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PM Abadi says Iraq is walking towards unity, not a breakup

By Rudaw 8/3/2017
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaking at the Fifth Annual Sulaimani Forum at the American University of Sulaimani on Wednesday. Photo: PM Media Office
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaking at the Fifth Annual Sulaimani Forum at the American University of Sulaimani on Wednesday. Photo: PM Media Office
SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi expressed optimism for the unity of the nation post-ISIS, saying disputed areas will become agreed areas. 

“They said Iraq will never be back, it had already been divided. You know that there was a place where the [Kurdistan Region] was in control, and ISIS was between them and us. In the provinces of Anbar, Saladin, Diyala, and Mosul, ISIS was in control in those areas. And even the land road between Erbil and Baghdad was cut by ISIS. They said the breakup had already happened,” Abadi said during his address at the Fifth Annual Sulaimani Forum at the American University of Sulaimani on Wednesday.

“But now, we did not go back. We made progress forward with more unity. The Peshmerga are fighting together with us. Nobody in their right mind would have imagined that. And today, we are trying, instead of the disputed areas – a negative term – we will turn it into the agreed areas so that we rebuild and rule these areas together, God willing.”

Abadi said that unity imposed on Iraq from outside the country will not work, adding that the current unity in Iraq is “unity by the will of its people.” 

The disputed areas are regions described by Article 140 of Iraq’s constitution where both Erbil and Baghdad claim control. In the fight to oust ISIS from Iraq, Kurds have brought the majority of these disputed areas under their control. Kurdish authorities say they have extended their territories by as much as 40 percent since 2014. 

This situation on the ground and recent pro-independence rhetoric from Kurdish leaders stand in stark contrast to Abadi’s comments.

"The desire to keep the united Iraq is there, but the reality is that today Iraq is already divided by unsolvable problems,” President Masoud Barzani said in a recent interview with Italian newspaper La Stampa when asked whether Iraq will come out of the war against ISIS as a united state. 

“Too many massacres have occurred, leaving no room for reconciliation,” he said, noting that Iraq is divided along sectarian lines with 1,400 years of Sunni-Shia fighting. 

"The independence of Kurdistan would create an area of stability in this region. We have already seen too much blood and injustice,” Barzani said, adding that it was time to find a “new formula for co-existence.”

Speaking to the BBC in December last year, Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani described Iraq as a “failed state.”

He said that polarization was the norm and the central government had “failed to be a fair governor for all.”

According to Talabani, the process of declaring independence begins with discussion, “and that discussion has begun.”


PC | 9/3/2017
He's obviously living in his own bobble, the Americans and Iranians saved your fantasy land "Iraq" and that was for their own interest, if it were up to the people of this fake entity it would break up into 4-5 pieces. Keep postponing the inevitable and see where it will get you
rahim | 9/3/2017
It makes no commond sense when he is talking about unity , for the last 1400 years ago different branches of Islam especially Sunni and Shia are thirsty for each other blood and the present time speaks clearly. For the kurds we are secullar and we got nothing to do with their nonsense , we should announce Independent Kurdistan and stay away from those nonsense . This war between shia and sunni will continue for ever let each have their own state and wish each other the best without fight.
Brzoo  from Sulimani  Alan
Brzoo from Sulimani Alan | 9/3/2017
What is he talking about , he should not take any drugs when he is talking about serious matter.....
hemen | 9/3/2017
Agree with PC, the moron has barley gotten control of central Iraq back and thinks everything is A OK. He's been in power for 3 years and not addressed a single underlying issue that caused the rise of ISIS, which by the way are the SAME issues that through Iraqs short history (90 years) have caused numours unrests, coups, revolts, ethnic wars, secterian wars and so on.

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AzadAzadi | 2/17/2018 12:03:02 AM
CORRECTION……..(Please disregard my previous comment on this article. This is a corrected version )………………………Rudaw only publishes Turkish perspective...
FAUthman | 2/17/2018 6:28:48 PM
Azad Azadi, you make good points. Translator issue is no big deal, leaders want to talk confidentially and freely!
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 2/17/2018 4:39:35 PM
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FAUthman | 2/17/2018 6:10:23 PM
Only your last para is significant. Bla bla no real changes in positions. From the reports in the news three points stand out: 1- A committee is to...
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Dutchman | 2/17/2018 5:57:10 PM
Ischinger is right that the European Union should help creating peace in Syria. The best way to do that is by fully supporting the SDF, YPG and the...
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help the kurds | 2/17/2018 12:51:54 PM
We all know Turkey would use chemical weapons and lie about it, DOWN WITH TURKEY
Andrew | 2/17/2018 2:55:10 PM
Multiple Reports from around the World are saying Turkey's Government carried out this gas attack on Kurdish Civilians in Afrin!! I hope this isnt...
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