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Iraq takes new measures against Kurdistan, puts officials on trial for referendum

By Rudaw 9/10/2017
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi heads a meeting of the Iraqi National Security in Baghdad on October 9, 2017. It passed a set of new measures against the Kurdistan Region in response to holding the vote on independence last month. Photo: PM media office
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi heads a meeting of the Iraqi National Security in Baghdad on October 9, 2017. It passed a set of new measures against the Kurdistan Region in response to holding the vote on independence last month. Photo: PM media office
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq has filed a lawsuit through the office of the public prosecutor to put those officials on trial who arranged the independence referendum on September 25 despite the opposition of the Iraqi government and Iraq’s Supreme Court.

It also said that the Region’s multi-billion telecommunication companies should come under the full authority of the Iraqi government, though it already is.

The office of the Iraqi Prime Minister said in a statement that in addition to previous measures taken against Erbil with regard to “the illegitimate referendum,” the government’s National Security decided in its meeting on Monday to pass through new measures.

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi headed the meeting.

The statement said that they have followed up on the previous measures against the Kurdistan Region, all of which will continue to be in place including the controversial ban on international flights to and from the Kurdistan Region, in order to impose the authority of the federal government on the Kurdistan Region and the disputed or Kurdistani areas where the vote took place.

Iraq has said that they want the Kurdish government to cancel the outcome of the referendum before any talks take place between the two sides, something strongly rejected by Erbil.

Iraq had said earlier on September 24 that they will put those who conduct the Kurdish vote on trial, but today’s meeting said that they have now a “list of names” of “state employees within the Kurdistan Region” who stand accused of holding the referendum. It said they will take “legal measures” against them.

It is not clear whether the lawsuit includes the names of senior Kurdish officials, including President Masoud Barzani, neither is it clear whether it affects Kurdish employees who directly work for the Kurdish government.

The Kurdish election commission that is independent of the Iraqi election commission organized the vote, based on a decree signed by the Kurdish President and backed by the Kurdish parliament.

The new measures stipulate that the “networks of the communication for mobile phones should be under the authority of the federal authority and have to be transferred to Baghdad.”

Kurdistan’s Transport and Communication Minister Mawlud Bawa Murad told Rudaw on September 29 that the telecommunication industry is under the full authority of the Iraqi government, and his ministry has no authority over the Kurdish-owned companies who operate both in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region including the giant Asiacell and Korek Telecom.

Among other measures, Baghdad said that they will continue to investigate the bank accounts of the Kurdish government and those of its officials abroad, in particular with regard to the revenues from oil exports sold to international markets by the Kurdistan Region. It added they will do this in cooperation with the governments of Turkey and Iran, both of which have already said they will cooperate with Baghdad.

The oil-dependent Kurdistan Region exports its oil, estimated to be 650,000 barrels per day, through the Turkish-controlled Ceyhan pipeline.

Iraq has also demanded Turkey and Iran exclusively engage with Baghdad with regard to business matters, including oil exports.
The Kurdish government and parliament rejected all previous measures by Iraq while describing them as “collective punishment,” including those measures passed by Iraq’s National Security Council. 

The Kurdish parliament stated last month that Kurdistan has its own National Security Council and therefore disregards the decisions from the Iraqi one per the Iraqi constitution that gives priority to the laws of the Kurdistan Region. 


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gasolininkurdistan44 | 9/10/2017
Ooh boy when the corrupt iraqi gov has eaten up all kurdish achiviement by declaring "unconstitutional" referendum then they will take out the leadership all in the name of "constitione". Say hello to Iran . They are going to come after the leadership and crush the achiviement.. No matter if they themself has breached about 50 constituiton. All in the name af law that suits them. But hey? can anyone sue them for the breach? noooo because they are the goverment. Claiming israil in this is just a fine way of saying .. we have the right to grab everything yo uhave achivied.. But helping against ISIS that was not any involvement by any foregin country.. nooo that was from the kurds to give them a helping hand to save the iraq .. haha you should have learned that even the us has given you to them haha Lets embrace and salut to the american songs and anthem . HHAHHA.. The only way is force by now. Iraq will always treat you like cowshit.
Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 9/10/2017
The Arabic/Islamic way of resolving disputes will never change, nothing but threats, yelling and too many chiefs. At the end they it will be resolved the way they resolved Palestine and Syria.
A AMIN | 9/10/2017
Nouri Al Maliki should be the one put on trial for being in charge of an army that did not fight isis, instead they gave all their weapons to the terrorists. At best he was incompetent, at worst it really was treason. The second charge should be blatant discrimination against kurds and non sunni people in Iraq. All the kurds have done is ask the kurdish people their opinion.
duroi | 9/10/2017
Baghdad is wasting time. Next week Trump will declare war on Iran by designating IRGC as terrorists and Kurd regions of Iran will be used to overthrow Iran's Shiite regime, and after Iran next target will be Iraqi Shiites. Shiites can prevent such a scenario N O W by exchanging Kurdish areas in Iran (west of 48E mer-37N Par-46E Mer) with very oil rich Shiite Arab regions in Iraq (south of Dialeh and Anbar) and save their Shiite om-ol-qora حفظ نظام before it is really too late in Nov. Kurds in Iraq then can exchange Arab Sunni regions in Iraq with Kurdish regions in Syria and we will remember your good work and have your back when هوا پسه ... Do we have a deal?
Watching | 10/10/2017
It’s starting to cave in on the Kurds now and they have no one to blame but themselves and their naive, greedy leaders. When the (so called) Iraqis were weak on their knees only 3 years ago, they pleaded with the Kurds, who were dumb enough, to stay with them. That was the perfect time to leave as there would not even be a chance or will to fight from the oppressing Arabs as they were neck deep in s#*t, but instead the Kurds got greedy, getting better deals to stay in the so called country of Iraq. Anyone could have seen this coming. The Arabs were buying time to sort out their problems and build themselves up, which they have pretty much done now and the Kurds find themselves on the receiving end because they didn’t leave when they should have. As bad it’s getting now, with even the USA betrayal and insistence on forcefully keeping the unnatural and illegal Sykes-Picot borders and the so called countries they make up, now is still a better time than in 2 or 3 years when the Arabs will have built up their army further. Yet, the Kurds are still trying to negotiate their way out without understanding every day that goes by is worse for you. You want independence? Blood will be shed, simple as that. The Arab oppressors aren’t letting go of an inch of land that they (mistakenly) believe is theirs. You have voted for independence, what are you waiting for? You think the Arabs are going to gift wrap ‘their’ land and give it to you with a nice going away party??

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kurd | 2/25/2018 2:54:41 AM
why they did not protest when they lost Kerkok? it is weird kurds in iraq did not do anything when shias took over many kurdish areas, threw...
Azad Azadi | 2/25/2018 4:15:33 AM
Muraz Adzhoev..... What is "true protester"? is it Turkish attack on Rojava or Turkish operation ? is it Kurdish district or western Kurdistan ?...
People across Kurdistan Region protest ongoing Turkish attacks on Afrin
| 17 hours ago | (5)
No treason reaction? | 2/25/2018 3:25:05 AM
Among the Kurdish people, there is a surprising acceptance of treason. In any other country and among most suppressed people, there is only one way...
A Patriot | 2/25/2018 4:03:46 AM
Kosrat, we're behind you. It's really scary to think what would've happend (God forbid) if Hero and the rest of the bunch got hold of the power. May...
PUK’s Hero Ibrahim demands Kosrat Rasul act on congress date
| 20 hours ago | (4)
Rogério | 2/25/2018 12:38:50 AM
Kurds have to have more opinion, are intelligent but have to know how to decide. great fighters, but very submissive. I love you.
A Patriot. | 2/25/2018 4:01:32 AM
I really don't like that woman.
PUK leader accuses Hero Ibrahim Ahmed of provoking party rifts
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FAUthman | 2/24/2018 10:45:49 PM
Important BREAKING NEWS!!: "Kurdish SDF Forces to Pass Control Over Manbij to Syrian Army – Source"
Rogério | 2/25/2018 12:43:34 AM
Turks, cowards, will never be friendly like the Kurds.
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