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The mark of Cain: Young boy describes ISIS father as animal, a savage

By Rudaw 26/7/2017
Inside al-Shahama camp near Tikrit hundreds of women and children are kept behind barbed wires and watched round the clock by security forces. They are families of ISIS fighters who have fled Mosul and other areas during battle.

Some of the families here, especially 14-year-old Muhammad, are full anger at their fathers for “destroying their lives”

Muhammad says that his father was cruel with him and his siblings. The father also forcefully married the 16-year-old sister to another ISIS militant.

What is as painful as suffering under ISIS rule, Muhammad and his mother say, is being associated with ISIS and seen as a threat and a curse by others in the camp.

The authorities at the camp say all families must be scrutinized in a computer system to make sure they do not pose a threat to the country and others in the camp after being under ISIS for three years.


Nick | 26/7/2017
I think that what the ISF are doing is prudent. After all, there have been female suicide bombers so it only makes sense that all Mosul residents are scrutinized.
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 27/7/2017
How about a bit of historical fact? ... Today, the Mennonites and the Quakers are peaceful, pacifist. However, neither began that way. ... The ancestors of the Mennonites were the violent anarchists of the German Peasant's War of 1525. Martin Luther utterly crushed them, and as a survival tactic, the remnants turned peaceful. ... The Quakers came out of a particularly violent and self-righteous element of Oliver Cromwell's army. Cromwell nearly exterminated them. Those who survived, driven underground, became the Quakers.
Make sense | 27/7/2017
Yes it make sense to scrutinize the isis family. But it's also the case of the sin of the father is visited upon the family. Either way it's prudence to ensure that they are no sympathizer and a register should be made to ensure no isis get through. Remember Baghdad daily car bombing not so long ago. VBIED is still going on but lass numeral.
Louise | 3/8/2017
These children are innocent. What their ignorant fathers did was not their choice. Free them and let them live their lives.
Louise | 20/8/2017
Make sense - the sin of their father is visited upon the family? Where I come from you are innocent until proven guilty. The sin is their father's not theirs. Where is the fairness and sympathy for these children and they are only children.

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Argushi, USA | 10/19/2017 9:47:07 AM
Wow this young men has made history. this is why the world respect kurds. but unfortunately when when we need the world they are no where to be seen...
Atsiravla Ekroy | 10/19/2017 2:19:56 PM
At least he stands for something!
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A. | 10/19/2017 11:33:42 AM
Has Iraq a court? wow what kind of justice do they have there? Lol! Shut uuup Iraqi bullshiters. /Sincerley everyone on this planet
Long live Kosrat | 10/19/2017 12:28:28 PM
God bless Kosrat Rasul, Iraq's high court should issue an arrest of Al Abadi for letting Hashed to loot, rape, murder and humiliate Kurds in Kirkuk,...
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Darwin | 10/19/2017 12:22:01 PM
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