw 17/12/2014
Farhad Hamo and Massoud Aqeel
Farhad Hamo and Massoud Aqeel

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—A reporter and a photographer were captured by the Islamic State (ISIS) near the Syrian Kurdish city of Qamishlo on Monday while on a mission for Rudaw TV.

Farhad Hamo and Massoud Aqeel, two freelance journalists were picked by members of the Islamic State at the Heso-Ratla junction on the main highway connecting Qamishlo to Tel Kocher.

Rudaw Media Network demands the release of both journalists and urges local tribes to play their role in securing their freedom.

Rudaw described Hamo and Aqeel as two professional journalists who have worked for the network in a professional and unbiased manner.


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Figment | 17/12/2014
Devastating news. God be with them.
Kurdishwoman | 17/12/2014
Someone at your office have been collaborated with Daesh and told them where to kidnap them otherwise how Daesh knew where they were? Rudaw should look among its employees to see who is working for Imam Erdoghan and Daesh?
Lord Reek | 17/12/2014
@Kurdishwoman, Jesus christ!!! Can you PLEASE stop with the conspiracy theories? How can you be THIS stupid???
Berxwedan belo | 17/12/2014
God be with them :(
Kurdo | 17/12/2014
Rudaw journalists should stop interview ISIS terrorist, and they wont get cought. Instead of giving the mic the civilans in Kobane, YPG/PKK fighters in Shingal, Peshmerga struggling in Kerkuk, families of those who left Halabja to fight along with ISIS, and much more. They decide to interview ISIS. Is it for more views? money?
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me | 2/12/2019 12:16:30 PM
what jobs here pay 4500 usd a month !? that is 54 k annually!
SuperJC | 2/15/2019 6:38:20 AM
How this person becomes a poor guy even he's right skill in one of good industry....This poor guy got no brain in the first place and then mix-up the...
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Hansi Oemeran | 1/30/2019 5:58:35 PM
Turkey has literally caused for this conflict to go astray. Now, tens if not hundreds of jihadist groups fighting for supremacy. This is going to...
Schools in Indonesia | 2/15/2019 6:29:49 AM
Syria has a strong diplomatic relationship with major superpowers, of which most of it are closest allies like Russia, Iran ,China, India ,...
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John Bird | 2/15/2019 6:02:41 AM
The Islamic regime in Iran is having a taste of their own medicine. They brought terror and destruction to the region 40 years ago. Let them now...
United Nations encourages states to help Iran after terror attack killed 27
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Artush | 2/14/2019 10:34:43 PM
Its really sad and pity to see the russian flag along side the pirate turkish flag and mullah flag.
Israeli | 2/15/2019 5:21:56 AM
What a picture 3 criminals , 3 killers together .
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