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First vote cast in Kurdistan independence referendum

By Rudaw 22/9/2017
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – With e-voting open for the Kurdistan diaspora on September 23, the first vote in the historic referendum has been cast in China, Karwan Jalal, general manager of data at the electoral commission told Rudaw.

Hemin Hawrami, senior assistant to President Masoud Barzani confirmed that the first vote has been cast.

Online voting for the diaspora is open from September 23 through September 25. Voters can also still register during that time after the registration period was extended and the commission dropped the ration card as a required piece of identification. 

In the Kurdistan Region and Kurdistani areas, voters will go to the polls on September 25.


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Blue Merchant | 22/9/2017
And so it begins... the kurdish wars for indipendence
Hussein | 22/9/2017
Yes tofrydoom
duroi | 22/9/2017
"High Noon" in Kurdistan. For their election campaign, other nations in the past have used the poster of Gary Cooper with a ballot in his hands instead of a gun in the 1952 Black and White Western movie directed by Fred Zinnemann. Cooper as retiring marshal "Will Kane" goes all by himself against the Miller's 4 member gang, against the advice of townspeople (full of fear and hostility) to avoid the confrontation entirely. Kurds, like Will Kane, live in Today's world in the global Hadleyville in which Marshal Kane went against the gang of Four and Will Kane's Will at the end was stronger than the global opposition and the gang of Four.
Sabir | 23/9/2017
How come to vote for referendum on U.K. Let us know please. Thanks
Naz Al talabani | 23/9/2017
Let go for our freedom Please Kurds vote for KURDISTAN

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Andrew | 3/19/2018 9:26:29 PM
Finally the People of the Czech Republic have seen through Sultan Erdogan's Political games & stood up to him. This was an attempt [different Ally...
Czech Republic halts extradition proceedings against Salih Muslim
| yesterday at 06:58 | (1)
kurt basar | 3/19/2018 9:06:42 PM
They can tweet as much as they want too, but nobody is going to touch NATO member the Turkish terror states Islamic/ISIL thugs, because same thugs...
Twitter campaign draws eyes of the world to Afrin
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kurt basar4 | 3/19/2018 7:29:15 PM
This Lahur Guy must be a very good joker, he surrenders Kerkuk which is love of the Kurd's, to the Shiite savages without any fight by putting his...
Gunrash | 3/19/2018 8:09:36 PM
My fellow Kirkukis should all go and spit this traitor in the face.
PUK's anti-terror heads to Kirkuk for Newroz festival
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Guest | 3/19/2018 7:22:06 PM
Ethnic cleansing is exactly what Turkey is doing. Their actions show that they obviously favor certain ethnic groups over others.
FAUthman | 3/19/2018 7:39:18 PM
Pompeo has called both Turkey and Iran "Islamic dictatorships" and my feeling is he is not going to be pushed around by either. The investments US...
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