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Iran arrests 16 Kurdish activists after general strikes: rights monitors

By Rudaw 14/9/2018
The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported greater security presence on the streets of Kurdish cities this week. Photo: KHRN
The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported greater security presence on the streets of Kurdish cities this week. Photo: KHRN
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iranian authorities have arrested as many as sixteen Kurds for their involvement in a general strike on Wednesday, according to human rights monitors. 

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), which disseminates news from Iranian human rights reporters, stated that sixteen “political and civil activists” from the Iranian Kurdish cities of Sanandaj, Mariwan, Oshnavieh, Sardasht, and Ravansar have been arrested. 

Business owners and shopkeepers staged a general strike on Wednesday, closing their doors in several cities in Kurdish areas of Iran. 

The strike was called by five Iranian-Kurdish parties in a show of unity in response to Iran’s missile attacks on two of the parties (PDKI and KDP-I) in Koya, Kurdistan Region and the execution of three Kurds last weekend. 

The biggest “crackdown” on the strikers was in Mariwan, HRANA reported. 

Zanyar and Loghman Moradi, cousins who were executed on Saturday, were accused of killing the son of a preacher in Mariwan. The cousins denied the charge. 

“In addition to civic arrests, security forces have responded by spray-painting threats onto shuttered bodegas,” HRANA reported on Friday. 

Images of empty bazaars and streets were shared on social media. 

The France-based Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported increased security measures in major Kurdish cities and disruptions to internet services on Wednesday. 

Confirming the arrests of 13 people, KHRN said Iranian forces were taking note of shuttered shops in Mahabad and Sardasht and some business owners were threatened into opening their stores. 

Abdullah Mohtadi, head of the Komala party, described the strikes as a “huge success.”

The general strike “has so far been the biggest single act of civil disobedience against the Islamic regime in Iran since the protest movements began in December last year,” he tweeted on Thursday. 

PDKI leader Mustafa Hijri thanked people for coming out, saying in a statement published Thursday that the strike “has unnerved the already weak Iranian regime.”

The commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said the missile strike on the Kurdish parties was a demonstration of the military’s strength and a message to its enemies. 

The Kurdish parties recently resumed their armed struggle against Iran as they fight for greater cultural and political rights for Kurds.

Tehran has labeled them terrorists and alleges they are being supported by the US to destalibize Iran in order to further American interests in the Middle East. 


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Em | 14/9/2018
Intimidation, oppression and brutality has never worked with Kurds, and will never work. A temporary lull at best
KPatriot | 15/9/2018
And yet we see Persians who tell us the Kurdish parties who unlike their own brutal regime have never attacked even one civilian at least on purpose that they do not represent Kurds of Rojhelat and Iran. So all of these people are also paid and controlled by some foreign power I guess and even though they are the people they still don’t represent the Kurds of Iran right? Yes we proudly attack and kill Iranian military forces, exactly because of incidents like the one in Koya and daily executions of young Kurdish activists. Of course we’ll see a bunch of Persian (some probably Turks pretending to be Persians) nationalists or Shi’a extremists telling us they are this and that and all the millions of Kurds are simply proxies of foreign powers wanting to destabilize and destroy Iran. King Ashiti/Astyages of Media should have killed Cyrus The Great even though I love and respect him because he seized power for the Persians and without him they would have never overpowered the Medes and we would have still been the masters of the Persians who adopted everything from us. Of course we unlike them would have treated them equal and brotherly as we did back in the old days. Heck even the Safavids were Kurds. I can’t wait for the absurd and pathetic replies of the Persian nationalists and Shi’a extremists which are mostly based on emotions and not actual facts. God damn traitors to the Medo - Persian brotherhood which existed once. You will regret all of this one day just like the Turks and some Arabs will as well. These 3 people stand behind immense misery of all of North Africa and west Asia. Long live the just and good hearted Kurds and our dear Kurdistan. Death to all our enemies beginning with our own kind the shameless collaborators.
Bijan | 15/9/2018
@kpatriot Safavids were Kurds by ancestors (paternal ancestry) and had even appointed Kurdish tribes such as zangeneh to important positions (current oil minister in Iran is also Zangeneh (bijan namdar Zangeneh). Safavids revived and fought for Iran against ottomans. However as usual there were some sunni tribal Kurds who betrayed Iran and safavids and their Kurdish kin because of sunnism. They served ottomans until the armenian genocide. The same Kurds with this kind of anti-Iranian mentality became what today are the separstist, communist, tribalist groups such as kdpi/pdki, xabat, pak, komoleh, pjak etc. They revisioned Kurdish history end hide that Kurds are Iranians and that they fought for Iran like the safavids. Instead they glorify the separstist Kurdish rebels who served ottomans and who were enemy of Iran and safavids.
Tawes | 15/9/2018
The Iranian regime is now acting exactly like Saddams brutal regime. The more brutal he became towards Kurds the more resistance he got in return.
IranMan | 15/9/2018
@KPatropt, keep banging on you keyboard to allay your frustration and inferiority complex against the Persians, the Turks, the "Shi'a" who are doing a fine job eliminating the Kurdish terrorists! It very easy to be a "patriot" if all you do is being a keyboard monkey. Try to take your meds and have an nice day!
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Bijan | 9/22/2018 11:10:51 PM
Iran is a big country, its name (Iran/Iranshahr) and its existense as a nation state is 1800 years old. Jealous and savage forces like mongols and...
Guest | 9/23/2018 2:32:51 AM
Correction: This was an iranian gay parade.
Gunmen attack Iranian military parade, casualties reported
| yesterday at 09:19 | (21)
Dutchman | 9/22/2018 11:20:52 PM
Thank you France. The French contribution is important to protect the Kurds and orther peoples in Northern Syria. Rojava is the only part of Syria...
France: A central player in the fight against ISIS
| yesterday at 09:35 | (1)
Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 9/22/2018 9:29:53 PM
make a deal whilst you can? PUK is died with Mam Jalal, what remains is in loving memory of what could have been the KDP now has the chance to take...
Bishop | 9/22/2018 9:55:09 PM
Puk are bunch of cry babies like seriously what has taliban done or Masum done for the Kurds?! It’s time for a change puk canadiates have been weak...
KDP’s ‘unilateral’ Baghdad visit against spirit of Kurdish ‘unanimity’: PUK
| yesterday at 11:14 | (3)
Pie | 9/21/2018 8:06:35 PM
@Azad, you've got a good point there but what about your own government Turkey? they're no better than Iran or the West. Turkey attacked and occupied...
Tron | 9/22/2018 9:50:16 PM
In the last 70 years the us built up not only a huge debt but they have built up global warming built up Ozon hole and built up global terrorism...
US slams Iran for Koya attack and their proxies for interfering in Iraq
| 21/9/2018 | (5)

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