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US defense secretary did not oppose Kurdistan referendum, explains President Barzani

By Rudaw 30/8/2017
US Defense Secretary James Mattis and Kurdistan President Masoud in Erbil on August 22. Photo: Rudaw
US Defense Secretary James Mattis and Kurdistan President Masoud in Erbil on August 22. Photo: Rudaw

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — US Defense Secretary James Mattis told Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani that the US understands the demands and objectives of the Kurdistani nation, while expressing that the United States is not against the referendum, itself.

In an interview with the Arabic newspaper Sharq al-Awsat, Barzani revealed that during Mattis’ visit to Erbil on August 22, the defense secretary re-iterated that the United States is against the timing of the referendum, and not necessarily against the vote.

Barzani was reported as saying that Mattis had said the United States understands the demands and objectives of Kurdistan’s nation. It also knows that holding the referendum is Kurds’ right and the US is not against the referendum. Rather, this question will decrease the focus on the war on ISIS. The United States therefore calls upon you to revise this decision.

Barzani, whose Peshmerga officials have re-assured the United States that the referendum is political and will not affect their anti-ISIS efforts, responded that all efforts with Baghdad have failed.

After Mattis’ visit, the US Embassy in Iraq released a statement saying the United States is ready to support a “new framework for dialogue” between the regional and central governments.

“Mr. McGurk reiterated our opposition to the September 25th referendum and urged KRG officials and the central government to establish a new framework for dialogue on a host of issues, including their future relationship, emphasizing that the United States is prepared to fully back this process,” read the US press release, describing US Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk’s visit to Baghdad and Erbil with Mattis.

However, in the interview with the Arabic newspaper, Bazani said nothing has been prepared that would guarantee a better alternative for Kurds.

The president posited: Is there any preparation to sign a document which recognizes [independence] if the Kurds hold the referendum next year and vote for independence?

He added that the Kurdistan Region is in its historic days and weeks about its fate. There is in no use in delaying or turning back on the decision to hold the referendum, unless there is a better alternative.

Barzani also stressed that they should reach an outcome with Baghdad on this question peacefully.

He said that he is sure that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi wants to resolve the problems, but Abadi has many obstacles ahead of him, Barzani said of the premiere who faces political rivals and ongoing security threats in Iraq as ISIS is chased off the battlefields.

On August 15, a Kurdistani referendum delegation met with Abadi whose office called the discussions “open and profound” and addressed the necessity to enact proper mechanisms to resolve outstanding problems in a positive climate.

Barzani and Abadi last met face-to-face in early July. 


LIE | 30/8/2017
Barzani says this and US makes a another statmet. Its always the same since years thats why never trust USA, even if your leader says they are not against it then behind your back they publish a statment opposing it.
Muraz Adzhoev | 30/8/2017
There is no "central government" in tragically failed and divided Iraqi arab Islamic federation. After 25.09.2017 a "new framework" must be established for dialogue and negotiations between Southern Kurdistan and Iraq on justified, grounded, mutually advantageous and acceptable mechanisms, terms and conditions of future peaceful bilateral political, economic, humanitarian, cultural, security and military relations between two new neighboring sovereign independent states. Baghdad and Erbil should establish an appropriate new framework for future relations between two new sovereign states for two sociopolitical nations - Iraqis and Kurdistanis.
Kurdish State | 30/8/2017
With Barzani's leadership the Kurds are in good hands. May God bless Barzani and the Kurdish State.
Orim | 31/8/2017
The Kurdish cause died in 1933, after the Simele massacre, (No I am not Assyrian), but think about it, Kurds had a great chance to side with minorities against Baghdad, instead they joined the Iraqi army in raping, pillaging, plundering and changing the demographics. It's just a referendum, and Kurds are landlocked, they need to rely on at least one neighbouring country, i.e. Turkey, good luck with that one! LOL

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Carl | 10/17/2017 8:21:00 PM
I like you kurds. But for an outsider your beloved Army is not a national Army. It is two Armies, even three or four. Maybe more? That is not a...
chris | 10/17/2017 8:22:00 PM
The eyes of the world are watching this. There has never been more sympathy towards the Kurdish people than there is right now.
Barzani: Blood of the martyrs, calls for independence are ‘not wasted’
| yesterday at 06:37 | (18)
Nihad | 10/17/2017 8:17:57 PM
Thanks to all fools parties kurdish people also well be displace is sad those peshmerga who lost lives for no reasons all peshmerga should just put...
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Ps | 10/17/2017 5:44:15 PM
This is why kurds never got a country. Bcoz we dnt have politicians. We have clan leaders. Erdogan might be bad for kurds but at least he is good for...
xthat | 10/17/2017 7:30:37 PM
Pro-Iranian Shiite militias were the spearhead of the operation, fighting under the direct command of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Gen. Qassem...
President Barzani to publish statement post-Kirkuk crisis, avoid 'civil war'
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Sadiky | 10/17/2017 6:55:40 PM
Mr . Abadi, you mean Iran will impose federal authority not Iraq , you run a boat with no campus, sailing as the wind blows.... puppet show!!
Hejar | 10/17/2017 7:24:15 PM
Way to go Abadi! You outplayed all of the sad Kurdish leadership. Please put all of them on trial for treason! Wr would thankyou for it. Destèt the...
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