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PUK, Gorran: Preparations for referendum should be made after parliament sits

By Rudaw 23/6/2017
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – Leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and Gorran (Change Movement) called for ‘complete preparations’ for a referendum on independence to be made after disputes over the parliament are resolved. 

“Complete preparations should be made after the normalization of the parliament to hold the referendum with the intention to declare independence, in which disputed areas should also participate,” the leadership committees of the two parties said in a brief joint statement issued after a meeting on Friday. 

The meeting was held as part of PUK mediation efforts between the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Gorran. 

Parliament has not sat since October 2015 after the KDP and Gorran fell out over the president’s term of office. Gorran also favours a parliamentary system of governance while the KDP prefers a presidential one.

Gorran has been the loudest voice demanding the referendum on independence be legislated by the parliament.

The PUK announced it would hold talks on the issue of parliament with each party before the Eid holiday this weekend in an attempt to resolve disputes and reach an agreement under which parliament could convene.

PUK and Gorran will meet again after Eid, according to their joint statement, to “focus on the decisive questions of the Kurdistan Region.”

The referendum is scheduled for September 25. The date was set after a multi-party meeting chaired by President Masoud Barzani, who is also head of the KDP. Gorran did not attend the meeting in early June. 


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FAUthman | 23/6/2017
Makes sense, so get parliament seated as soon as possible!
Hawar | 24/6/2017
I dont understand Goran's Positions and some of PUK ( Sarkerdayty) what kind of school they studied and learn politic which to them returning Usef Mohammad is = to Independence of 50 millions Kurds. who have been genocide and about million of Kurd have been displace and tortured and executed. Referendum and Independence must be top priority for every prude Nation. at the same time I agree to 24/7 work toward activate the Kurdistan Parlement. Attention: All Yong generation in Sulimaneh region dont let some and I am telling some of old positions ruine or Nation dream. come to the streets and tell your Parties what you want whats your dream If we have our Country Kurdistan we can change the way is best for our Nations in the fauteur Now is time to built country do not delay time is tuning out.
WHAT NEXT ? | 24/6/2017
Once parliament reactivated , what next ? . Gorran and adsociates will then abolish all Kurdish institutions and submit Kurdistan to the Arabs and Persians . And , what then ? Wait the emergence of Saddam 2. and , new genocide. GORRAN and associates will never let referendum take pkace.
Muraz Adzhoev | 24/6/2017
The PUK's mediation efforts should not last long and contradict with the strategic agreement with KDP, the collective agreement of the majority of patriotic political parties and the historic decision of the president-commander on the referendum on territorial reintegration and independence of Southern Kurdistan from deadly failed Iraqi Arab federation.
E X C U S E S | 24/6/2017
Enough with excuses , and more excuses. If you are Kurdish, come and join other Kurds in this historic march for independence. Leave all formalties and procedures aside for later, after the referendum. Referendum is priority number one , everything else are just excuses and shere betrayal.

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