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Unhappy, KDP says closely monitoring next steps in Baghdad

By Rudaw 3/10/2018
Newly elected President of Iraq Barham Salih watches as his predecessor Fuad Masum leaves during a handing-over ceremony in Baghdad on Wednesday. Photo: Sabah Arar/AFP
Newly elected President of Iraq Barham Salih watches as his predecessor Fuad Masum leaves during a handing-over ceremony in Baghdad on Wednesday. Photo: Sabah Arar/AFP
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The KDP will closely watch what steps are taken as the next Iraqi cabinet is formed, reiterating its opposition to the way in which Barham Salih was elected president.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) politburo held a meeting on Wednesday, chaired by the party’s president, Masoud Barzani. 

They reiterated the party stance that the presidency of Iraq is a post that belongs to the Kurdistani nation and not a single political party. 

“This position has always been settled within the framework of agreement and negotiations between Kurdistani parties. What the PUK did this time upset this principle of agreement. And this is a bad start for settling the question of the position of the president of the republic,” read a statement issued after the meeting. 

The three top posts in Baghdad have been divvied in a power-sharing deal that sees a Kurdish president, a Shiite prime minister, and a Sunni speaker of parliament. 

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) has traditionally held the Iraqi presidency since 2005 in an agreement between the PUK and KDP. This time around, the KDP argued that deal was null and void after the death of PUK leader Jalal Talabani and the suspension of the presidency of the Kurdistan Region. 

Officials from both parties called for the Kurds to unite and put forward a single candidate for the position, but they each ended up fielding their own after the KDP said the PUK made a unilateral decision to nominate Barham Salih. 

Salih easily beat out the KDP’s nominee Fuad Hussein in a secret vote by the Iraqi parliament Tuesday night. 

The end result is that “other people” made a decision on the Kurdish entitlement, “not representatives of the Kurdistani nation,” said the KDP politburo. 

“The KDP has paid serious attention to steps taken to form the new Iraqi government and taken part in exchanging ideas on this matter,” the statement read. 

“We will closely monitor the steps that will be taken to form the new cabinet and make the necessary decisions in due time.”

Salih’s first act as president was to task Adil Abdul-Mahdi with forming a cabinet. 


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Orxan | 3/10/2018
KDP should wake up! no one cares if they are happy or not in Baghdad anymore. The Iraq cannot have a president from KDP, The party that wanted to split from Iraq.PUK, Goran and the new generation are realistic. They know that the dream of independence is over, and Iraq does not need them but they need Iraq. Time for unity Iraqis or you will keep fighting and dying till the end of time Peace
Krg | 3/10/2018
He won fare and square . Unlike the rigged krg elections. Please don't be sore losers .
Unite | 3/10/2018
The problem is people think that the president has been ELECTED. No; it is wrong. The president has not been ELECTED, he has been INSTALLED by IRAQI government and foreign powers. Winning of the election by KDP with the knowledge that they are the beacon of INDEPENDENCE for Kurdistan, it become a threat to the Iraqi government and the foreign powers. So, to balance the situation and create another rift among Kurds, they have installed a president of the Iraqi choice, not the Kurdish choice. I believe the whole Kurdish nation are unhappy about the IRAQI government's move for installing someone who is politically bankrupt. A person who lied when he said he is going to be different and established a new organisation; but only to fall back on the laps of Talabany family just to become a president. Kurdish people and Kurdish parliament should have been involved in finding and nominating a person that can serve in the interest of the nation.
The Observer | 4/10/2018
Don't regret it, the post of president of Irak is not honour, it is dishonour and treason. It does not suit a Kurd .
Surood | 4/10/2018
Just a minor correction, if you really are a nation as you mentioned, why are you so bothered about the Iraqi presidency ??? When will you stop being hypocrites ! The funny part is you have idiots that believe you and come here and make silly comments .

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Kikan | 1/20/2019 2:49:48 PM
The west have been pushing this agenda for decades and look at the results . Low birth rate , women are more lonely than ever , single motherhood and...
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