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Iran arrests 29 women for removing mandatory headscarf

By Rudaw 2/2/2018
Some women in Iran protested the country's dress code by removing their hijabs in public on Monday and Tuesday. Screenshot: ICHRI tweet
Some women in Iran protested the country's dress code by removing their hijabs in public on Monday and Tuesday. Screenshot: ICHRI tweet
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Iran has arrested 29 women for not wearing a headscarf in public, which has been mandatory in the Islamic Republic since the 1979 Revolution.

Those arrested on Thursday were accused of offending public order and referred to the prosecutor's office in Tehran, reported several Iranian news agencies.

“The bail is too high," the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) quoted a source close to one of the arrested protesters, Narges Hosseini, as saying, "and Hosseini's family can’t afford it.

A prominent human rights lawyer told AFP on Tuesday that one of the detained women had her bail set at more than $100,000. 

Iran Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, who is also a cleric, has called the women's protests "trivial" and "childish" moves possibly incited by foreigners

Several women protested against the compulsory head covering law in the streets of Tehran and Isfahan on Monday and Tuesday.

They removed their scarves and waved them like flags while standing on platforms, CHRI reported, while posting photos of the protesters.



The women were mimicking the act of civil disobedience by Vida Movahed on a sidewalk on Revolution Street in Tehran on December 27. 

Azar Mansouri, a member of the reformist Union of Islamic Iranian People party, said attempts to control female clothing have failed.

At least two photos on social media this week showed women in traditional black chador dresses, supporting women's freedom of choice for dress.

"I love my hijab but I'm against compulsory hijab," read one sign.

More than 3,700 people were arrested and 23 died in two weeks of nationwide protests that began on December 28 in response to an austerity budget proposed by President Hassan Rouhani.


Parbatsinh | 8/2/2018
Oppression on the women by the Islamic rulers in Iran... If anybody look at the history of the world before the birth and advent of Islam on this earth, they will realize that Iran was a Persian country in the past and the people were following the Zorostrian... They are called Parsi.. Later on the whole Iran was converted to Islam by the forceful aggression and war incessantly by the wild Arabic tribes....All the Iranian people were forcefully converted to Muslims by imposing cruelty and atrocities on them... Few people of Iran escaped from this cruelty to save their religious fire and arrived at Sanjan port in India where they got the shelter and freedom of their religion.. So only India is the place where these old Iranian Zorostrian Parsi community lives happily today... The best example is Jamshedji Tata... A renowned business personality of India......So Iran was the great country in the past with it's great Persia history....Later on it lost it's glory in the Islamic rulers period... Even though they are following the Islam but their culture, name and rituals-traditions are completely the Persian same as the Parsi community living in India....Islam is just forcefully imposed on the poor people of Iran by the fanatics Islamic rulers...

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Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 10/16/2018 10:13:15 PM
Thank Bafel talabany and his henchmen, how come no kurd is holding the traitors accountable?
mark bishop | 10/18/2018 7:27:40 AM
We have great respect for Masoud Barzani. But his statement on October 16 only gives us half of a message. He says that the events leading up to...
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Jiyan | 10/18/2018 7:15:41 AM
Bahman Ghoubadi's films have had no good use for Kurds, they only belittle Kurds as premimitive and useless. I hope other filmmakers will be more...
Kurdish filmmakers need to be better storytellers: Amir Gholami
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haluk | 10/17/2018 4:53:04 AM
Around 1200 BC, different factors such as climate change, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and large scale migrations (the mysterious "sea people")...
Orxan | 10/17/2018 11:44:08 PM
This Is Assyria and mesopotamian history Kurds are Iranians, they do not belong in this land
Ancient lost city of Mardaman slowly gives up its secrets
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Ian Birmingham | 10/17/2018 7:41:56 PM
As clearly demonstrated on 25 September 2017, 93% of KRG voters favor independence from Iraq. PUK lied to and betrayed KRG on 16 October 2017,...
Burkan | 10/17/2018 9:57:41 PM
Where’s the sources for the conversations and meetongs that took place? Any third party or just what youclaim?
The fight for Iraq’s presidency: What happened on October 2?
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