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Erdogan: Turkish troops surround Afrin, may enter city at any moment

By Rudaw 9/3/2018
A sign reads 'Welcome to the city of Afrin' in Kurdish and Arabic, in northwestern Syria's Aleppo province in late February 2018.
A sign reads 'Welcome to the city of Afrin' in Kurdish and Arabic, in northwestern Syria's Aleppo province in late February 2018.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - Turkish troops and their Syrian allies have surrounded the city of Afrin and are ready to “enter at any moment” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed on Friday, saying Manbij would be next.

“Right now, Afrin city center is surrounded," state-run Anadolu Agency quoted Erdogan as saying at the inauguration of the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party’s Politics Academy in Ankara.

"We're in Afrin today, Manbij tomorrow," Erdogan claimed, adding they would not stop until they have reached the Iraqi border. 

"We will make sure the east of the Euphrates until the Iraqi border is cleansed of every terrorist group," he said referring to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG). 

In the meantime, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara and Washington have reached an understanding over Manbij and the eastern side of the Euphrates in Syria. 

Cavusoglu also added that Turkey and the U.S. agreed on issues about Manbij and the east of Euphrates.

He added he would meet with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on March 19.

Turkish forces and their Syrian proxies have taken control of the dam that is the major water source for Afrin and claim to have reached the boundaries of the city, state media reported. 

Turkey on Thursday took control of a fifth town, now controlling five towns in the Kurdish enclave: Jandaris, Bulbul, Shera, Rajo, and Sheikh Hadid.  

UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has called on the United Nations to open a humanitarian corridor to allow the civilian population to flee. 

A UN estimate has put the population of Afrin at around 323,000.
Many people have been displaced in Syria’s north-western corner. They have moved from the outer regions towards the centre, blaming Turkish bombardments and lack of basic necessities for pushing them out of their homes.  

Media linked to the Kurdish YPG forces reported heavy clashes and Turkish airstrikes on multiple fronts on Friday morning, killing several civilians. 

The Observatory reported 199 civilian deaths in Afrin as of Thursday. 

Turkish officials have denied the deaths of civilians in the offensive that began on January 20.

Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin with the stated aim of clearing “terrorists” from its borders. Ankara alleges the YPG and YPJ and the ruling PYD are branches of the PKK, a named terror organization. The Kurdish groups deny the charge. 

The YPG has slammed what they describe as global silence on the military offensive. “This people will forgive, but will never forget the invaders and their crime partners.”


Last updated at 10:35 p.m.


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Baxtiar | 9/3/2018
Shame on you America and Russia! It was your responsibility to protect the brave Kurds. No one deserve to get sold like this. Its perversion at its highest level!
United we stand? | 9/3/2018
The famous Kurdish poet once wrote “yan hun e bibin yek, yan hun e herin yek bi yek”. Now, when the dogs are at your gate and you have once again lost an opportunity because you have greedy selfish leaders, where are the innocent Kurds to find safety and freedom? You are isolated political parties, some are even religious parties seeking the brother hood of other Muslims. Only Kurdistani and those that seek a free and independent Kurdistan will have a place in the future Kurdistan!
COMMUNIST | 9/3/2018
Guest | 9/3/2018
It's one thing to be at the gate, or occupy a position. It's quiet another thing to have conquered and won. The people of Afrin, and the world, recognize what is happening in Afrin. Erdogan is leading thousands to their deaths all in the interest trying to rouse public support for himself in the upcoming election. Once he is removed from power, the people of Turkey need to try him for his crimes and serve him with an appropriate punishment.
pre-Boomer Marine brat | 9/3/2018
The first "red apple" is about to be plucked.

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pre-Boomer Marine brat | 4/22/2018 6:01:09 PM
As in the Thirties, the knee-jerk American response to serious internal strife is to pull back into the turtle shell of isolationism. It does not...
US has critical role to play in post-war Syria: Macron
| 15 hours ago | (1)
Richard | 4/22/2018 3:36:45 PM
If the readers of Rudaw are aware of the payments then I am pretty sure that the Iraqi PM is also aware ;-) This MP sounds like she is a spokesperson...
Renas | 4/22/2018 5:08:39 PM
As long as you are economically dependent of other you will not be free. Kurdistan should be able to even produce its own weapon, but you are asking...
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| 22 hours ago | (7)
Joe | 4/22/2018 2:46:49 PM
Wonder land, banana really makes me laugh with a big question mark hovering over my head, how and for how long will the international...
Hassan | 4/22/2018 4:17:21 PM
Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Belgium should identify every Erdogan snake and send them to their master. How do these countries actually endure...
Turkey accuses Austria, Holland of ‘poisoning democratic values’
| yesterday at 12:02 | (10)
Sharid amiri | 4/22/2018 3:27:20 PM
As an american with kurdish ancestary, I support an independent Kurdistan south, north, east and west. God bless the United States and the kurdish...
Joe | 4/22/2018 3:33:59 PM
The muslim kurds have to realize that they are merely wood for fire to be used by the natinals around them, when turkey was on a verge to colapse...
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