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Russian forces deployed to deconflict between YPG and FSA

By Rudaw 6/9/2017
Russian forces arriving to deconflict in northern Syria. Photo: YPG
Russian forces arriving to deconflict in northern Syria. Photo: YPG
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Russian Military Police have been deployed to maintain a deconfliction zone and prevent clashes between Kurdish forces and Turkish-backed forces in northern Syria.

Turkey and its allied Free Syrian Army (FSA) elements stepped up activities around Afrin canton and al-Shahba province over the summer, resulting in frequent and sometimes deadly clashes with the Kurdish YPG and local forces. 

“[T]o prevent provocations and possible conflicts between the FSA units in the north of Syria and the Kurdish militia, the deconfliction zone in the Tell Rifaat area was established under the auspices of the Russian centre for reconciliation,” Col. Gen. Sergei Surovikin, commander of Russian forces in Syria, said in a press briefing on Wednesday.

Tell Rifaat is located about 25 kilometres north of Aleppo. 

The YPG had announced last week that a deal was in place for Russia to “maintain security” in the area, deploying military observers to Afrin and al-Shahba in northwestern Syria. 

Syrian army forces “replaced the Kurdish armed formations that had left this region,” Surovikin explained. “To preclude possible provocations, and maintain the cease-fire regime in the deconfliction zone, the Russian Military Police unit has been deployed in the area.”

This is not the first time Kurdish forces have coordinated with Russia to ease tensions or create a buffer with the Turkish army and FSA elements in northern Syria. In March, control of several villages near Manbij was handed over to Syrian forces in a deal brokered by Russia.


crazy_tarkan | 6/9/2017
it is chess game. but i am surprised especially Aydinlik movement was so assertive and happy and claiming turkey attack afrin and derail western countries. they are obsessed with asia brick countries. all of sudden Russia deployed it peace soldier to stop conflict and aydinlik movement even did not publish any news about it... do you think China is so eager to give a hug to Turkey. temporarily may be but in fact when you watch old turkish movie TARKAN, you see how nationalist turks hate china and russia. they have movies about moscov and uprising oh seyh samil. .. may be turkish politicians already warmed up idea of federal syria Rojava state after can not change mind of usa. they are just want to try everything just in case nobody call them traitor. they will say we tried everything but we could not stop usa in history books.
Kurdo | 8/9/2017
Its sad that turks and kurds could not make a deal. Kemalists have been working against kurds since day one and now they are vanishing like the shah of Iran. The future of Turkey Will be like Iran.
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Johnny Bud
Johnny Bud | 9/21/2017 10:23:36 PM
Im glad these terrorists were exterminated :)
Azad | 9/22/2017 4:13:05 AM
This article is interesting 1- The article starts with Kurdish Government not Kurdistan government. Looks more like a page from Turkish press. 2- Who...
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kurt basar | 9/21/2017 7:59:39 PM
As a Turk he is for the Kurd's more than most of the Kurd's, because of that he was in the Turkish terror state jail for a long time, I salute him as...
Remo K | 9/22/2017 4:05:33 AM
I agree with Ismail 110%. The history gave us another chance to establish an independent Kurdistan for our children and grand children and no country...
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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 9/21/2017 9:05:24 PM
Verrrry interesting food for thought (and it led me to discover Akhmetov's articles on RussiaDirect) .... Yes, to traditionalist Russian eyes,...
As expected | 9/22/2017 12:52:21 AM
Russia is unfortunately against Kurdish Independence just like the USA.
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Abduljabbar Abduljabbar | 9/21/2017 12:53:07 PM
To whom are concern Your website which is Is not working So how can we register
Sherwan jalal | 9/21/2017 11:48:02 PM
Referendum e-vote registration begins for diaspora
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