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Iraq’s true face unmasked: Kurdish MPs react to offensive newspaper post

By Rudaw 28/9/2017
Screenshot of Al-Nahar newspaper, published on 26/09/2017
Screenshot of Al-Nahar newspaper, published on 26/09/2017
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Kurdistan’s lawmakers have hit back after an Iraqi newspaper published an offensive image implying a sexually aggressive reaction to the independence referendum. The image makes clear the differences in culture between Kurdistan and Iraq and the need for separation, said MPs from across the political spectrum. 

“Our two different cultures is one of the reasons behind our separation. The publishing of this image unmasks their real face. It shows how they eye our women, honor, territory, and wealth. They showed this in practice during the Anfal campaign and in the assaulting of the Yazidi women,” Shakhawan Abdullah, the deputy head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) faction in the Iraqi parliament, told Rudaw.
An image on Tuesday’s front page of Al-Nahar, an Iraqi-owned newspaper, shows five men in boxers, staring in an unwelcoming manner at a young girl. The meme captions the five men as Iran, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Jordan and the girl as Kurdistan.

Its publication has sparked outrage online.

“Establishing an independent Kurdistani state will be our best response to them, and this is because we can in no way live together with them. This action of belittling and staring at the honor of women is what can be expected from them,” Abdullah said.
Shirn Raza, a Gorran MP on the human rights committee in the Iraqi parliament, condemned the image as disgusting but not surprising.

“We strongly condemn this disgusting action. Showing disrespect to women and this very action is expected from them,” she said. 
“Publishing this meme amounts to a declaration of war against the Kurdistan Region. We will be filing a lawsuit against this paper,” she added.

Rezan Sheikh Dler, an MP with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) sits on the women, families and children committee in the Iraqi parliament. She vowed to take a firm stance on the matter, telling Rudaw “They are unmasking their real face even more by this action.”
Rough language like this “will not help resolve the problems in any way. Rather, the problems should be solved through negotiations and constructive dialogue,” she added.
Head of the human rights committee in the Iraqi parliament Abdulrahim Shamari told Rudaw, “We will not allow the Kurdistani nation to be insulted in any way.”



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Afran | 28/9/2017
When president Barzani will declare time of referendum on constitution of free Kurdistan???the world is watching all events carefully but toward arab/turk savages, kurds must defend themselves. we in iran will prevent arab allies-mullahs-of any action against kurds as much as possible. but real threat to kurds are sunni turks and sunni/shiite arabs which are the same shit.Bezhi Kurd,Bezhi Kurdistan!
Juana | 28/9/2017
There's nothing to unmask, this is Arab culture at it's finest. For heaven's sake they kidnapped, enslaved and raped 5000 Ezidi woman and girls (some of them as young as 7!) only 2 years ago. The Arabs in the Iraqi parliament have passed one sharia law after the other, alcohol is banned, new church's are banned, there are no minoraties left in Arab part of Iraq, they all fled to Kurdistan. But some people STILL ask us why we want to separate from Iraq, from these 6th century barbarians.
Flaminco | 28/9/2017
French President mr Macarony phoned Iraqi PM today and congratulated him on "the way he is handling this crises" and of course reiterated Frances support for Baghdad and Iraqis imaginary "territoral integrity" . Western values my ass, through them a contract or two and they will sell their mother.
Guest | 28/9/2017
Kurdistan needs to stay focused on declaring it's sovereignty and organizing itself to operate independent of Iraq. Actions like these are there to distract.
| 28/9/2017
Kurds and Arabs MUST STOP BLAMING a whole nation for the actions of a few.
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Dialogue is the best solution. Kurds They are kind. fought against daesh.
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bullshioyt...this was planed with or without referendum. abadi the watermelon man very bad liar.
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