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Syrian militias arrest, kill Kurds accused of YPG ties in Afrin: monitor

By Rudaw 13/4/2018
YPG fighters in the outskirts of the Kurdish canton of Afrin. Photo: YPG media/File
YPG fighters in the outskirts of the Kurdish canton of Afrin. Photo: YPG media/File
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Looting, killing, use of torture, and efforts towards demographic change continue in Afrin almost one month after the Kurdish canton was seized by Turkish forces and their allied Syrian militias, according to a conflict monitor.

Some eighty people have been arrested in Afrin since March 18, when the city fell to Turkey, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Friday, adding that “the fate of dozens of them remain unknown.”

International agencies estimate that 50,000 to 70,000 people remained in Afrin.

The UK-based Observatory described the reported arrests as a “trade” business for the Syrian militias. Civilians and members of the Kurdish armed forces YPG are arrested and then demanded to pay for their release. 

The Observatory reported that some civilians have been killed, stating that the latest victim was “a young man who… was suffering from mental disorders.” He was arrested on the pretext of having links to the PKK.

The monitor published photos showing the man had been severely beaten. 

Media with ties to the Kurdish groups in Rojava reported that the man had been tortured by Syrian militias after he voiced objections to their actions in Afrin. 

ANF identified the victim as Fereh El Din Mihemed Osman from the Jandaris region of southwestern Afrin. His home had reportedly been looted and he was tortured and killed when he asked for the return of his property. 

Turkey has repeatedly denied it targets civilians throughout its military campaign and has vowed to punish those who have looted Kurdish homes and businesses. 

Turkish leaders have also denied Kurdish claims that they want to bring demographic change to the Kurdish-majority canton. 

Kurds, however, have complained about the Turkish flag and images of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that have appeared in canton. A photo recently shared on social media appears to show Kurdish signage at Afrin’s main hospital has been removed and replaced with Turkish alongside Arabic. 

Turkey considers the YPG and the ruling political party, PYD, in Rojava as branches of the PKK, a named terror organization. Ankara characterized its military operation in Afrin as a counter-terror one. 
The YPG and PYD groups deny the terror charge and insist they are distinct from the PKK. 

More than 137,000 civilians from Afrin are currently displaced, most living in the Tal Rifaat area where conditions are difficult. Many families are sleeping in the open, restricted from entering regime-held territory in Aleppo and unable to return to their homes.


Azad | 13/4/2018
Go sacrifice you live for Israel and Trump you will be used by them and a oppurtunuty for us to get ride if you.
Outsider | 14/4/2018
How can you cimplain about something you have done for the past 7 years (and still do in other areas)?????? So YPG is distinct from PKK... ok we all know the "similarities"...please can someone explain me the distinction? Every Kurd I know does not make ANY distinction...and YPG too dis not until the US turned up... What is the distinction???
Peter | 14/4/2018
Turkey is part of the larger network of ISIS, a Salafi terrorist state whose dictator is a radical member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The YPG represent the future - democracy, human rights, gender equality, and the separation of religion from politics. In any case, the YPG is not the PKK, and neither the YPG nor the PKK are terrorist in any way. The only countries in the World who list PKK as terrorist are Turkey, and a handful of Western countries which profit by selling Turkey weapons against international law. The United Nations considers the PKK fully legal, as do 95% of the countries in the World. So do the European Courts. I wish victory to PKK in Turkey, YPG in Syria, and PJAK in Iran. Good luck Kurds. Erdogan must be arrested.
anon | 28/4/2018
its obvious where the order to kidnap people are coming from, and if i have to spell it out, its turkey.
kurd | 29/4/2018
three years ago, the same " freedom fighters" YPG , killed more than 60 arabs and paraded them on teh streets in Afrin. why did not anyone of you who talk about freedom and democracy, object to this despicable act by YPG? so when kurds kill other , it is fine and should be celebrated. but when other kill kurds, it is a crime and should be condemned. what a funny logic

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