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‘Failed referendum’ was detrimental to Kurdistan: Komal leader

By Rudaw 21/4/2018
Komal leader Ali Bapir speaking to his party's supporters at a rally to kick off their election campaigning in Erbil on Saturday. Photo: Rudaw TV
Komal leader Ali Bapir speaking to his party's supporters at a rally to kick off their election campaigning in Erbil on Saturday. Photo: Rudaw TV
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Komal party leader Ali Bapir told supporters on Saturday that September 2017’s “failed referendum” on Kurdish independence was detrimental to the Kurdistan Region and that Erbil and Baghdad are inseparable.

Launching the party’s campaign for the Iraqi parliamentary election, Bapir blamed the Region’s problems on last year’s referendum, despite enthusiastically backing the vote at the time. 

“Look how damaging the failed referendum that we held was,” Bapir said. “Look at its negative implications. Therefore here and Baghdad are two inseparable parts.”

Bapir believed Kurds can achieve their constitutional rights in Baghdad “when they are strong here [in the Kurdistan Region] first.”

Bapir had voted ‘Yes’ to an independent Kurdistan in the September 25 referendum, and rallied supporters to do the same.

“Today marks a historical day for the Kurdish nation to practice the God given and natural right,” Bapir said at the time. “Today everyone should enthusiastically go to vote at the ballot boxes.”

His comments follow those of Yousif Mohammed, a Change Movement (Gorran) leader and former speaker of the Kurdistan parliament, who on Thursday also slammed the independence vote, saying those who decided to hold referendum should be “tried” in court. 

Mohammed’s speech drew condemnation from ‘Yes’ voters and praise from those who were against the move in the first place.

The Komal party currently holds three seats in Baghdad, and hopes to achieve four in the May 12 election.

The Komal party has fielded 24 candidates. Of this number, 20 are standing in the Kurdistan Region.

The Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) and the Kurdistan Islamic Movement (KIM) had wanted to run jointly with Komal in the Iraqi parliamentary election, but Bapir’s party rejected the offer.

Abdulstar Majeed, a Komal leader and former KRG agriculture minister, refused to pin the blame on any side regarding the failure to form a joint Islamic list between the three parties.

“All the slogans the Komal has raised circulate within the context of the Iraqi constitution,” Salim Shushkai, a Komal MP in Baghdad, told Rudaw, insisting the party is campaigning on achieving Kurdish rights.

Komal together with the Change Movement and the Coalition for Democracy and Justice (CDJ) have one joint list called ‘Homeland’ for the Iraqi parliamentary election in Kirkuk. The three parties kicked off their election campaign in the disputed city on April 14.

Speaking at the launch, Bapir said: “Komal works for unity, justice and prosperity for citizens. We are optimistic and hopeful about election results.” 


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Muraz Adzhoev | 22/4/2018
These nasty, vile, disgusting chameleons from “muslim-brothers political club” together with all other traitors and provocateurs, who have been trying much to prevent establishment of a Kurdish national state in the Middle East Region, must be pushed decisively out of Kurdistan by all means on behalf of the self-determined People, communities of Southern Kurdistan. Actually the Referendum on territorial reintegration and independence has created, laid the unbroken sovereign foundation of (Southern) Kurdistan. The enemies can not admit it, but known that they lost, because independent Kurdistan is inevitable and very near. The KRG must act legally and legitimately, but forcefully on the basis of the People’s sovereign power in order to protect and defend Southern Kurdistan.
Muraz Adzhoev | 22/4/2018
No doubt that such scums can sell even their own mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Most likely they are not Kurds at all in terms of their culture, mentality and outlook. They are “muslim-brothers” zombies fanatically or mercenarily ready to serve idols. The Kurds had been, were, are and will be always Kurds first of all, not Sunnis or Shiites.
Love Kurdistan | 22/4/2018
I was just wondering how much money this rat has received from Baghdad to say nonsense things about Kurdistan Referendum. Kurdistan Referendum was a turning point in our history. All you need to know is to see who has opposed it. Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and some people inside Kurdistan like this guy. Freedom is not given and does not come at a low price. You have to get it and endure hardship to get it. Go back to your local mosque and pray to get to your promised paradise and don't worry about politics. If you mix politic and religion you get S..t. Look at Iran and Turkey.
COMMUNIST | 22/4/2018
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Sam | 5/20/2018 7:45:31 AM
It was the white people who came illegally from europe and settled in masses in America killing and displacing the native people. Who can they talk...
Aras | 5/22/2018 7:37:21 AM
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pete | 5/16/2018 5:18:56 AM
@gunrash - if you cannot see the value in rojava then how can you possibly even think you know what life is? Take your own advice my friend.
Ozkan | 5/22/2018 6:57:21 AM
"ENKS (Kurdistan National Council) is the rival of the ruling PYD (Democratic Union Party) in Rojava and it has had good ties with Turkey." ENKS is...
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moderator ? LOL
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Russsia safed nothing
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Kurdi | 5/12/2018 5:36:27 AM
Pkk is lion outside turky,rat inside it
pete | 5/22/2018 5:21:20 AM
It's very surprising to read this Turkish propaganda in Rudaw. Or is it...?
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