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Abadi: Now is not the time for Kurdistan independence referendum

By Rudaw 18/4/2017
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Photo: PM Media Office
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Photo: PM Media Office
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Now is not the time for Kurdish independence, said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday. He also touched upon the question of raising Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk, deeming it “illegal.”
Speaking to reporters in Baghdad, Abadi said the time is not ripe for a referendum, with ISIS on the doorstep, running parts of the country.
“I do not want to meddle in the desires and ambitions. There are people who have plenty of objectives and desires. Some have the desire to create a little state for themselves… The desire of our Kurdish brothers to create a country of their own is their right given the desire and the objective and nobody has the right to deter them. But holding a referendum at this time is not right as the ISIS war still rages, the region’s situation is not suitable and some neighboring countries believe this move poses a threat to the nation’s security themselves.”
“We have to be realistic otherwise we will lock in rivalry and problems with the Iraqi government and even other provinces of Iraq. On which basis will these problems be solved if you want to hold an independence referendum?” he asked.
Referring to comments by some Kurdish leaders who claimed holding a referendum does not mean the declaration of independence, Abadi said “Some say we will hold referendum, but we’re not going to implement it. Then what will you have to tell your people if you are to hold referendum and not implement it.”
He reiterated Baghdad’s message to Erbil that “we frankly say, it will not be in the interest of the Kurdistan Region to hold a referendum at this time. I, as the prime minister, have to take the interests of my citizens into consideration. In my opinion holding referendum is not in their interest, but will create a set of problems for them. Being in a hurry in this subject is equal to a withdrawal from all the victories that have been achieved in the past.”
He gave the short-lived Republic of Mahabad in Iranian Kurdistan which lasted less than a year as an example of a failure in the Kurdish movement in the region. The time was not right for the Republic of Mahabad, leading to its collapse.

Abadi’s message to the Kurdistan Region was to not repeat the same experience.

He reiterated that “I am speaking frankly through the media. I am not against the objectives. Everyone and a group of human beings have the right to fulfill their dreams. But holding it at this time is not in the interest of the Kurds, but against their interests.”
In parts of his speech on the question of referendum and independence, Abadi said he sees this move being taken by the Kurds as part of political rivalries.
“It is clear and many of the Kurdish politicians share the same view saying they cannot implement it and will not implement it… This is part of the political rivalries.”

Commenting on the controversial flag issue in Kirkuk, Abadi said “Too much attention has been paid to the raising of the Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk. A solution to this subject has to be found. Our words with regards to this matter are clear. According to law, they do not have the right to hoist flags on the governmental buildings. Also, according to law, the Kirkuk governmental institutions are associated with Iraq and the Iraqi government raises only the Iraqi flag.”

Explaining a suggestion he sent to the Kurdistan Region authorities through a joint Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) delegation who visited Baghdad earlier this month, Abadi said “I suggested to them to take down the flags on the governmental buildings and put them on the political parties’ buildings instead. Then it becomes another subject, which I, as the prime minister, will not get involved in.”
On the same question, he pointed out, “I talked to many politicians on the issue of the Kurdistan flag who were against it. But now they have done the job and cannot stand against it, believing that it is political rhetoric.”


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Eugene | 19/4/2017
What are the consequences if So. Kurdistan becomes independent?....Will Iraq divide further,,Yes?...The Great Sunni Arab Divide...Like Iran building a railroad to Syria Mr. Erdogan and the Turks should build 2 railroads (one north,one south) across So. Kurdistan,across Nineveh Plains,to Al Mosul,across Anbar,toward Aqabah...all of the Sunni nations will benefit..the part in Turkey,So.Kurdistan,& Jordan could be completed soon..and the rest perhaps about a year from now...What if the Mediterrean and the Black Sea were cut off by hostile forces...?
Muraz Adzhoev | 19/4/2017
The 100 years-long bloody experience, especially and in particular the decades-long history of tragical "existence" in Iraq is much more than "enough" for the Kurds, for the people of Southern Kurdistan to expess and implement the self-determined decision on sovereign independence from artificially created, now catastrophically failed Iraqi Arab Islamic federation. Abadi is reflecting the true content of traditional arab-fascist anti-Kurdish policy, ideology of enmity towards Kurdistan. The Kurdish dream and natiinal rights have been turning already to reality and nothing, nobody, no country, no government can prevent establishment of sovereignly independent Kurdistan any more. The history, current geopolitical and regional situation, critical terms and circumstances in Iraq and in Syria require very decisive and urgent actions from the sovereign Authorities, the Peshmerga army and security forces and the People of Kurdistan to be united in order to win the patriotic war, become free and independent. Baghdad has no legal right to make decisions concerning the sovereign affairs of Kurdistan. Baghdad has the right to listen to Erbil, admit realities, peacefully discuss near future and longterm bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries. It's time.
Adam | 19/4/2017
Mr Abadi, yes you are right some neighboring countries think independent kurdistan is a threat INCLUDING YOU,
Adam | 19/4/2017
Hes frankly saying Gorran is against the referendum
FreedomOfSpeech | 19/4/2017
Absolutely right, the referendum was just a mask used by politicians to mask the corruption, economic crisis and all other problems in Kurdistan. Even Barzani himself said that they will not implement the referendum results, why wasting so much money on something you will not use? Not even the parliament is functioning and it is the only thing that can go ahead with a referendum and not parties. It is time for the elections in Kurdistan, isn't it? I wish only the best for Kurds and all people of Iraq, always did and always will.

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Kurdo | 6/23/2017 10:43:35 PM
@Jong Ju, did i upset you? how is it that you are gay and a muslim?
Star Shamsaddin Hamad | 6/25/2017 5:05:51 PM
I'm very happy to this process And thanks to all the people's that created this process , because it's necessary for our society And I'm proud of...
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Calvin Harrisberg | 6/25/2017 4:37:10 PM
Risk factors for diabetes include being a dictator, murdering kurds and stealing money.
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Ashur | 6/25/2017 4:22:54 PM
Seems to be a safe haven for people fleeing from IS terror and occupation of North Iraq;
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FAUthman | 6/25/2017 3:32:25 PM
It boils down to which comes first: The referendum then negotiate with Baghdad or negotiate with Baghdad then the referendum. I would pick the first...
FAUthman | 6/25/2017 3:58:12 PM
One more point: What if you convene parliament and parliament votes against carrying out the referendum on Sept. 25 by a substantial vote (very...
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