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Hundreds protest in Rojava against PYD arrest of Kurdish leaders

By Rudaw 18/8/2016

Hundreds of protesters staged peaceful demonstrations this week across Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) to protest the arrest of Kurdish National Council (KNC, ENKS) officials by security forces of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).


Civilians took to streets in several cities and towns of Cizire canton. 


Qamishli saw the largest protests, where demonstrators arrived with banners and placards condemdning the PYD action against the KNC.


“We took to the streets today to condemn the PYD policies against ENKS in Rojava. Our council is recognized by the Kurdish nation and our slogans represent the interests of our nation,” said Abdulqadir Khalil, a member of the ENKS council. 


Protesters warn that the demonstrations shall continue until the ENKS prisoners are released. 


“As long as our people are still in PYD prisons we will continue our protests; our call is peaceful,” said a protest organizer in Qamishli.


KNC officials took part in the demonstrations alongside the protesters.


“Hassan Salih, Ahmed Ismail and their friends are seekers of Kurdish movements, It is unacceptable that they are in PYD prisons now. They will not succeed by imprisoning them. Imprisoning them does not bring freedom for our nation. Only unity, the language of dialogue and brotherhood can eliminate and deter these imprisonments," said an official. 


In Girgalok city, massive protests were also launched. The head of the  ENKS council there said that that PYD actions do not serve the interests of the Kurdish nation in Rojava.


“Unfortunately, PYD actions at this time that we have to hold hands together, does not serve the interest of our nation,” said Salih Simo, a KNC official. 


A day after Simo spoke to the protesters he was arrested by PYD security forces.


Zirek | 18/8/2016
This good sign of democracy in Rojava, people in Duhok after 26 years of kurdstan goverment and they are still not allowed to protest freely on streets!!
duroi | 18/8/2016
Rojava is besieged in all fronts and neither the arrests nor the the demonstrations help Rojava. Political prisoners must be freed by PYD and future elections will bring more democracy later. The priority of PYD and all parties in KNC must be fighting united under the same flag of PYD/YPG to defend Rojava now and connect Manbij and Afrin via Sandy-Dabiq route. In light of recent attacks by Syrian government, Rojava should abort its plans to capture al-Bab because it will open a wider gateway to Syrian government forces to enter Rojava territory.
Roj | 19/8/2016
Beautiful! This proves that Rojava is democratic!
Ben | 19/8/2016
All this proves is that the Kurds fight amongst themselves
KURDI | 20/8/2016
KNC, ENKS, supported by ardogan and fascist regime of turky , all they could gather around 100 people, bunch of old people they want to play with the destiny of a nation been under occupied enemy for hundreds of years.... if your real revolutionary movements why you dint enjoy and embrace ypj or ypg why? because you have been supported by turky

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What You Say

Bart 56 | 11/19/2017 4:23:43 AM
Is Erdogen a sectarian, racist dictator?
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| 16/11/2017 | (1)
duroi | 11/13/2017 4:41:34 PM
It is heart breaking to lose your family and friends. Most of the 500+ victims were across the border in Iran and the city worst hit is SarPol Zahab...
IranMan | 11/19/2017 12:55:52 AM
Is it me, or others have also notice there is not ONE piece of "news" on telling us what the KRG administration, with its super rich...
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Carlo | 11/18/2017 9:29:30 PM
US allies hates each other
Love Kurdistan | 11/18/2017 9:59:20 PM
Mr PM Barzani, make no more mistake. DO NOT COUNT ON AMERICANS ANYMORE. I would be considering of forming alliance with others as well. Be a smart...
Tillerson to PM Barzani: US encourages Baghdad to start serious talks with Erbil
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Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 11/18/2017 8:39:29 PM
Sad to see a full row of Kurdish women wearing ISIS hijabs.
Muraz Adzhoev | 11/18/2017 9:06:21 PM
The “transitional government” must be established in order to provide overwhelming unity only for the achievement of the main goal by implementation...
Kurdish Islamic party calls for establishment of transitional government
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