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Erdogan advisor: Turkey worries referendum to spark Hashd-Peshmerga war

By Rudaw 20/9/2017

NEW YORK — Turkey is concerned that in "one night" all of the gains made by the Kurdistan Region since the overthrow of the Baathist regime in 2003 could be lost, if the independence referendum is held and could lead to an Iraqi "civil war," a senior Turkish presidential advisor revealed.

"We feel that Iraq has made a lot of gains in the past so many years since 2003; and these were rightful gains, the Kurdish people deserved those gains," said Ilnur Cevik, a senior advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Cevik, who is also a Daily Sabah columnist, spoke to Rudaw correspondent in New York, Majeed Gly, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

"Now we feel that in a matter of one night everything will be lost," the Turkish advisor said.

He explained the "nightmare scenario" for the Kurdistan Region will result because Baghdad does not accept the referendum.

Iraq is currently ruled by a Shiite-dominated government and has at least 100,000 mostly Shiite paramilitary forces (PMFs), which were brought under the umbrella of Iraq's armed forces in December 2016.

Kurdish Peshmerga officials have explained that it is difficult to coordinate with the Hashd in Hawija because they are not centralized. 

Hashd and Peshmerga maintain neighboring frontlines in disputed or Kurdistani areas claimed by Baghdad and Erbil in areas like Shingal, Tuz Khurmatu, and the ISIS-held town of Hawija in oil-rich Kirkuk province.

The Turkish government is concerned that the referendum will lead to an Iraqi "civil war with the Shiite forces of Hashd al-Shaabi attacking the Kurds."

Cevik was also concerned with Iran's reaction and influence in Iraq.

He said he doesn't understand why the Kurds in favor of holding the referendum don't share in those concerns. He also cited a lack of "integration" in the Kurdistan Region with "Sulaimani going one way, Erbil and Duhok going one way."


Duhok and Erbil are the stronghold of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, while Sulaimani is the stronghold of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Gorran or Change Movement parties. 

Both the KDP and PUK are the two main parties behind the Kurdish independence vote, and are expected to hold a large rally in Sulaimani in favour of the referendum.

Gorran has not yet supported the vote, but does not oppose it, either. 

"If anybody tells me that integrated administrative setup in Iraqi Kurdistan," Cevik said, "well I'd tell them they are living on another planet."

Turkey, France, and the United Nations are working to present an alternative to the Kurdistan independence referendum that will offer “guarantees” that the US-backed alternative failed so far.

Turkey in particular has said the territorial integrity of Iraq should be preserved. This was stressed in a recent phone call between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Turkish President Erdogan.

The Iraqi Supreme Court issued a temporary ruling on Monday to suspend the referendum. The Kurdistan Region's foreign office head Falah Mustafa, however, told the Wall Street Journal that the vote will go ahead as the judiciary in Iraq has failed to respect the rule of law.

Baghdad considers the referendum unconstitutional. The Kurdistan government, however, claims the central government has violated at least 55 articles of the constitution, including Article 140 that was supposed to determine the fate of the Kurdistani or disputed areas such as the oil-rich province of Kirkuk by 2007.


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harry | 20/9/2017
Kurds will gain nothing, they will be killed and humiliated, Iraq is not for sale, to kurds or others... OK
Lupus | 20/9/2017
For Turkey to object against the referendum is wrong considering the amount of financial gain it has made out of cheap oil and other less salubrious areas. Human Rights of course are a priority in Turkey. Baghdad of course has treated the Kurds with the greatest respect, with holding budget,with holding relief funds for people taking shelter from the war, with holding weapons allocated to the Kurds to fight the war, Now the main part of the war is over the peacocks are strutting and voicing their views .Nothing has been offered to the Kurds,no concessions ,no help ,just land and assert grab. All you can hear is the rattle of vested interests,Iraq, Turkey,Baghdad,America, Saudi (playing the long game with Jerusalem).to cut support for the Kurds. The threatened fight with the PMU s (who would have been called terrorist groups) is being pushed,they have no mandate and are not asking for one,unlike the Kurds.
guest worker | 20/9/2017
Do you know what kind of facist minded paranoid bigot you're interviewing Rudaw? Have read any of his columns?
all-liars-and-hypocrites | 20/9/2017
Liars..hypocrites..and everything that is negative one can associate with such a Turks. Islam is only a mask, that sadly many fall for it. If i remember correctly the Turks REGRETTED by not preventing KRG coming in to existence back in 2003 (Erdogan i believe said it himself) and now saying the Kurds deserved such a thing. Fellow Kurds and brothers that do want to stand on the side of justice, do not trust liars and hypocrites. The world is changing, the lies called democracy, human rights, freedom are finally being revealed, for no one to be able to deny it. As in reality itself is ONLY talk and benefits only the ones that have rule over the world
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 20/9/2017
They are NOT "living on another planet". The Iranian armed forces chief was in Ankara several days ago for a conference with his opposite number. ... It's possible that Turkey and Iran are talking about doing a Nazi Germany-Soviet Union-Poland invasion of Iraqi Kurdistan, with the Shiite militias as as Iran's surrogates. ... What's really horrible is that if that happens, Washington and Europe will (in the end) suck their thumbs.

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Luigi | 9/20/2018 5:07:14 AM
Barham is pure ambition,opurtunism ,machiavilism and treason . He has betrayed both the PUK and the KDP. In the upkoming elections of September 30...
May God Save Kurdistan | 9/20/2018 5:21:20 AM
The chacal Barham Saleh has just retuned to where he belongs to : PUK, the den of traitors. PUK is sedition and treaon . Let's remind you the fact...
Twittersphere reacts with anger, hope, humour to Barham Salih news
| yesterday at 11:11 | (3)
Baaez | 9/19/2018 10:11:45 PM
After 20 years the Iranians barely agreed to the nuclear deal, which mildly restricts their production of plutonium for a while (not research and...
US open to talks with Iran: envoy
| yesterday at 09:06 | (1)
mark bishop | 9/19/2018 10:26:41 AM
Kirkuk's most loyal governor and supporter of Kurdistan, Najmaldin Karim of the PUK party, should rise up again and be selected as president of Iraq....
Kirkukly | 9/19/2018 5:33:09 PM
These two parties(PUK and KDP) brought no thing good for Kurds, but problems. No kurds voted for them and they cheated the election as usual. Iraqi...
KDP: No deal with PUK for presidency or Kirkuk governor due to constitution
| 18/9/2018 | (3)
Karwan | 9/19/2018 3:16:56 PM
This guy seems very desperate to obtain power. Jumping from one political party to another one. Why all that ego? How people can vote or trust him?
Dara | 9/19/2018 4:12:45 PM
So all the hotair about "a common kurdish stance" by KDP was empty talk as usual. I'm actually surprised that PUK nominated Saleh, he is a very good...
UPDATE: PUK nominates Barham Salih as sole candidate for Iraq presidency
| yesterday at 02:55 | (5)

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