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Undefeated Kurdistan advances to Conifa World Football Cup quarterfinals

By Rudaw 31/5/2016
The Kurdistan national team in Abkhazia
The Kurdistan national team in Abkhazia
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Kurdistan advances to the Conifa World Football Cup quarterfinals in Abkhazia undefeated and with zero goals scored against it.

Kurdistan played Koreans in Japan Tuesday afternoon, again dominating the field and came up with a 3 – 0 result. The team scored twice in the first half, with Diyar Rahman and Miran Khesro both netting goals. In the second half, they held Koreans in Japan at bay, scoreless, with Hunar Ahmad scoring the third goal of the match. 

Kurdistan will play Padania in the quarterfinals on June 2. Padania is an area of northern Italy, also known as Pado Valley. 

The top ranked team at the tournament, Padania is coming into the quarterfinals with one win, against Raetia, and one loss, against Northern Cyprus. Kurdistan is ranked 5th out of 23 Conifa members.


American against Turkish Imperialism | 1/6/2016
There is not such country called Northern Cyprus.
Jiyan | 1/6/2016
Hearty congratulations. We are proud of you KNT
JM | 1/6/2016
@American against Turkish Imperialism - In case you missed it in previous stories, Conifa Cup is for unrecognized states and stateless people, so there is no such country as "Northern Cyprus" but neither are there recognized countries named "Kurdistan," "Abkhazia," "Padania," or "Koreans in Japan."
peter | 1/6/2016
first of all congratulations ,,, second northern cyprus , isnt that one of the UN successful peacekeeping missions stories ,, 45 to 60 years of armed conflict that if im correct still isnt resolved ,, yeah for the pussies in the UN and those who wish to stop peacemaking and continue war for generation after generation and you wonder as the UN said in ottawa canada why now both sides in most conflicts distrust/hate the UN
This is sport | 2/6/2016
Dudes, why u make of everything a global politic drama story?! This is a soccer tournament. It doesnt matter if kurdistan isnt official or northern cyprus. Lets just enjoy this pre-world cup and not always search a confrontation...

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