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UN: ISIS sharia courts meting out ‘cruel and inhuman’ punishments

By Rudaw 21/1/2015
A photo from a jihadi website shows ISIS capturing Iraqi soldiers. AP file photo.
A photo from a jihadi website shows ISIS capturing Iraqi soldiers. AP file photo.

LONDON - The United Nations said Tuesday that the Islamic State has been meting out “cruel and inhuman” punishments against scores of men, women and children in areas under its control, especially in Iraq.

“Those who are punished are accused of ‘violating the group’s extremist interpretations of Islamic shari’a law or for suspected disloyalty,’” said Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) at a news briefing in Geneva.

She cited “the ruthless murder of two men, who were thrown off the top of a building after having been accused of homosexual acts by a so-called court in Mosul,” as one of the punishments carried out by so-called Sharia courts set up in territories in Syria and Iraq controlled by the insurgent group that is known as ISIS or ISIL.

She said that was “another terrible example of the kind of monstrous disregard for human life that characterized ISIL’s reign of terror over areas of Iraq that were under the group’s control.”

Her statement noted photos posted by ISIS on the web of two men being “crucified” after they were accused of robbery. They were hung up by their arms and then shot dead. Photos were also posted of a woman being stoned to death, allegedly for adultery, the statement added, noting that educated women have been especially at risk of being singled out for punishment.

“OHCHR has received numerous other reports of women who had been executed by ISIL in Mosul, Iraq, and other areas under the group’s control, often immediately following sentences passed by its ‘shari’a courts,” the top UN official for human rights noted.

“Educated, professional women, particularly women who had run as candidates in elections for public office seem to be particularly at risk. In just the first two weeks of the year, reports indicated that three female lawyers were executed,” Shamdasani said.

It also cited the case of four doctors who were recently killed in central Mosul, allegedly after refusing to treat ISIS fighters. On 1 January, ISIL reportedly executed 15 civilians from the Jumaili Sunni Arab tribe in al-Shihabi area, Garma district, Fallujah.

“They were apparently shot dead in front of a large crowd for their suspected cooperation with Iraqi Security Forces. In another incident, on 9 January, ISIL executed at least 14 men in a public square in Dour, north of Tikrit, for refusing to pledge allegiance to it,” according to Shamdasani.

She said OHCHR also had been following reports of the release of a group of sick and elderly Yazidis, which included accounts that a ransom was paid. 


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Kurdish Patriot | 21/1/2015
Duh!! Thanks for noticing and recognising....Your so called Human Rights, does not apply to people in the Middle East, it only applies to those who made the Human Rights which only applies to them...yes their human rights, not ours. By the time you recognise anything we would all be wiped out. As if one rape or killing isn't enough!! Stupid! What was I thinking of? 😠🔫💉🌍🙈🙉🙊💀💩. And to all those Islamaphobes , how could you stand there and watch innocent people getting killed (just because they are ordinary Muslims or live in Muslim country), whilst they stand up against Islamic terrorists which YOU funded and supported their leaders who deeply hate Kurds...YES YOU!!! 👺👹 the real devil!!
Boots On The Ground | 21/1/2015
The I.S. territorial ambition has no limits.They vow to raise their black flag on Downinig Street and on the White House.The answer to that is: No boots on the ground.No boots on the ground means we are immune to the IS threat,and we are unimpressed by these saufferings in the Middle East as long as that do not happen to us;we do not feel concerned.A racist misconception, or a scared political elite.Don't forget that they occupied the Iberian peninsula from the year 711 aC.till 1492.
kurt basar | 21/1/2015
Welcome to the Middle East, the Saudi Arabia because of their Sharia law recently beheaded a woman as well as others by amputating their hands, I wonder what OHCHR will do about them? or what will they do about Turkish refusal to release dying sick innocent Kurdish political prisoner or for the Iranians who are hanging young innocent Kurdish political prisoner daily without trail? I would like to see the OHCHR go after the Bashar Essad and supporters and creator of the ISIS who are the Sunni Arab kingdoms and Turkey, then I believe they are serious otherwise please sit down and drink your single malt scotch and shut up. As far as the ISIS criminal concern, all the world knows what they are doing, but to this day still refusing to arm the Kurd's because of the turkey and Saudi Arabia, because both of them don't want to see an independent Kurdistan otherwise the ISIS Muslim criminal savages would be eliminated long time ago.
Herodotus On Islamist State | 21/1/2015
This is only a foretaste of what they are going to do in london,Paris,Berlin ,the Vatican, Pekin and Washington.They will do not spare anybody,anything good or beutiful:museums,churches ,temples,ancient buildings,libraries,people of every age and condition...-So would write Herodotus in some few years,or months.
World Leaders | 21/1/2015
They say Islam is universal.Do world leaders understand what realy that means ?.

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