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Iran says it bombed ISIS in Syria in retaliation for Tehran attacks

By Rudaw 18/6/2017
Representational photo from Iranian Tasnim News Agency
Representational photo from Iranian Tasnim News Agency
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Iranian Revolutionary Guards say they have bombed ISIS positions in Deir ez-Zur, Syria in retaliation for attacks on Tehran that killed 18. 

In a statement, the Revolutionary Guards said ISIS headquarters, command and control centers, and bomb-making factories were targeted by surface-to-surface rockets fired from sites in Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces, northwest Iran.


Photo: Google map 

“The message of this revolutionary and vengeful move is very clear,” the statement read, “the Islamic Revolutionary Guards warn the Takfiri terrorists, their regional and transregional guardians.”

It added that if acts like the Tehran attacks were repeated, it will retaliate against the perpetrators and those helping them.


It claimed the attack killed a "big number of terrorists" and damaged their equipment and weapons. 

ISIS claimed the Tehran attacks carried out by five gunmen, all Iranian citizens including some of Kurdish origin, who killed 18 and injured more than 50 people on June 7.
The attacks targeted the parliament building and the shrine of the founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Khomeini.
The Revolutionary Guards initially accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the attacks, but Iran’s Intelligence Minister later said there was not enough evidence to prove that.
Iran announced on June 11 that the mastermind of the Tehran attacks was killed outside of Iran in an Iranian-led operation in coordination with the intelligence of “a friendly foreign country,” Iran’s intelligence minister Mahmoud Alavi said.


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nice try | 18/6/2017
fake move...playin the shiite sunni game to distract trumps attention from iran
Kurdo | 19/6/2017
Iran attack was a false flag like Erdogans "coup". Ask your self why Iran desire to make Kurds in Iran jihadi terrorists? Because when Kurds leave their democratic values its easier to kill them when they turn to islamists. This is what the iranian regime wants. This is what Russia did to separatists in Caucasia region. When they turned islamists then their struggle for freedom became deemed. Stay sharp and see what Iran is doing.
Azad | 19/6/2017
Perfect. Proud of the fact that these rockets are launched from Kermanshah and Sanandaj!
Tem | 19/6/2017
Hmmmmm more like Iran flexing muscle at the US Israel and SA. The US strategy against Iran is lacking a major component, in fact all they need to do is arm the Kurds to the teeth then sit back relax and watch Iran unfold
kurd | 19/6/2017
propaganda loooooool iran is known for exaggeration and deception

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Regula | 10/22/2017 2:55:23 AM
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