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Sadr calls for technocratic government in pun-heavy tweet

By Rudaw 14/5/2018
Iraqi Shiite cleric and leader Moqtada al-Sadr inside a polling station in the central holy city of Najaf on May 12, 2018. Photo: Haidar Hamdani / AFP
Iraqi Shiite cleric and leader Moqtada al-Sadr inside a polling station in the central holy city of Najaf on May 12, 2018. Photo: Haidar Hamdani / AFP
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, whose al-Sayirun coalition is emerging as the surprise winner of Iraq’s parliamentary election, appeared to call for the formation of a technocratic government in a pun-laden tweet on Monday. 

In a clever play on words using the names of several parties and coalitions, Sadr seemed to call for a nonpartisan, cross-sectarian government. 

“We are Sayirun (Marching) with Hikma (Wisdom) and Watanyah (Patriotism) so that the Iradah (Will) of the people be our aim and to build Jilan Jadidan (a New Generation) and to witness Taghir (Gorran/Change) to the better and for the Al-Qarar (Decision) to be Iraqi,” the tweet on his official account reads.

“So we raise the Bayariq (Banners) of Al-Nasr (Victory), and let Baghdad, the capital, be Hawiyatuna (Baghdad Is Our Identity) and for our Hirakuna (Movement) Democratic (possibly KDP) towards the formation of a paternal government from technocratic Kawadur (Cadres) without partisanship,” the tweet adds.

It is not clear whether Sadr deliberately omitted the PUK, the KIU, and Hashd al-Shaabi’s al-Fatih. 

Al-Sayirun (Marching Towards Reform), is a coalition of Sadr’s supporters, some secularists, and the Iraqi Communist Party. According to preliminary election results, the alliance has won the most seats, followed by al-Fatih, pushing Haider al-Abadi’s Nasr (Victory) Alliance into third place.

Sadr has long called for a technocratic government in Iraq.

Some have interpreted Sadr’s tweet as a statement of intent to form a roughly cross-sectarian, all-inclusive coalition government.

The proponents of Shia majoritarianism – namely Abadi’s Nasr (Victory) Alliance and Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law of Coalition – performed poorly in Saturday’s election. 


Karen Holmes | 15/5/2018
The Iraq War devolved not as a war, but as a genocide, and it put Iraq into a state of crisis. When you are in crisis, you lose your identity. For example, if you have cancer, you are no longer yourself. You become a cancer patient. Genocides are based on weaving an illusion, and so how do you overcome the effects of the illusion and to find a new identity? For many years, you will be working to find your national identity, but there is a nation that is one step ahead of Iraq in overcoming a horrific genocide, and that is the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are not yet through their crisis, but they can demonstrate to the people of Iraq how to move forward in your progress.
5star canadian general | 15/5/2018
finally someone qualified educated in karbala who believes in democratic values gets the chance to protect us from trump tyranny
modern turkish man | 15/5/2018
the persian mullahs dont like him he looks too westernized too much shaved
Anon | 15/5/2018
Kill all Clerics and imams.
Maybeso | 16/5/2018
@Karen, Interesting observation from you about genocide and identity, and victims of Genocide not being themselves. The Kurdish Genocide, which threatens Kurds' very existence by murder, oppression and suppression, must be acknowledged and challenged sooner or later by the international community. Or else, the Genocide will succeed. Without outside interference (a new factor coming in), it will just continue. Meanwhile, the ordinary victims are in a Catch 22 situation, where they're not able to even sometimes see objectively the humiliation their are in, let alone be able to come out of it and be whole again. As you'd know, the victim lacks self-worth because his autonomy has been violated and he no longer has his private/personal boundary that every free person naturally has and that is normally regarded as "sacred". Autonomy is security and power. Lacking that (control), the victim tends towards aggression and conflict. The solution in the Middle East, therefore, is setting boundaries between conflicting groups, determining by international law that they would respect each other's BOUNDARIES, which would make it possible for the victim /individual (and societies) to "turn inwards" and start building up and healing. Here, the international assistance is THE factor that breaks the otherwise impossible Catch-22 situation.

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Happy Iranian New Year!
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@ashoor Thanks Ashoor jan, Wish you health and happiness.
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