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Abadi says he won’t cling to power

By Rudaw 13/9/2018
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaks at his weekly press conference in Baghdad on Thursday. Photo: Iraqi PM office
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi speaks at his weekly press conference in Baghdad on Thursday. Photo: Iraqi PM office
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he won’t cling to power amid growing opposition to him seeking a second term. 

“In three years alone, we built a professional protective army, prevented the division of the country and united it. Iraq was liberated from Daesh [ISIS] and imposed the authority of the state on all areas. We preserved national wealth, broke the barriers of sectarianism, and rectified our foreign relations,” tweeted Abadi’s media office on Thursday afternoon. 

All this was done without “clinging to power,” his office added. 

In what may be one of his final press conferences as prime minister, Abadi repeated the sentiment to reporters in Baghdad on Thursday evening. 

"Never did I ask to cling to power, or for a second term to be for us. I wasn't seeking a second term,” he said, explaining that he anticipated post-election rivalries and so resisted registering his Nasr alliance for the vote. 

"I went along with the current and I wish I hadn't,” he said. 

He took the opportunity to urge parties to speed up the process of electing the parliament speaker and subsequent naming of the president and prime minister. 

Abadi warned that political disputes could spill out onto the streets, creating instability and insecurity and could give space to terrorists to target civilians.

"Transition of power in Iraq needs to be peaceful, not through intimidation,” he said. 

Until this month, Abadi was the favourite to fill the premiership as parties vied to take control of the parliament after the May 12 election. 

His hopes for a second term, however, appear to have ended as multiple sides have laid at his feet blame for the government corruption and mismanagement that sparked a summer of deadly protests in the southern province of Basra. 

Among his detractors is the highest Shiite authority – the Marja – which did not name Abadi directly but said it would not support any of the established power players. 

“We are committed to constitutional measures and we respect the directives of the supreme religious Marja, and we heed it,” his office stated. 

Abadi’s own backer Muqtada al-Sadr’s Sayirun have lost faith in his ability to lead the country through the Basra crisis. 

The party of Sadr, a populist who has criticized the ruling elite, won the most votes in the election, but he announced he would take the position of opposition if his demands for the new government are not met. 

“We had agreed with the ‘seniors of Iraq’ to nominate multiple technocratic, independent individuals for the premiership based on a strictly Iraqi decision, with the candidate selecting his ministers apart from party, sectarian, and ethnic divisions, rather according to correct and acceptable standards based on specialization, expertise, and integrity,” he tweeted on Thursday. 

If this is rejected, Sadr said he will take the stance of opposition. 

Iraq’s parliament will sit on Saturday, a continuation of its delayed first session when it must elect a speaker, the first constitutionally-mandated step to forming the government. 

Updated at 11:48 pm


FAUthman | 13/9/2018
The Iraqi Shiaa having and abiding by their "Marjaia" as their guide is impressive!!
So he says that his main merit was having avoided the division of the country and having imposed his authority on all areas.Obviously he means the occupation of half the Kurdish territories.His language and action is pure violence and agressiion on Kurds and the denial of the Kurdish nation.It is about shere violent chauvinism . The Kurds will become free and have their well deserved KURDISH STATE.
The traitor Bafel Talabani has sold Kerkuk and other Kurdish lands to the enemy, he will pay for his treason ,and Kurdish territories will be freed and indepoendent despite all treaso and all conspiracies.The upcomming elections will cleans the Kurdish Paliament of those who betrayed Kurdistan.
degas | 14/9/2018
running back to uk hide in the council house living of british tax payers money.
FAUthman | 15/9/2018
Looks like Adel Abdul Mahdi is the choice to replace Abadi and become the next Iraqi prime minister in Baghdad. Good choice!

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