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US confirms strikes against pro-Syrian regime forces near Iraq-Jordan border

By Rudaw 18/5/2017
US Marines patrol near al-Waleed in Iraq in 2017. Photo: US DoD
US Marines patrol near al-Waleed in Iraq in 2017. Photo: US DoD
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The US-led international coalition has confirmed that it struck Syrian pro-regime forces near the Syrian border area of Al-Tanf close to Jordan and Iraq.

"[On Wednesday (local time)] the Coalition struck Syrian pro-regime forces advancing in a deconfliction zone near At Tanf posing a threat to US partner forces," the US-led Coalition wrote in a tweet. "This was despite Russian attempts to dissuade pro-regime movement towards At Tanf, Coalition aircraft's show of force and warning shots."

The US has been backing the Maghawir and Jaysh al-Thawra fighters in the near the Syria, Jordan, Iraq border. The area is called al-Waleed in Iraq.

“We notified the coalition that we were being attacked by the Syrian army and Iranians in this point and the coalition came and destroyed the advancing convoy,” Reuters quoted Muzahem al-Saloum from Maghawir al-Thawra as saying.

A CNN reporter in Washington that was briefed by US officials said a convoy of 20 pro-regime vehicles was headed toward Al-Tanf on Wednesday vehicles, searching vehicles and buildings along the way. The official claimed that 13 of the vehicles breached the "de-confliction zone" around the base that is the area that the coalition has communicated to the Russians to stay away from. 

It was not immediately clear if the strikes hit Syrian government forces or their proxies.

Plans to establish de-confliction zones for Syria were guaranteed by Iran, Russia and Turkey in their most recent peace talks in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Turkish foreign ministry stated the details of the de-confliction zones would be set forth in a working group established between the tripartite.

The talks were also attended by representatives from the United Nations, United States and Jordan.

Prior to Astana on May 2, US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the telephone about the possibility of creating “included the discussion of safe, or de-escalation, zones to achieve lasting peace for humanitarian and many other reasons," according to a White House readout.

The de-confliction zones are yet to be brought to a vote in the United Nations security council.


fermin | 18/5/2017
Not exactly shocking that Iran is trying to ruin the Russian/Turkish agreement of deconfliction zones in Syria, what's really interesting here is that the US inforced it, hitting and destroying the Iranian convoy. That means the United States sent Iran a clear massage that they will not be allowed to derail any new agreements from now on. What's not clear is if Assad wanted this or not, he tends to go more with the Iranians than the Russians so he most likely gave the green light.
Dutchman | 18/5/2017
Now Assad and his evil friends have seen an example of what will happen if they try to enter SDF territory.
Non kurd | 19/5/2017
Good...the Assad terror regime and his Iranian friends ought to be wiped out totally.

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kurt basar | 2/19/2018 6:23:18 AM
Self defense? what a Shameless liar, Turkish terror state is occupier's of the Kurdish land & eternal enemies of the Kurd's, because of that Turks,...
Ankara using ‘legitimate right of self-defense’ in Afrin, Turkish FM tells MSC
| 4 hours ago | (1)
help the kurds | 2/18/2018 2:28:46 PM
Lets hope they stay and not turn there back on the Kurds.
Hamiad Kirkiuki | 2/19/2018 6:00:45 AM
As a KURD,, living in USA for past 42 years ::.. I do NOT trust American at all..
How long will the United States stay in Rojava?
| yesterday at 10:50 | (3)
Non kurd | 2/19/2018 1:13:09 AM
This is a sign that ypg is being wiped out in Afrin and they are so desperate for help!
KRG MUST INTERVENE | 2/19/2018 2:27:28 AM
Unfortunate, that the Syrian government has to intervene. If only the KRG opened the border to Rojava, to send weapons and supplies, then maybe The...
Kurdish politician: Syrian forces to enter Afrin tomorrow
| 20 hours ago | (16)
Suli | 2/17/2018 12:19:44 PM
They need younger and new faces who are honest and not the same old face that lied was corrupt. Don't send again your old guard send fresh people...
Azad Azadi | 2/19/2018 1:51:34 AM
as long as Talabani family has a control in PUK, it will only gets worst. They are lying. If they truly mean what they say, The entire leadership...
PUK plans party ‘renewal’ to appeal to new generation
| 16/2/2018 | (4)

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