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Kurds remain the majority in just two villages in western Kirkuk

By Rudaw 25/11/2018
Arab settlers, protected by Iraqi security forces, have continued to encroach on villages and farmland in western Kirkuk province, driving out Kurdish and Turkmen residents. 

In the village of Qutan, just two of the 40 Kurdish families remain a month after Arab settlers arrived. 

One family home has been torched. The owner of the other is threatened with eviction or even death. 

Both have been given permission to stay on the condition they do not plow their farmland until ownership of the land is established.

Instead of relying on the deeds to the land, Arab settlers are instead using the Arabization orders from the former Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein to stake their claim. 

The land was handed over to Arab settlers in the 1970s and 80s. After the fall of the regime, the Kurdish owners were invited back to their land and the Arab settlers compensated. 

Since the Iraqi Army and Shiite paramilitias took over Kirkuk in October 2017, these Arab settlers have returned. 


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Kurdistan | 25/11/2018
The widdow and the children of Jalal Talabani have sold Kerkuk to the Arabs. SO TRUE, SO EVIDENT. Months later Afrin was occupied by Turkish troups and Arab jihadists who killed thousands of Kurdish civilians as other 180.000 Kurds fled and they are living now without shelter. In both cases the US has allowed and sponsored such attacks against Kurdistan. This happened the day the Kurds have defeated the Islamist state. An infamous treason.
Gunda mayi | 25/11/2018
So what is the puk and barham salih doing about it? Since they sold Kirkuk , Mr. President how can you allow this to continue..your a crappy president and you will not do anything for the Kurdish cause. Another duck to Iran and Iraq.. I don’t think this would have still been an issue if Fuad was elected president.
AgirêDijwar | 25/11/2018
Remember, just a few years ago even Mosul was Kurdish, Arabs took it from you. Afrin will also be cleaned of Kurds. Remember that those responsible most are the current " leadership”, a bunch of corrupted incompetent communists and clan leaders, and the Kurdish media which is also owned and controlled by the same “leaders”. Kurdish people have been stabbed in the back by its own leaders, by its own media that are fully busy cheering those corrupted leaders. It doesn’t help Writing this kind of articles, because you don't dare criticizing your leaders, the leaders that are responsible for the misery of our people. Iraq army took over Kirkuk because these leaders are so corrupted, because they have a militia to protect them instead of protecting our people. If Kurds had any good leaders Iraqy army would not dare even coming Close to Kirkuk, if we had good leaders, if they were not controlled by their masters in Iraq, Iran and Turkey. Kurds, just like all other peoples in the World deserves a Life in freedom and Peace, without war, without being killed or must kill others. Kurdish leaders have so far not delivered any of these things, they have failed very badly. They are "leaders" because their parents had a position as leaders, not because they are competent or because they deserve it. So, the problem is your masters Rudaw, those corrupted "leaders", that is why we are in this horrible situation we are. It's their fault and you are supporting their disgusting behavior which means you are equally guilty. It's true regardless if you publish it or not. You all, the leaders and media should be ashamed for not protecting the interests of Kurds, because you are so busy attacking each other. So, all of you, people working in media, and so called “leaders”22, every time you look in to eyes of your kids you should think about the future they will have as Kurds, every single time, you should think about the heritage you will leave behind. Like your ancestors, your children and grandchildren will become the slaves of Arabs and Turks, they will spend their life in Iraqy and Turkish jails, they will be called traitors by Arabs and Turks, they will be beaten, raped and even killed ONLY because they are Kurds. It will be their turn to lose their house and land to some Arabs, Turks or Persians. Try to imagine how it feels like if your children are being beaten by soldiers, they become homeless because some Arabs move into their house, and even worse if your daughters are raped in jail or sold as sex slaves by some shit like ISIS. If you have any conscience or honor then you should wake up and start thinking, if not in any other Kurds, in the future of your children and grandchildren. So, stop being so goddamn corrupted, stop supporting those corrupted leaders because they give you some dollars or some food.
The story of J. Talabani | 26/11/2018
Jalal Talabani has divided Kurdistan in two parts and left for his widow & children to sell Kerkuk to the Arabs. His nasty name will be a dark page in the story of notorious mafia and underworld traitors. Shame on them, may they pay for their treason and crimes. Long live Kurdistan free, independent and united.
Realist | 26/11/2018
I see a lot of kdp dogs here . Woof woof .

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John Bird | 2/22/2019 1:08:36 AM
What is the point of all this kind of reporting? Completely useless, because most people of the region have already resumed their worship and prayers...
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Muraz Adzhoev | 2/20/2019 9:34:06 PM
Iraqi government “limits power” of illegitimately and criminally acting governor of Kirkuk province, which was anti-constitutionally occupied by...
Isfahan | 2/21/2019 10:24:21 PM
slick moves by shiia jee.h4dists, waiting out trump
Iraqi gov't limits acting Kirkuk governor’s influence with oil, metal, security
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 2/21/2019 7:38:55 PM
MIT --- (not the one in Massachusetts)
Twin bomb blasts strike Kobane and Afrin
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Turkish | 2/21/2019 7:01:20 PM
Turkish people do not fear the Kurd or the EU. They only fear their Government whom has stolen their freedom, their future and money. The dictator...
Pakistani | 2/21/2019 7:22:09 PM
anyone who has a cool head will understand, that there is only one solution for the whole region, and it is a Kurdish state...without it nothing will...
Ilham Ahmed: ISIS resurgence would prevent Syria peace deal
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