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Newroz in Diyarbakir: People in their thousands support Afrin

By Rudaw 21/3/2018

DIYARBAKIR, Turkey – Tens of thousands of people have  taken part in Newroz celebrations across Turkey on Wednesday in support of their fellow Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan against the Turkish incursion.


Kurdish songs coupled with Kurdish dancing feature prominently. Men and women in traditional Kurdish dress have turned out in huge numbers for the events in Diyarbakir and further west in Van.


The main celebration attended by Kurdish politicians from across the four parts of Greater Kurdistan took place in Diyarbakir, or Amed, known as the capital of Turkish Kurdistan.


Pervin Buldan, co-chair of pro-Kurdish HDP, condemned Turkey’s Afrin operation in her Newroz speech, saying that the city had been living in peace and never posed a threat to Turkey.

Members of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army destroyed the statue of Kawa the Blacksmith on Monday in Afrin, a Kurdish legend famed for defeating a tyrant in ancient times.

"Those who destroyed the Kawa statue should know that every individual who attended this square is Kawa," she said.

Bulden said Turkey must return to the peace process as called for by imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in his 2013 Newroz message that declared the country had reached the point of saying “let the arms silence, let opinion and politics speak.”

The peace process that in effect resulted in a ceasefire between the Turkish state and the PKK for about two years ended in mid-2015, leading to renewed conflict, including periods of intense fighting in Kurdish cities of Turkey.


Imam Tascier, a Kurdish MP who represents Amed in the Turkish parliament, pointed out the event coincides with an ongoing state of emergency announced about two years ago, that thousands of members of the main pro-Kurdish

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) are in prison, and that the Kurdish people have recently lost two cities –Kirkuk in Iraqi Kurdistan to Iraqi forces last October, and the Kurdish city of Afrin in Syrian Kurdistan to Turkey over the weekend.


“It is a political event,” Tascier said, describing Newroz celebrations in Turkey, where he said the Kurds have always seized the opportunity to resist the imposition of Turkish identity on an estimated 15 million Kurds in the country.


“Newroz in being celebrated with a spirit of resistance,” the MP told Rudaw, while taking part in the Diyarbakir celebration.


HDP co-chair Pervin Buldan emphasized the solidarity with Kurdish brethren in a tweet.


"Those who tore down the statue of Kawa in AFrin should know that every woman, man, and child gathered today in this square is Kawa," she wrote.

In Van, a Kurdish woman said they are renewing their call for an independent state for all Kurds. Another woman called on Kurds across the world to get united behind Afrin. 


Yousif Mohammed, a senior member of the Kurdistan Region’s Change Party (Gorran), alongside other Kurdish politicians also visited Diyarbakir to join the biggest Kurdish Newroz event.


“We wanted to celebrate Newroz this year in Amed to show the ties between the Kurdish struggle in the four parts of Kurdistan,” Mohammed, who is also the former speaker of the Kurdistan Region parliament, told Rudaw.


“We want to send a message of peace, despite all the suffering we have endured” in the four countries where Kurds live, he added.


Last updated at 7:54 p.m. 


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Jamaal | 21/3/2018
Kurds of Afrin cursing PKK dictatorship, their cruelty and thanks Turkey for they have been rescued from PKK.
Robert | 21/3/2018
Happy Newroz to all....Without the kurds unity with one leadership agreed upon from all.there will be no chance .Kurds got the best loyal friend never put them Huck with the rest....
Outsider | 22/3/2018
People were there to celebrate Newroz...and this had nothing to do with Afrin...the politicians misused the promote their own political goals...but hey ...maybe this event never happened...because in Turkey Kurdish culture, language and general all Kurdish activities are forbidden...isn't it? Well that is, what these same politicians who talked at the festival constantly claiming abroad and to international media...Anyway ...HAPPY NEWROZ !
Kurds prevaile forever | 25/3/2018
I am a Kurd and I never celebrated newroz actually I never met someone that knew what it was about. Namely the defeat of the assurians, which might have been the biggest mistake in the history of mankind but certainly of the Middle East. I know they were brutal but obviously they were defeated by The Medes and Babylonians believing that the assurians would be the only Evil Nation on Earth. Instead they should have keep them alive to keep their own strength alive. Today it’s all a total Mess, kurds loosing against an ruthless enemies that are actually a silly cowards and a peicks calling for negotiations while arming secretly. Playing dump while they know everything and playing hard while they fear their shadow. Kurds made such a good job that they buried their skills and more important their routine to deal with this kind of situation deep into their genes. Fearing their own capabilities and heritage, which is to not only to defeat the undefeatable but to destroy it forever so that no trace of it will ever be found. As if it was just a bad dream....
Outsider | 29/3/2018
@Kurds prevaile forever: I agree Kurds deserve to prevail for ever... but your history session above is pure fantasy! Fact is, Nevroz/Nivroz/Navroz and in many similar ways expressed, has its origins in Shamanism and is celebrated in Central Asia at least as long as it is celebrated in Mesopotamia (today's Kurdistan). In Iran it is even a several days public holiday! I personally also know that it is celebrated also under a different name in South Germany (called 'Funken'), absolute in the same way as Nevroz. What is Nevroz? Simply the celebration of the coming of Spring... by defeating the 'evel' winter (and anything associated with it, including all bad ancient Gods and their helpers). Of course, over time it may has gained also other associations/significant for different groups. But the important fact is, it is also celebrated in all Turkic states & Mongolia and in eastern Russia, Ukraine, Carpathian mountains of Romania & Moldavia and so on...and so on... IT IS NOT JUST A KURDISH FESTIVAL! However, it has to be recognised that the Turkish Kurds who emigrated to Western countries made Nevroz famous...

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