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PYD Leader Warns of War with Arab Settlers in Kurdish Areas

By Rudaw 24/11/2013
Members of jihadist group Al-Nusra Front take part in a parade calling for the establishment of an Islamic state in Syria. Photo: AFP
Members of jihadist group Al-Nusra Front take part in a parade calling for the establishment of an Islamic state in Syria. Photo: AFP

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region--The leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, has warned that the Kurds' future war would be with Arabs who have settled in the Kurdish areas with the help of the Syrian regime.

"One day those Arabs who have been brought to the Kurdish areas will have to be expelled," said Muslim in an interview with Serek TV.

The PYD leader said that the situation in Qamishli and Hasakah is particularly explosive and that "if it continues the same way, there will be war between Kurds and Arabs."

Qamishli is the largest Kurdish city in Syria and Hasakah boasts most of the country’s oil wealth.

Muslim's own armed forces known as People's Protection Units (YPG) have been in control of Syria's Kurdish areas for the past year and a half.

The YPG has been locked in fierce battles with radical Islamic and other rebel groups who have tried to bring the war against the regime of Bashar Assad to the Kurdish cities.

"Syrian government policy has brought many Arabs to the Kurdish areas," said Muslim. "All the villages where they live now belong to the Kurds."

Earlier this month Salih's PYD declared an autonomous government in Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava).

"We are busy putting in order our own house, so why should others have anything to say about it?" said Muslim in response to Turkey's objection to his party's announcement of autonomy. "If they are only looking for excuses, then that it a different story."

Meanwhile, the PYD leader expressed support for the ongoing peace process between Ankara and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), saying, "The Kurds aren't harmful to Turkey. They have been living together as brothers for years."

"If in Turkey Kurds are accepted, then they will be accepted in all other countries," he added.


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Rojcan | 24/11/2013
Even though I agree with the ideal, that the land should be returned in full to it's rightful owners and the reversal of the arab belt policy. I don't agree with the throwing around of the term "war with arabs", especially at this moment. We already have a war against extremist we don't need to help turn more to their sides. Even if the plan is to remove arabs back to their lands Muslim must keep it low key till the syrian situation comes to a resolution. Kurds policy had always been a defensive one, not an offensive strike against tho who haven't grabbed arms against us.
FAUthman | 24/11/2013
'never miss the opportunity to keep your mouth shut". No more needs to be said!
Barzanji | 24/11/2013
We agree with Mr.Saleh that what was done with force should be undone with force.We well know that there is a tacit agreement with Arabs to leave Kerkuk for them,despite the rhetorical denials of the KRG.But this will not happen in Rojava.For how long to stay at the mercy of the enemy?.These heroes ,women and men are letting their blood on the battlefield in extreme adverse conditions of embargo,denial and poverty.The time has come for Kurds to adress the past grievances and unjustice for ever.It is also time for the Kurds to speak with one voice.The KRG leaders must come to Qameshlo .It is a must.It is not about parties,it is about Kurdish rights and Kurdistán emerging: free and sovereign.
Barzanji | 24/11/2013
This long awaited declaration,dear to every Kurd, deserves a different picture: a green Kurdish landscape of wheat fields.Thank you Rudaw.
Baran | 24/11/2013
They should start a resettle program of illegal arab settlers. But we must explain the world that we don't force people out of their homes, we must explain them that Kurds were were forced out of their homes like Bosnian's in the Bosnia war. We just want that those arab who were brought illegally to Rojava to arabize this land should go back to their original place. Salih Muslim should not talk about war between people, the war is just against the regime and terrorists and others who want to occupy Kurdish land, but not against people.
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