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McMaster: Iraq must not align with Iran, Kurds must enjoy security

By Rudaw 25/10/2017
President Donald Trump (R) shakes hands with US National Security Adviser General McMaster. AP photo
President Donald Trump (R) shakes hands with US National Security Adviser General McMaster. AP photo
WASHINGTON DC—The United States National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster says it is important for America to have a stable Iraq, but one that is not an ally of Iran, adding that the current tensions between Kurds and Iraq must be mediated in a way that would allow the Kurds to enjoy security and prosperity.

“So what we would like to see in Iraq is a stable Iraq that is not aligned with Iran,” McMaster said at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies on Thursday. “And what we would like to do is continue to assist the Iraqis to do what the president has told us to work with allies and partners to do.”

“Which is to destroy ISIS and to not permit another group like ISIS, another Takfireen or Salafi jihadist group to come back by doing three fundamental things,” he said. “Deny them safe havens and support bases, cut off their funding, and defeat the ideology, right?”

McMaster said that Iran’s aim is to weaken Iraq and have a government there that is reliant on Tehran.

“The United States has a strong interest in a strong Iraq. I would say that others who are operating within Iraq who were subverting Iraq, Iran in particular, are attempting to keep Iraq perpetually weak and are applying to Iraq what you might call a Hezbollah model where you have a weak government, a government that is deliberately weakened and a government that is reliant on Iran for support while Iran grows malicious and in the illegal arm groups that lie outside of that government’s control.”

The US National Security Adviser said that Iran is trying to apply the model of creating strong militia groups in Syria, Yemen and Iraq as it has done in Lebanon.

“So, it’s easy to say, as I mentioned, hard to do.” McMaster said at the panel. “It takes a sophisticated sustained effort but it’s a stable Iraq that emerges strong and is not aligned with—of course it’s going to have a relationship with its neighbor—but not aligned with Iran.”

McMaster believed that a strong Kurdistan Region was vital for a strong Iraq.

“And so what we want to see in Iraq as I mentioned is a strong Iraq emerge and of course part of a strong Iraq is a strong Kurdish region where we have very long-time partners whose partnership we value tremendously, who you know, who bore the brunt of Saddam Hussein’s brutality over many years and who we intervene on their behalf as everyone knows after 1991 and they used the safety and security we helped provide that region to build a—phenomenal communities in Sulaymaniyah, and Erbil and in Dohuk.”

He likened the Kurdish cities to cities in Europe. “I mean these are southern European thriving cities when you go to the Kurdish region.”

McMaster emphasized that the US must mediate between Kurds and Iraq in a way that would help them keep their stability and security with economic prosperity.

“But what we need to do though is we have to work to mediate this conflict in a way that allows our Kurdish friends to enjoy the safety, security, and prosperity they built over so many years and not regress from that.”

McMaster said that the Americans had suggested to the Kurdish President Masoud Barzani that the timing of the referendum wasn’t right, but that Washington has to deal with the reality now.

“So, but of course we are where we are now,” he said. “As you know, Jalal Talabani passed away recently and may God rest his soul and condolences to his family and so part of what’s complicating this is a power struggle within—in the PUK and the ability of the Iranians to take advantage of all of this, right.

He said that “Iran is very good at pitting communities against each other. This is something they share with groups like ISIS, with Al Qaeda you know, they pit communities against each other because they use tribal and ethnic and sectarian conflicts to gain influence by portraying themselves as a patron or protector of one of the parties in the conflict and then they use that invitation to come in and to help to advance their agenda and in Iran’s case I think it’s a hegemonic design.”

McMaster said that President Trump’s “sentiments are with both—with the Kurdish people and with the Iraqi people.”

He said that the United States’s “message has to be that Iran has to stop using illegal armed groups in Iraq to advance its own interest at the expense of the Iraqi people and at the expense of security, stability, in the region.”


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PLINY THE KURD | 25/10/2017
Mc Masters has rightly likened Kurdish cities to thriving Southern European cities, he further promissed providing the Kurds with security and prosperity.On the Kurdish independence referendum he said that the American administration has : "suggested to the Kurdish President that its timing was not right ,but that Washington has to deal with the reality now". Good signs for the case of freedom ,for the Kurdish nation and for America.
duroi | 25/10/2017
It is all talk. US is downplaying or ignoring Iraqi war crimes by Iraqi and Iranian forces in Kurdistan and there has been a "handshake-and-Cake" exchanged on blocking Kurdistan independence between Iran and the US with a copy of Trump's The Art of the Deal. McGork is probably the Trump's McFarlane in the deal. If it looks like a deal, swims like a deal, and quacks like a deal, then it probably is a deal.
yatoot | 25/10/2017
Americans to US Government, get us thehell outof Iraq. We're not doing any good.
Just some American dude | 25/10/2017
Good news, an article written by our brave U.S. senator, John McCain, in The NY Times shows a lot of support for Kurds. "...Let me be clear: If Baghdad cannot guarantee the Kurdish people in Iraq the security, freedom and opportunities they desire, and if the United States is forced to choose between Iranian-backed militias and our longstanding Kurdish partners, I choose the Kurds..." He later goes on to say, "...That is why we need to stick with our true friends, like the Kurds..." I believe that there is growing support for Iraqi Kurds, within the US Goverment. The Kikurk issue and the fighting is getting a fair amount of news coverage. I pray for peace, happiness, and love.
Muraz Adzhoev | 25/10/2017
Just only ignoramuses, traitors and provocateurs lie and gloat, saying that the Kurdish authorities are allegedly not committed to the results of the will and self-determination of the people, communities and the Peshmerga army forces of Southern Kurdistan. It’s nothing but a false and dirty propaganda of enemies and their puppets who betrayed the People of Southern Kurdistan. The authorities should have firmly emphasized this in their statement, so as not to allow the spread of lies.
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Muraz Adzhoev | 11/21/2017 11:02:49 AM
It is clear that they want to restore unity and integrity of the Iraqi (pro-Iranian) arab federation in order to “preserve” (autonomous) sovereignty...
duroi | 11/22/2017 5:25:35 AM
There is really no point in shuffling the cabinet which will last few months, a new minister needs several months to get settled and this also...
Gorran in meeting with KRG reiterates dissolution of government
| yesterday at 12:45 | (2)
duroi | 11/22/2017 4:59:58 AM
UNAMI needs to stick to its time limited "advisory and assisting" mandate and advise Iraq to withdraw from disputed areas its Iran backed militias...
Enkiu | 11/22/2017 5:08:59 AM
UN is an irrelevant and corrupt organization. UN ignores crimes or is ineffective in preventing them. UN takes no account of the quality of the court...
UN says referendum issue is resolved, urges KRG to accept court ruling
| yesterday at 11:49 | (10)
Outsider | 11/22/2017 12:24:07 AM
In the medium term, there are only 3 options: (a) accept the demands of Baghdad, (b) cooperate with Iran or (c) cooperate with Turkey. You are...
GUEST2002 | 11/22/2017 2:14:04 AM
what does that even mean?? why not fight the invaders instead?? why just give and give and give?? you gave the shiia jihadis 50 percent of your land...
PM Barzani: We agreed to Iraqi army territorial demands, but within limits
| yesterday at 09:04 | (5)
FAUthman | 11/21/2017 4:26:36 PM
Abadi's statements on the referendum were more reasonable than the those of the federal court: the referendum, Abadi said was no more than a public...
K | 11/21/2017 9:44:00 PM
Kurds ca never be independent by being a pussy. You should have fought to death for a few weeks and the world opinion about how serious Kurds are,...
Masoud Barzani: No court can cancel 3 million votes for independence
| 20/11/2017 | (16)

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