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One-day talks between Erbil and Baghdad collapse

By Rudaw 23/9/2017
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that they refuse a Kurdish vote on independence
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has said that they refuse a Kurdish vote on independence "now or in future." Photo: AFP/Safin Hamed
BAGHDAD, Iraq – The second round of talks between a visiting Kurdistan delegation and the ruling Shiite National Alliance has ended without any results in Baghdad on Saturday, just two days before the independence referendum.
The office of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stated that he did not meet the Kurdistan delegation.
Ali Allaq, from the National Alliance, said at a press conference that the officials from Kurdistan visited the capital to express their determination to hold the vote on September 25.
Reading a statement, Allaq said that Erbil still has time to cancel the vote “before it is too late” and to respect the Iraqi constitution and an interim ruling from the Iraqi Supreme Court that suspended the vote.
He said if the vote is held, there will be “big consequences” from Iraq and other countries.
He said that the National Alliance supports the Iraqi federal government in whatever measures it deems necessary to counter the referendum.
Allaq said they told the Kurdistan delegation in clear terms that they reject the vote in both the Kurdistan Region and the disputed areas claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad.
Another member of the Alliance said at the press conference that they will refuse to meet a Kurdistan delegation after the vote, if Erbil pushes forward with the referendum.
Rozh Nuri Shaweys, the head of the Kurdistan delegation, said at a press conference that they visited Baghdad to explain the position of the Kurdistan leadership.
“Their view was dialogue before the referendum and our view was dialogue before and after the referendum,” Shaweys said of their meeting with the ruling party.
He added that Erbil will not be the first party to end talks, while insisting that they will hold the vote as planned, including in Kurdistani areas such as the oil-rich province of Kirkuk.
Saadi Pira, also a member of the delegation and the spokesperson for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), said that his party remains committed to holding the vote on time.
Erbil accuses the Iraqi government of violating 55 articles of the Iraqi constitution, including Article 140 that concerns the fate of the disputed areas such as Kirkuk.
Allaq, from the Alliance, said that the Kurdish leadership has yet to prove that claim, while adding they also have a list that contains up to 100 such violations committed by Erbil.
The Iraqi prime minister had earlier said they reject the referendum “now or in future,” and has threatened to use force if violations are made by Erbil.
Vice President Nouri al-Maliki, the head of the State of Law Coalition, a member of the Alliance, rejected a UN-backed alternative that called for negotiation between Erbil and Baghdad. He claimed that the offer contained sections that were “unconstitutional.”
The first round of talks between the Kurdistan delegation and the Shiite Alliance took place last month – the week of talks between the Kurdistan officials and Iraqi leadership ended without any real progress.


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Jagerxin derashy | 23/9/2017
Where's respect for the Kurds where's human rights for the Kurds where's justice for Kurds where's Kurdish forces peshmergas and Kurdistans 17 percent of Iraqs income what happened to article 140 of the Iraqi constitution where are the Kurdish ministers in Iraqi government? And most importantly where is United Nations EU USA and the rest of free worlds freedom and democratic principles? For the Kurds! Now stop threatening and get on with what ever you want to do!
shwan | 23/9/2017
If two partners can't get together it is better for them to split. Iraqi government did not and shows they will not respect Kurdish rights. It is true there is a parliament in Baghdad, but does it represent all Iraqi nation's interests or is it Iran's interests they are protecting? If it is Iraq's, why did they allow all those Iranian forces to stay in Iraq? Why no one ever in Baghdad's parliament raised that as a concern? The whole world is now referring to Iraq as a part of Iran. Therefore the parliament has no value.
Amin | 24/9/2017
Nouri AL Maliki is, unfortunately, still the driver behind very poor politics exercised by the Iraqi prime-minister. The current prime-Mister belongs to a party headed by Nouri Al Maliki. One problem always was, and still is, that Maliki had no interest in conciliatory politics on a national level. The Kurds have a totally different mind set and even though renowned as some of the best fighters in the world, and despite many atrocities committed against them, they have remained very much level headed. Putting it simply, they deserve their own country. They will set a good example in an area of the world full of fundamentalists.
William Allen | 24/9/2017
regardless how corrupt the government and court system has been the rule of law on the international stage isn't at your favor.independent required a form that is won first on the international stage,then your support become a reality in the U.N.then in country. .
Publish Me Fam | 24/9/2017
Why would he meet with anyone regarding an illegitimate referendum who none will support?

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Welatowelato | 3/17/2018 6:53:13 PM
the west has kurdish blood on their hands! Its their weapons that kill kurds! Its their arrogance n silence dat kills Kurds! UN has allowed for...
Renas | 3/17/2018 7:03:47 PM
Once again, there a common reason why Turks are attacking Afrin, why Arabs attacked Kirkuk and why we are still without country. WE ARE NOT UNITED!!...
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It is not you, it’s us | 3/17/2018 4:43:04 PM
When the Kurdish people in Turkey wake up and realize what you have done to them for decades, your nightmares about the Kurdish people will come...
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 3/17/2018 6:17:22 PM
Neither the EU nor the USA's present government have the spine for a military confrontation with the fascist regime now in power in Ankara. They are...
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aa | 3/17/2018 12:57:38 PM
If they not even can organize a congress to get rid of chaos then forget it
Shivan | 3/17/2018 4:45:34 PM
These people are so power hungry that they cannot over come their gread and choice a leader with in their own party. Imagine if they end up leading...
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kurdish natinalist | 3/17/2018 4:43:06 PM
this dogs Nasr al-Hariri, the head of the opposition High Negotiations Committee (HNC)are terorrist opposition grupp like isis.
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