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Iraqi border guards to be stationed on Turkish border to ‘prevent breaches’: Abadi

By Rudaw 16/9/2018
Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. AP photo.
Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. AP photo.
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi federal border guards are to be stationed along the Iraq-Turkey border to “prevent breaches” and document airspace violations, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has announced. The Foreign Ministry will report such violations to the UN. 

Abadi's office made the announcement following a meeting of the Council of Ministers on Sunday. 

“The commander in chief of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi, held a meeting this evening with the Ministerial Council for National Security, and topics on the agenda were discussed, first among them sustaining stability and security and bringing Iraqi borders under control,” reads a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Turkey and Iran have repeatedly launched airstrikes, missile attacks, and troop incursions inside Iraqi and Kurdistan Region territory. Kurdish opposition groups have also established bases inside Kurdistan Region territory. 

The Kurdistan Region stretches across the entire length of Iraq and Turkey's shared border, meaning any plan to station federal guards there would require negotiations with Erbil. 

Last updated 10.50 p.m.


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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 16/9/2018
"The Foreign Ministry will report such violations to the UN" ... Abadi has a promising post-political career on a late-night TV comedy show.
Tama | 16/9/2018
To document violations? The Turks and Iranians don't exactly hide that they're bombing the border regions with Kurdistan. In fact they brag about it on the front page of their media. Their military in both countries officially announces it each time they violate Kurdistans border. So WTF are you going to "document"?. Or is it to give them intelligence on where to bomb? like you did in Shengal with the PKK commander you helped the Turks to assassinate?
Outsider | 17/9/2018
Who does he wants to control? The Turks... or more likely the Kurds...
Sam | 17/9/2018
Doesn’t require negotiations with anyone . These are federal personal meaning they have a right to be at the borders at per the constitution . Who do you think is going the salaries of the surrwnr border guards at ibrahim Khalil ?
Unite | 17/9/2018
Don't panic. There is a powerful Kurdish president in Iraq. He will protect Kurdistan the same way he protected Kirkuk and other disputed Kurdish territories.

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Luigi Palermo | 1/14/2019 2:28:55 PM
The Turks are now behaving like the Nazis of the years 1935-1945. The Turks want to exterminate all Kurds just like what the Nazis did to the...
Joe Vito | 1/20/2019 3:22:31 PM
The Kurds are God's war heroes, they are the only foot soldiers on the ground fighting Isis in Syria. They saved countless Christians and Yezidi's...
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Bakir Lashkari | 1/20/2019 12:43:54 PM
Quite interesting demands from The Turkemenen in Kirkuk, which they might be representing less than 5% from the total population, where as more than...
Hansi Oemerian | 1/20/2019 3:11:15 PM
So despite the Kurds being an overwhelming majority they should be giving only the same amount of power as the rest of the minorities in Kirkuk. Has...
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Joe | 1/19/2019 11:35:03 PM
Erdogan is the most evil man on the planet. The world turned a blind eye when he bombed Kurdish towns in Turkey, killing many Kurds. He got away...
Joe Vito | 1/20/2019 3:10:39 PM
Erdogan has one goal, to genocide the Kurds in Northern Syria and to oppress the Kurds living in Turkey. He bombed the towns of his own people in...
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Arjun. | 1/20/2019 1:29:22 PM
Please no. Don’t bring that feminist crap to kurdistan. Feminism is man hating. Look at what’s happening in the west. Feminism is cancer.
Kikan | 1/20/2019 2:49:48 PM
The west have been pushing this agenda for decades and look at the results . Low birth rate , women are more lonely than ever , single motherhood and...
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