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Iraqi army retrieves destroyed Abrams tank to 'hide evidence' of its use

By Rudaw 25/10/2017
American M1 Abrams tank destroyed by Peshmerga forces on October 20 / Photo: Aerial footage from KRSC
American M1 Abrams tank destroyed by Peshmerga forces on October 20 / Photo: Aerial footage from KRSC
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region--A Peshmerga commander said on Wednesday that the Iraqi army has now removed an Abrams tank that was destroyed by Peshmerga forces on October 20, 2017 at the town of Pirde when Iraqi forces and the Shiite militia advanced out of Kirkuk towards the Kurdistan Region.

“By doing this, Iraq wants to hide the truth that they have used Abrams tank against the Peshmerga. But we still retain its pictures,” the commander said.

Kamal Kirkuki, a Peshmerga commander, told Rudaw that the Hashd al-Shaabi forces have removed the tank in order to hide it somewhere.

“We tried hard to bring it to the territory controlled by the Peshmerga, but couldn’t do it. Fortunately, we managed to take photos of it and the Peshmerga are retaining the pictures as evidence. That is why removing and taking it somewhere else doesn’t change the fact that this tank was used against the Peshmerga,” Kirkuki said.

On Friday, October 20, 2017, the Hashd al-Shaabi attacked the town of Prde on several fronts and tried to capture it. But Peshmerga forces confronted them and defeated seven consecutive attacks. In this attack, the Hashd al-Shaabi and Iraqi army used America’s Abrams tanks against the Peshmerga who destroyed one of them.

In the fight, nearly 20 Hashd al-Shaabi’s tanks and military vehicles were destroyed, and nearly 150 from their fighters were killed and injured. Seven Peshmerga fighters were also killed and a number injured in the attack. 


Video footage filmed by a Pehmerga soldier circulating on social media shows the destroyed American M1 Abrams tank. 


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| 25/10/2017
Come on Rudaw???? evidence of what? Both sides are using US weapons against each other regardless of models
michael basila | 25/10/2017
the trump military gives iraq and iran our best military tanks so they can be used against,a force that helped us kill isis
pesh | 25/10/2017
When will people live and let live !? Kurds deserve a dignified life even if others think they are the only living gods.
dilnher | 25/10/2017
The videos are all over social media so remove what? In some cases the hasdi shabi shia militas brag about both using American weapons and the Iranian forces embeded with them and put it in their social media channels
barbarossa7 | 25/10/2017
there is nothing to hide. hundreds of videos and fotos are in the web. easy to see and find. *the shia militia and iraqi army used all almost just us weapons. tanks, m4 rifles, hand hels machine guns, etc. etc. ...also the helmets are made in usa...almost the whole equipment is from usa...this is common known.nothing new...but what does people think. *that iraqi army and shias lay down all their equipment and take extra for the operation against kurds outher weapons and stuff... they take waht they have--it´´s normal. even if the kurds take everything what they have against the shias - it would be normal....******kurds should think about that a tank could be a iron grave...tanks are easy to destroy at these days, and tanks are expensive....the kurds should be lucky that they have no tanks, and they should develop methods to destroy tanks and armoured vehicles in a cheap ,easy way.

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Hhsh | 11/15/2018 7:23:15 AM
Wow great move turkey. NOT killing the PKK is one thing but targeting them and killing peshmerga even if by accident BIG MISTAKE!
Turkish airstrikes kill at least 3 people including Peshmerga in Amedi
| yesterday at 09:25 | (1)
The Reader | 11/14/2018 10:34:54 PM
Who can explain why does the USA fear Erdogan? Turkey hates and humiliates the Americans while the US, fearful, bows to Turkey and behaves ...
Tahir Fatah | 11/15/2018 6:09:44 AM
Erdogan, Ottomanism and Turkish nationalism a century after WWI
| 14/11/2018 | (4)
Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 11/14/2018 3:37:53 PM
He should contact Bafel Talabany' and his Cunter Terrorists Group who own and use the real $500,000 ones for fun on London streets with Registration...
Saleha Bhayat | 11/15/2018 2:02:12 AM
Well Done on building your super car.
Kurdish chop shop builds homemade Lamborghini
| 14/11/2018 | (2)
JamKurd | 11/15/2018 12:43:11 AM
This Daesh SOB should be delivered to the Kurds to be executed with families of the Peshmarga martyred participate in tightening the noose around...
Senior ISIS leader confesses to capturing, parading Peshmerga
| 14/11/2018 | (1)

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