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Baghdad warns of further measures after KRG refuses to comply with orders

By Rudaw 28/9/2017
Kurdistan Region capital Erbil. Photo: Rudaw
Kurdistan Region capital Erbil. Photo: Rudaw
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Iraqi government warned it could take further measures against Kurdistan after the regional government rejected a series of orders from Baghdad responding to the independence referendum.
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), after a meeting on Thursday, issued a statement bashing Baghdad’s measures as “illegal” and “unconstitutional.”
Saad Hadithi, Iraqi government spokesperson, maintained that the rulings are legal and the government took take further measures.
The KRG rejected a twelve point order issued by the Iraqi parliament and government against the Kurdistan Region including a flight ban, deployment of forces to the Peshmerga-held Kurdistani areas such as the oil-rich Kirkuk province, and calling for foreign missions to close their offices in Kurdistan. The KRG described the resolutions as “collective punishment of the Kurdistan nation.”
Baghdad is pressing forward with its measures. “Tomorrow evening the border gates will be closed and flights halted,” said Hadithi. “Only domestic flights will continue.”
He said the Iraqi government’s decrees were to force “all parties to respect the constitution” and the Kurdistan Region should abide by it.
He ruled out any possibility of a military incursion into the Kurdistan Region.
Hadithi accused the KRG of “holding the referendum in a unilateral way” and said Baghdad would not hold discussions on the vote.


Sharif | 28/9/2017
It seems the Iraqi regime is a law-abiding regime talking about abidance by the constitution!!! It seems the Iraqi regime has forgotten that it is a puppet in the hands of Iran with no real power of authority!!! It seems the Iraqi regime has forgotten that it is still struggling in its war against ISIS!!! It seems the Iraqi regime lost touch with reality!!! The world has changed and the Iraqi regime believes it can use Saddam's methods against Kurds!!! The genie is out of the bottle; the 93% YESs in addition to millions of Kurds in Greater Kurdistan and Diaspora are furious and unstoppable. The horse has decided not to live with the donkey anymore!!!
Danger | 28/9/2017
Why arn't we declaring indipendence exactly? What are we afraid off? that they're going to close our airspace and close our border? they're doing it!
sarwer | 29/9/2017
There is not such a difference between Abadi and the governmnt of Iraq with Baath regim: both of you go to hell sooner or later...Sadam taken control of Arab world including Kuawait but never ever he could control Kurdistan; so Abaddi Arab facist and racist listen well, Kurds will not let you rest and we are ready for war and kick you out, Abadi shame on you you are even belong to western and even you are not Iraqi f.Shame on you kurditan is a home for many million of Refugee Arab Iraqi: we will send you to hell as we sent your Sadam's big dadi to hell, shame on you idiot.
Paul | 29/9/2017
Should've held the referendum while Mosul was occupied by ISIS and Baghdad was desperate for help.
Seyed | 29/9/2017
Bagdad is wounded will try anything. That doesn't worry me people of kurdistan should stand strong. I'm from rojhallat live in Canada for 30 years I was just watching some of kurdistan news channels they talk so negative .in world news agency's you don't see that they should stop been so negative. My message to thoes guys if you did the same in iran or turkey you would got shot down. But that shows in kurdistan is democracy long live kurdistan rudaw keep the good job

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guest2002 | 1/18/2018 3:44:37 AM
"mending relationship with neighbors" is like putting lip stick on a pig. it is more like cowering and kissing the behinds of invaders and bullies.
Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 1/21/2018 6:36:29 PM
mules of foreign powers remain as they are, mules
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Hawzhin76 | 1/21/2018 4:17:20 PM
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Soloist | 1/21/2018 6:25:02 PM
YPG are part of PKK and OCULAN they are a terrorist Group with a political agenda and manifesto. If you support the YPG then you are supporter...
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paraphine | 1/21/2018 3:19:39 PM
Turkey is also supporting and helping the jihad, radical islamist groups in the south of idlib province - which are fighting against assad and...
FAUthman | 1/21/2018 6:01:41 PM
"A main goal of the military operation (the Turkish offensive) was to recapture Tel Rifaat, a town southeast of Afrin, and a string of Arab villages...
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FAUthman | 1/20/2018 1:17:17 PM
That is right, Kobane was a turning point for Kurds and Obama made it happen when he came to the rescue of the Kurds in that city while Turks stood...
Smith | 1/21/2018 4:40:51 PM
WELL, WELL!!! I can see another fine mess the USA government are making for their country and it's people in another backlash like I would have...
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