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Angelina Jolie: ISIS does not represent Islam

By Rudaw 8/7/2015
 Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie in Duhok. Photo : Rudaw
Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie in Duhok. Photo : Rudaw

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region- Hollywood actress and director Angelina Jolie used a social media post to denounce the so-called Islamic State organization's radical interpretation of Islam

Jolie posted the following anecdote on her official Twitter account recently :

"Yesterday an ISIS member stopped the car of a Christian couple.
ISIS member: 'Are you Muslim?'
Christian man: 'Yes, I'm Muslim.'
ISIS member: 'If you are a Muslim, then recite a verse of Quran.'
Christian man recited a verse from the Bible.
ISIS member: 'Ok allah go.'
Later his wife tells him: 'I cannot believe the risk you just took.'
'Why did u tell him that we are Muslims?
If he knew you were lying he would have killed both of us.'
'Do not worry! If they knew the Quran, they would not kill people,' answered the Husband."

After the short anecdote, Jolie posted, "ISIS is not Islam, terrorism has no religion."


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Carl | 8/7/2015
Angelibna speaks out of political correctness. Unfortunately the story does not serve any use, especially not for those moderate muslims in Pakistan, Iran , Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other places that put their lifes on the line every day. She is wrong about the Bible (which clearly says you should kill your neighbour for working on a sunday and also kill infidels) and she is wrong about the Koran which is equally horrible. The real difference is that almost no people in the west take the bibel as literally true any longer. There was a time when we did - its called the Dark Middle Ages. So Angelinas stupid story does not help what is needed - an enlightment in the Middle East
Ezidi-Man | 8/7/2015
It is not islam but it is the teaching of Wara ibn Al Nufal ( Mohamads teacher).
dutchnational | 8/7/2015
And Jolina knows this how?
Karwan Zaro
Karwan Zaro | 8/7/2015
Ok, lets say we know what ISIS is, what is Islam then? Without forcing it that is to say...if you say islam is the opposite of ISIS, then it is not an answer. What is Islam? Is it a concept? A people? A religion? A mindset? A way ( then who is walking )? An Ethnicity? A belief? A gender? An Alien ( Alien also means unknown )? A ? There are so many questions without an ear to be hearing....or an eye, forget about how to feel about it..
Karwan Zaro
Karwan Zaro | 8/7/2015
An realization? Realizing Islam is what it is, because Islam tells it by literally telling it. I am great, says my book. How to view that, there is two views, one is from the book, but the reader views it, which is the view we need to empower/acknowledge/notice.

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heart broken....... long live the kurds. peace be with you all
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