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Rudaw journalists released from detention in Rojava

By RÛDAW 9/5/2015
Rudaw reporter Azad Jimkari. Rudaw photo.
Rudaw reporter Azad Jimkari. Rudaw photo.

Erbil, Kurdistan Region – Two Rudaw journalists were detained by Kurdish security forces on Saturday in the Syrian town of Gerki Lage while covering a demonstration over the death of Farinaz Khosrawani, a Kurdish hotel maid who died in unexplained circumstances this week in Iran. 

Rudaw TV reporter Azad Jimkari and his cameraman Tariq Shukri were ushered away by security forces without explanation during a demonstration organized by the Kurdish Women's Union- Syria in the ethnically Kurdish region of Syria known to Kurds as Rojava. The woman's group had gathered to call for justice in the case that sparked rioting and led to 25 casualties in the Iranian Kurdish city of Mahabad on Thursday.

The journalists were reportedly released after several hours in police custody.

The Rudaw Media Network condemns the behavior of the Gerki Lage security forces and demands no further interference from local authorities. 

This is not the first time Rudaw jouralists have been obstructed in areas of Rojava under the leadership of the Democratic Union Party-Syria.

Meanwhile, tensions are still underway in the ethnically Kurdish city of Mahabad, Iran, where protesters torched a hotel over the unexplained death of Farinaz Khosrawani. Protests have sprung up in other Kurdish cites in Turkey, Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan. 


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Shame | 9/5/2015
What about doctors in zahxo getting thrown out for helping wounded YPG fighters in shingal. What about YPG fighters being jailed in Duhok. If you are gonna give Rojava a bad name, watch the actions of Bashur(KRG) The adminstration in Rojava and KRG only thinking about them selfs. We kurds have to unity and stop following parties.
Bawan | 9/5/2015
I think it was unesessary to publish a whole article just because they were detained and questioned for a few hours. I do agree that it's a big shame if they did it for political reason's, which is not unheard of in Rojava, they will have to learn to respect freedom of press and other opinions.
New Rules | 9/5/2015
Political parties are partitionning our country.Some of those parties are no more Kurdish and they have discovered a new identity,the so-called Middle-East identity.The new phylosophy of Imrali is against establishing a Kurdish state and against the words"Kurd" and "Kurdistan".Next time if Rudaw goes to Rojava it must say it worships the Middle-East identity of the wali of Imrali.Otherwise it will be in danger,perhaps it will face capital punishment.The journalists should also have moustaches like those of great leader Ocalan,which will help a lot.You have to get some ideological training too.Like American -Indians, also paint your front and cheeks with the leader's latest flag colours.So perhaps you will be safe.For your safety,do not utter one single Kurdish word,you will be safe if speaking Arabic or Turkish.
Power Hungry PKK | 9/5/2015
Why does the PKK always seek to monopolize power, even using extreme violence against kurds whenever they feel their personal power threatened??? If PKK monopolizes power in Kurdistan (just like commies monopolized power in Russia) then we will become a failed state of drunkards and bandits (like Russia). PKK cares only for its own power.
Rizgar | 9/5/2015
still Stalin a live in Rojava

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