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Iran's Kurdistan Democratic Party set to elect new leader

By Rudaw 15/11/2016
Photo courtesy of Khalid Azizi
Photo courtesy of Khalid Azizi

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region-- One of Iran's main Kurdish opposition groups is planning to reshuffle parts of its leadership after the current leader announced he would no longer run for the position.


Khalid Azizi, the General Secretary of Iran's Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) informed the party of his intentions to resign from office earlier this year after completing his two term as the leader.


Azizi was re-elected in 2012 after assuming office for the first time in 2008. He has largely been viewed as a moderate leader who favored political negotiations with the Iranian government over armed struggle despite objections within his own party.


The PDK broke away from the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran (PDK-I) in 2006 following internal conflicts that divided the party.


Lengthy efforts to reunify the party over the past years have so far turned futile amid bitter rivalries between the two groups.


The KDP-I has held a tougher position against the Islamic Republic in the face of new regional realities with both Syria and Turkey in turmoil.


KDP-I leader Mustafa Hijri on Sunday urged US President-elect Donald Trump to limit the Islamic Republic's expanding role in the Middle East.


“Iran has unprecedentedly expanded its authority and identity in the Middle East to cause chaos, destruction and conflict,” Hijri said in his statement.


Deadly clashes between KDP-I Peshmerga forces and the Iranian elite revolutionary guards northwest of the country in June broke a unilateral ceasefire that the Kurdish groups had established since mid 1990s.


If Azizi's request for resignation is excepted by the party's politburo later this year, his deputy Mustafa Mawloodi is most likely to replace him as the new leader who already has a broad support among party officials.


"It would be a great honor to become the secretary general and will accept it if there is a consensus within my party," Mawloodi told Rudaw.


Two other party officials, Mustafa Shalmashi and Aso Hasanzada are also expected to compete with Mawloodi for the office, sources have told Rudaw. 


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IranMan | 18/11/2016
Trump wouldn't let a rabid terrorist like Mustafa Hijri to server him toilette paper, let alone taking advice from him about Iran.
duroi | 19/11/2016
The mistake of Azizi in PDK-I was focusing on starting a negotiation with the terror regime in Tehran instead of "first" a dialogue with KDP-I branch to unify the party of Qazi Muhammad and Qasemlou which were both executed by two generations of tyranny regimes in Tehran. If Kurds in Iran do not create a united front in Iran, they will look divided and not well organized, and fail to represent the interests of Kurds in Iran in any negotiations, even in negotiations to overthrow the regime, and they will fail to capture the share of power and resources and Kurdish national rights even if the current regime is overthrown by Trump administration, and allow one Ali-baba regime to be replaced by another Ali-baba regime in Tehran which will use these party differences and play one Kurdish party against another. It is time for Kurdish parties, to get their acts together and put the Kurdish interests ahead of party interests by creating a united national front in Rojhalat.
IranMan | 19/11/2016
@duroi, you may be wallowing in your nostalgia about two Kurdish figures who would do anything the USSR would tell them to do. They did what the Soviets told them to do, to create a tiny and shaky "republic", and they got what they deserved like any other terrorist would. "If Kurds in Iran do not create a united front in Iran, they will look divided and not well organized, and fail to represent the interests of Kurds in Iran in any negotiations, even in negotiations to overthrow the regime, and they will fail..." You are entitled to your opinion, as sophomoric as they seem, but you need to grasp the reality that "the Kurds" in Iran are united. They are united to stay Iranian, be a part of Iran, enjoy the universities, the healthcare facilities, the job market opportunities and the security that Iran provides them. In contrast to you and other terrorist apologists, find yourselves badgering the patriotic and smart Kurds why they are not stupid enough to long for war, destruction, insecurity and subservience to foreign power. I am against the current IRI regime, but just as many smart Kurds know, I won't buy a word of the kind of BS propaganda you and other terrorist sympathizers are selling. No wonder your handle "duroi" sounds in Farsi, which I know you understand, as "two-faced".
F@CKtheREGIME | 20/11/2016
Hopefully the new leader will go the path of armed struggle. If the PKK can fight a modern military, the rohjelatis can fight the regime. Hit their infrastructure in Tehran and watch the economy take a nose dive. #RASAN
Free Kurdistan | 20/11/2016
The sorani and Shekak are sleeping in Rojhelat, its only us kurmanc who are active. Wake up fools. Even in Europe you are sleeping. No one wants to pay money so PDKI has to beg money from Bashur. Get organized and beat these faggot iranians. Start Twitter pages and attack iran, do not attack kurds or PKK. Get harder, ur soft like persian men for fucks sake.

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Hhsh | 11/15/2018 7:23:15 AM
Wow great move turkey. NOT killing the PKK is one thing but targeting them and killing peshmerga even if by accident BIG MISTAKE!
Turkish airstrikes kill at least 3 people including Peshmerga in Amedi
| yesterday at 09:25 | (1)
The Reader | 11/14/2018 10:34:54 PM
Who can explain why does the USA fear Erdogan? Turkey hates and humiliates the Americans while the US, fearful, bows to Turkey and behaves ...
Tahir Fatah | 11/15/2018 6:09:44 AM
Erdogan, Ottomanism and Turkish nationalism a century after WWI
| 14/11/2018 | (4)
Yassir Fekaiki
Yassir Fekaiki | 11/14/2018 3:37:53 PM
He should contact Bafel Talabany' and his Cunter Terrorists Group who own and use the real $500,000 ones for fun on London streets with Registration...
Saleha Bhayat | 11/15/2018 2:02:12 AM
Well Done on building your super car.
Kurdish chop shop builds homemade Lamborghini
| 14/11/2018 | (2)
JamKurd | 11/15/2018 12:43:11 AM
This Daesh SOB should be delivered to the Kurds to be executed with families of the Peshmarga martyred participate in tightening the noose around...
Senior ISIS leader confesses to capturing, parading Peshmerga
| 14/11/2018 | (1)

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