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Iraqi Army enters Mosul: Live updates day 16

By Rudaw 1/11/2016


Iraqi airstrikes on Mosul kill 116 militants, official report

Iraqi F16 warplanes bombed ISIS militants in Mosul city today, the Iraqi war media office reported, killing 116 militants. 

As a result of the bombings, they killed 29 militants and wounded 25 in the area of Ghabat; killed 10 militants and wounded 15 at an ISIS headquarters; killed 10 militants standing guard at a weapons depot; destroyed an ISIS air defense site; and killed 67 militants of several nationalities at a hotel pool. 




Turkey's build up on Iraq border is to be 'ready for all possibilities'

Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Işık said on Tuesday that the movement of military vehicles to Turkey’s border with Iraq is part of Turkey's counterterrorism operations, so his country can be ready for all possibilities.

"There are important developments in our region. On one hand, Turkey is in a very serious fight against terror but there are other important developments on the other side of our borders. Turkey must be ready for all possibilities, these are part of these preparations," Işık said.

Işık said that Ankara has not severed diplomatic ties with Baghdad, but if Turkey's red lines are crossed it will do what is necessary. 

"Developments that would change Mosul's demographics are Turkey's red lines. We are talking on these issues with Iraq and the [anti-ISIS] coalition. Of course, in the meantime Turkey is making the necessary preparations," Işık added.

The Turkish army deployed military vehicles from the capital Ankara and the central Çankırı province to the Silopi area near the Iraqi border.




More than 480 ISIS militants killed in last few days

More than 480 ISIS militants have been killed in battles with Iraqi and Kurdish forces over the past few days, Ismat Rajab, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) office in Mosul, told Rudaw.

That number includes 300 new ISIS recruits, he added.

According to Rajab, “The majority of shops and public places inside Mosul were shut down and traffic in the city was so slow. Everybody is watching the news of developments by the Iraqi forces.”

He also said the majority of the families of ISIS leaders based in the Palastain neighborhood of southern Mosul have abandoned their homes.



Chaldean and Assyrian organizations agree to unify military forces

Six Chaldean and Assyrian organizations have signed an agreement to unify their security and military efforts in the Nineveh plains “for the sake of enabling the people of the area to manage their own security.” 

“It was agreed that the military forces of our people are essential to the protection of towns and villages in the Nineveh plains and also agreed that military and security leaderships should be unified through meetings among these units,” reads the statement that was signed by the Ben Nahrain Democratic Party, the Ben Harain National Union, the Chaldean National Assembly, the Chaldean-Assyrian Peoples Assembly, the Assyrian National Party, and the Assyrian Movement after a meeting on Saturday.

The six parties also agreed to stay out of political rivalries in order prevent further suffering to the people of the Nineveh plains, and to organize delegations to seek assistance from the international community to rebuild the region. 




Iraqi forces enter Judaydat al-Mufti neighbourhood of Mosul

The Iraqi 9th Division and the 3rd Brigade have entered Judaydat al-Mufti neighborhood, on the left bank of Mosul, according to Lt. Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Jarallah, the deputy-commander for the Joint Operations, the Iraq War Media office reported.

He added that the Iraqi 16th Division recaptured the villages of Abas Hussein and Raha Al-Aquat on the northern front.


Breaking: 4:18pm

Gogjali is fully under Iraqi army control, the commander for the Iraqi counter-terror forces, Talib Kanani, told reporters in the eastern Mosul neighbourhood.  


BREAKING: 3:56pm

Iraq's official Iraqiya TV confirms that Iraqi security forces have liberated the state TV building on Mosul's left bank.


Turkish military begins deploying tanks, equipment to Silopi area near Iraqi border, CNN Turk reports.


 Iraqi general saying special forces have taken Mosul's state TV building in city's eastern neighborhood, AP reports.



The Iraqi elite Golden Brigade has entered Mosul’s city limits and is engaged in street fighting with ISIS militants inside Mosul’s eastern Gogjali quarter, Rudaw correspondent Ranja Jamal reports from Gogjali.

Gogjali used to be outside Mosul, but as the city expanded it was integrated as a quarter of the city from the left bank of the Tigris River. 

Video shows the Iraqi army cut the barrier on the main road leading to Gogjali. The Iraqi forces then entered the area in eastern Mosul. 



ISIS tried to move about 25,000 civilians to Mosul from Hammam al-Alil on Monday but was partly prevented by coalition aircraft, UN spokeswoman says, according to Reuters.



Shiite militia recaptures two villages southwest of Mosul

The Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi said on its website it had liberated  the two villages of Khuwayn and Abu Hujaira, southeast of Mosul, on Tuesday.  On Monday evening the Iran-backed militia, which is fighting in the Mosul offensive alongside the Iraqi Army, said it had liberated 39 villages since joining the offensive on Saturday. 

See the latest on the Rudaw Live Map:

See full screen

Map legend:
Dark green - under Peshmerga control
Light green - encircled/battling by Peshmerga
Red - under Iraqi control
Pink - encircled/battling by Iraqi forces
Yellow - under Hashd al-Shaabi control



Nearly 40,000 have fled ISIS in Mosul since start of offensive


Nearly 40,000 people have fled Mosul since the beginning of an offensive to evict ISIS from that city more than a fortnight ago, according to a member of the Provincial Council of Nineveh, where Mosul is the capital.
“The number of IDPs (internally displaced persons) from Mosul is increasing continuously and daily,” said Hashem Brifkani.
“Nearly 40,000 IDPs have been documented from the city,” he added. 
He also warned of a “health and environmental disaster” in the Mosul area, where he claimed ISIS has set fire to oil wells in Qayyara and Makhmur, causing respiratory  problems for 500 people, including women and children 


12:33 pm

Col. John Dorrian, spokesman of US-led coalition against ISIS: Since the beginning of the campaign to liberate Mosul, 3,000 bombs and rockets have targeted Daesh (ISIS).



Shiite militia says it is concerned by Turkey and Kurds over Mosul offensive
One of the Shiite groups fighting alongside the Iraqi Army for Mosul expressed concern Tuesday for Turkish and Kurdish positions on Mosul.
Jasim al-Jazairi, leader of the Kata’eb Hezbollah Iraq, one of the groups inside the larger Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi militia, said his faction was concerned about Turkish interference in Iraqi affairs and an alleged attempt by the Kurds to take over the Nineveh plains.
“We are afraid of the challenges ahead that ISIS is trying to take advantage of, meaning the Turkish position  and interferences in Iraqi affairs as well as the attempt by Kurds to take over control of areas in the Nineveh Plains.



Civilians and farmers flee Gogjali area

Civilians and farmers with their livestock are seen fleeing the Gogjali area, east of Mosul. Some talk about being under siege for days before they could leave the ISIS-held areas. 

Gogjali is some 7 km away from the Mosul city center. 



Intense fighting in Gogjali factories, east of Mosul 

Iraqi forces and ISIS are engaged in intense fighting on Tuesday morning in and around the Gogjali factories, at the gate of the first Mosul quarter to the east of the city, Rudaw’s correspondent Farhad Dolamari reported from the scene. 

Dolamari said the ISIS militants used sniper fire and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) to halt the advance. The Iraqi forces aim to liberate the old Mosul TV building in Gogjali on the left bank of the Tigris River inside the city. 

The Iraqi Joint Operations Command said Monday evening that they are advancing towards Mosul city centre from the north and southeast, adding that its forces have liberated several villages north, southeast, and southwest of Mosul.





MALCOLM | 1/11/2016
Excellent progress and a particularly good full-screen (adjustable) map to clarify the textual account.

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Good. Turkish "soldiers" are terrorists, no different to any other member of ISIS.
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@fraud, let's see if we understand this, so Kurds, who at the time held no power in Turkey, committed genocide on christians for Turks, then FLED...
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The name of this town has always been "Kobani." I challenge anyone to show me the evidence that the false name "Kobane" existed before 2011.
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