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Kurdistan to hold parliamentary, presidential elections November 1

By Rudaw 19/7/2017
A Kurdish man casts his vote in the 2013 general elections in the Kurdistan Region. File Photo: Rudaw
A Kurdish man casts his vote in the 2013 general elections in the Kurdistan Region. File Photo: Rudaw
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani has set November 1, 2017 for parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan Region.
In a decree signed on July 12, a copy of which was obtained by Rudaw, Barzani officially called the elections, saying the date was set in accordance with the presidential law passed by the Kurdistan legislature in 2005.
“All concerned parties are committed to do the necessary work and will support and coordinate with the Kurdistan Higher Independent Election Commission and Referendum to implement this decree,” the decree continued.
The Kurdistan Region last held parliamentary elections in 2013. The presidential election has not been held since 2009.
Barzani, who won the 2009 vote with a landslide, has already said that he will not stand in the November elections.

His term of office expired in 2013 and has since been extended twice, once by the Kurdistan parliament and then in a controversial court decision.


Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) won 38 seats in 2013, followed by the Gorran (Change) Movement with 24 seats, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) with 18, the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) with 10, and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal) with 6.
Following the elections, Gorran, established in 2009, joined the broad-based KDP-led government, holding a number of key posts including heading the ministries of Peshmerga and finance, as well the parliament speaker.
Following days of protests and rising tensions between KDP and Gorran, the KDP sacked the Gorran ministers and blocked parliament speaker Yousif Mohammed from returning to the parliament building in October 2015.
The Kurdistan legislature has not convened since and every attempt to reactivate the parliament has failed.
The KDP announced this week that they have dropped their conditions to reactivate the parliament, thereby accepting the return of the parliament speaker, in order to help the referendum succeed.
Gorran has said they will respond to KDP’s offer after the party elects a new leader to replace their late founder Nawshirwan Mustafa who died earlier this year from cancer.
Gorran is set to elect a new leader on July 25.

The call for the elections comes as the Kurdistan region will hold an independence referendum on September 25.


Muraz Adzhoev | 19/7/2017
In 2009 Barzani won the first People's vote and started to serve his first presidential term in full accordance with the appropriate law. This is the right and on time decision for presidential and parliamentary elections to be held soon after the upcoming referendum on territorial reintegration and independence of Southern Kurdistan from Iraq is finished and its historic results are published.
| 19/7/2017
the KRG parliament as a body that was elected by the free will of the people and the Litigate democratic process and its system of governance and authority was derailed by a few political powers, the authority of any official to speak in the name of the people for and or on behalf of the people and to dictate anything has and remains dissolved and was voided until Parliament is reactivated and new elections are held and take place. and that is why the calling for a "Referendum" before that date would also be illegitimate and wrong regardless of how some wish to present it. Long live the free people of Iraq of all Ethnicities
A Kurd in exile | 20/7/2017
This is a good news! I am glad to hear it! Thank you President Barzani!
Argushi, USA | 20/7/2017
All the kurds around the world should see that Barzani is asking for referendum for kurds and kurdistan and NOT KDP.

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w | 9/25/2017 3:47:55 AM
Baghdad's reactions only emphasize the reasons kurds wanted independence in the first place.
Kurdistan's independence referendum explained
| 7 hours ago | (1)
A Kurd in exile | 9/25/2017 1:07:45 AM
Long Live President Masoud Barzani! Long Live Kurdistan and the Kurds! Down with the enemies of the Kurds! Long Live Freedom and Democracy!
Hamid Sayadi | 9/25/2017 2:55:02 AM
Kurdistan is reality for peace & NEW world orders !!!
LIVE: President Masoud Barzani  speaks to press on independence referendum
| 14 hours ago | (4)
Hawar | 9/24/2017 2:17:45 PM
OUr Nation before and today and feature and always remember great Hero Bernard Couchner we all love you for your support.
Hamid Sayadi | 9/25/2017 2:50:29 AM
I am proud Doctors without borders for last 20 years !!! Viva BERNARD KOUCHNER!
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| yesterday at 11:51 | (10)
Atheist | 9/25/2017 2:01:01 AM
So we are going to this referendum hoping that we can get an amicable divorce from Baghdad after the yes vote through negotiations. But for years we...
FAUthman | 9/25/2017 2:43:09 AM
Make note of this: After Nov 1, Massoud Barzani can still lead and negotiate the independence efforts with Baghdad although he is no longer president...
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