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Iraqi PM says KRG exports enough oil to pay for its public servants

By Rudaw 4/1/2017
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi talks to reporters on Tuesday. Photo: Iraqi PM office.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi talks to reporters on Tuesday. Photo: Iraqi PM office.
 BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi blamed the worsening financial crisis in the Kurdistan Region on Kurdish authorities, suggesting that lack of transparency has made it difficult to track revenues from Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) oil exports.
He also said that the Kurdistan Region exports more than its fair share of Iraq’s oil. 
“We in Iraq are able to pay the salaries to this date with difficulties, and we are generally managing the country’s economy with difficulties too,” Abadi told reporters on Tuesday when asked about disagreements between Baghdad and Erbil and the cuts to the Kurdish budget made by his government. 
“But we are capable of heading the country’s economy, and that needs transparency. The first question is where is the oil money and where is it going to? We are putting the oil money in an Iraqi fund, which the central bank receives in an account that is under its control and the finance ministry,” he said, adding that all the financial institutions, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, have access to these figures.
The KRG has said Baghdad’s freezing of its budget since February 2014, combined with low oil prices, has made it difficult to pay the salaries of public servants. Public salaries are often delayed and not paid in full.
“This level of clarity must be exercised in every place, including the Region. We are now calling for transparency and clarity so that we understand where this amount of money is going to. If the Region has some rights withheld by us, we will pay, and if the rest of Iraq has some rights withheld by the Region, they should pay, so that there will be a balance in this issue,” Abadi said, pointing out that he cannot do this all by himself as the Iraqi prime minister but that this should be done in cooperation between Erbil, Baghdad, and the people.
The KRG, mainly under pressure from international oil companies operating in Kurdistan and public anger over delayed salaries, signed two agreements in early October and November last year with two international financial institutions, Deloitte and Ernst and Young, to audit the region’s oil and gas sector.
Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said the agreements will help increase transparency.
“The agreement will further strengthen the transparent and independent auditing process for the oil and gas sector,” Barzani said in a statement released by his office following signing the agreement with Ernst and Young, adding that “Transparency in the sector is his government’s top priority.”
“The Kurdistan Region exports more oil than the proportion of its population in Iraq,” Abadi said. “This is not a claim or an estimate. It is rather based on official figures – although there are unofficial figures that the Region exports oil in other ways and I am not talking about this here, but it exists, too. I am talking about official figures for oil export through the Turkish pipeline. We are receiving the figures on daily and monthly bases for the oil exported through Ceyhan port. What the Region exports is more than its share, which is 17% of the oil. This means the situation of the Region should be better than Iraq’s in terms of the salaries.”
The Kurdistan Region exported an average of 587,646 barrels per day in November for a monthly total of 17,629,368 to Turkey’s Ceyhan port, earning a net income of $374.5 million. Figures for December have not been released yet.


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M Gonzales
M Gonzales | 4/1/2017
Refugees. How much for refugees? Bean's and bullets, the coalition helps but wars are expensive. How much do you pay the Shi'ite militia's again, remind me vs what you give for the peshmerga. How much have you given for refugees, Iraqi citizens I remind you to the KRG. As soon as you give the KRG all of the money from 2014 and the extra you skimmed since 2003 (12% vs 17%). And all the money you owe the peshmerga since 2003. And all the military equipment you withheld from the peshmerga. And 17% of Iraq's military equipment including fighter jets and tanks ONLY then should the KRG play you're game and open it's books.
bebegun | 4/1/2017
I'm sorry but Abadi 100% right on this one, how much are we making through "our" oil and gas export? how much are we making through the border crossings? The only reason to withhold or hide these figures is corruption theft and mismanagement, no other reason exists. Now they're talking about selling our national assets such as oil fields to Turkey! the people of Kurdistan will not accept such a thing.
PassingBy | 5/1/2017
And he's absolutely right, so many corrupt politicians are robbing Kurdish people of their money, Kurdistan is a rich region and yet this crisis shows you that Barzani's way of doing politics is wrong.
IranMan | 5/1/2017
I think congratulations are in order. SOME Kurds finally got the corrupt rulers they always wanted. With the abundance of corruption around I wonder if there was a need for KRG at all!
abadi iranian separatist | 5/1/2017
this bozo loser dork idiot is not even an arab nor an muslim and not even iraqi, but hes tounge is 15 feeeeeeeeeeeeeet long. go back to iran or pakistan where ever you came from. kurdish oil been stolen for the last 100 years by every lowlife scum of the earth u can imagine. hand over kurdish oil to anyone but these peasant iranian separatist in baghdad. thank you happy new year i love you all.

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Once the PKK is eliminated the Kurds in the region will prosper with new trade with Turkey. PKK is a huge problem for the Kurds, they're preventing...
Bradost | 10/19/2018 8:49:43 AM
I wonder why they chose Mergasor, Kani Rash in Bradost region would have made more sense!
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love Peshmerga, AK USA | 10/19/2018 1:16:18 AM
PUK always denies on every thing they do and what they say just like they denied giving kirkuk to Iraq regime also making thire frinds happy in Iran....
pete | 10/19/2018 6:39:44 AM
Both these parties are criminal organisations. They are the shame of Kurdistan. They make the Iraqi Kurds look like prehistoric fools to the...
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John Bird | 10/19/2018 3:27:59 AM
PUK is a great place for gangsters, hoodlums, mobsters, cutthroats, villains, bandits, crooks, racketeers and hooligans. But not for highly educated...
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Guest | 10/18/2018 1:49:48 PM
The individual who made a comment about the U.S. holding a gun to his head, doesn't understand what he is talking about. The U.S. government has...
Saad hussien | 10/19/2018 2:02:49 AM
Hello May you please send your email or atelephone no. To contact your company With my respect Eng. saad From CA/ USA
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