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Bernard Kouchner urges Kurdistan voters to seize moment for ‘freedom’

By Rudaw 23/9/2017
Calling to mind the crowds of thousands who have rallied across the country in support of the Kurdistan independence referendum, Bernard Kouchner urged voters, “don’t lose this momentum… This is freedom for you and your families.”

Kouchner is a former French foreign minister and founder of medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF, Doctors Without Borders). 

Speaking with Rudaw’s Shaho Emin, Kouchner said that Kurds have been seeking independence for 100 years, so Monday’s vote is not a surprise for the world. He said Kurdistan holds a promise of stability and democracy in the middle of chaos, something that is needed in the Middle East. 

After the referendum, if the vote is for independence, Kouchner foresees initial hardships – sanctions, closing borders, shutting airports, as the world always resists changing borders. But, “the people will change,” he predicted.


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Adam | 24/9/2017
Well said, that's what exactly the kurds need to believe, unity, determination and sacrifices will lead to victory.
ali ahmad | 24/9/2017
this guy is very open minded
FAUthman | 24/9/2017
And don't bother reaching to Baghdad for talks anymore, the referendum will happen with no interference. You will be taken seriously by Baghdad after the referendum doing that and not bowing your head to Baghdad in obedience!
rahim | 24/9/2017
Thanks for his honest opinion and his speaking out in the support of Independent Kurdistan
A Kurd in exile | 24/9/2017
Thank you Mr. Bernard Kouchner! God bless you!

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