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Kurdish force may leave Raqqa campaign if Turkey continues attacks

By Rudaw 28/7/2017
A member of the mainly Kurdish People's Protections Units in northern Syria fighting against Turkish-backed Syrian forces near Shahba, on the Syrian-Turkish border. Photo: ANHA
A member of the mainly Kurdish People's Protections Units in northern Syria fighting against Turkish-backed Syrian forces near Shahba, on the Syrian-Turkish border. Photo: ANHA
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The head of the Kurdish YPG forces that comprise the backbone of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have warned they will withdraw from the alliance if Turkey continues to increase its attacks on the Shahba region and Afrin.
Sipan Hemo said that they have communicated their concerns to the US-coalition in “clear” terms.
Turkey considers the YPG an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), an armed rebel force opposed to the Turkish state. The YPG has the same ideological roots as the PKK but denies any links.
“We have shared our issue with the coalition. If the Turkish state continued its occupation attacks against Afrin and Shahba, the Raqqa operation will not continue,” Hemo told the PKK-affiliated ANF media on Friday.
He said that the forces responsible for defending the Shahba Region, located in northern Syria between Kobane and Afrin, have said loud and clear that it does not make sense for their forces to fight ISIS in Raqqa while their region is under attack from Turkey, a NATO ally. 
“The main protection force of the Shahba Region, Jaish al-Thuwar [Army of Revolutionaries], as it is known, is now fighting in Raqqa. They have made this issue clear. They have said that ‘if the attacks against us increase, fighting in Raqqa will no longer carry any meaning.’ We also have the same thinking,” Hemo said.
The mainly Kurdish SDF launched the military campaign to liberate Raqqa from ISIS in Syria late last year, backed by the US-led coalition. The current offensive on the urban centre began in June.
They have liberated almost half of the city despite strong resistance put up by the extremist group using explosives, a network of tunnels, and sniper fire.
The Kurdish commander also accused Russia of serving its interests at the expense of the people of Syria. He said Russia is helping the Syrian regime in its attacks against SDF forces in the north of the country. 
The Turkish army entered northern Syria last August in its operation Euphrates Shield with the stated aim of clearing “terrorists” from its border areas, mentioning both ISIS and the Kurdish forces. Ankara wanted to halt Kurdish advances along the border that would have linked the western Kurdish canton of Afrin with Kobane and Cizre to the east. 
Backing elements of the Free Syrian Army, Turkey took control from ISIS of a swathe of territory between the Euphrates River and Afrin. They then set their sights on the Kurds.
After clashes between Turkish and Kurdish forces near Manbij in March, the US deployed special forces to the area to “deter aggression” against them and reassure their Kurdish allies.
The YPG first received the attention and eventually the support of the United States during the ISIS siege on the Kurdish city of Kobane in late 2014. 
The commander of the US Special Forces General Raymond Thomas earlier this month said that they had advised the YPG to change their “brand” in 2015 because Turkey equated YPG to the PKK.
He said the Syrian Kurds then created the SDF, a coalition of Kurdish and Arab forces plus other components in Syria.


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FAUthman | 28/7/2017
This a very significant development. Best we do not try to speculate how US will react. What we know is that Trump is not fighting Assad anymore and has said he only want to fight ISIS in Syria (and Iraq) and Syria is not a US problem. Would US then leave Raqqa for the Syrian army and the Russians to liberate? That would depend on US strategic interests in the Mid East, on whether it would want to continue presence in the region or abandon it. This is a critical juncture for Kurds!
Ben | 28/7/2017
Well looks like the Turks managed to disrupt the Raqqa operation like they promised to do. The Unites States just stood by and watched things escalate to this point, their strategy was hoping Kurdish forces which are fighting ISIS in Raqqa (sustaining heavy loses) wouldn't react as the Turkish army is bombings them from behind.
Sauna | 28/7/2017
Everyone has it's limits, enough is enough. And ISIL will score a huge prppaganda victory if kurdish forces pull out. the American's will be forced to send in their own troops which I asume will not be so popular back in the US for Trump. He can thank Erdogan for that.
Rebwar | 28/7/2017
Good for them! Kurds are dying in the hundreds fighting the terrorists in raqqa for US while turkey is attacking them! No one would accept that situation!
Ein | 29/7/2017
Can't say I'm shocked or blame them, both Russia and the United States are using them and giving very little in return.
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guest worker | 8/22/2017 7:58:00 PM
We know the Iraqi forces/militias have completely surrounded Tel Afar, so why are ISIS terrorists escaping in droves? and for some odd reason only...
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dontbeidiot | 8/22/2017 4:01:19 PM
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Rekan | 8/22/2017 7:00:31 PM
First of all. The energy drink which is not allowed to be sold or distributed is only the one on the picture. All other energy drinks are totally ok...
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duroi | 8/22/2017 6:35:19 PM
We know the outcome of misguided support of US policymakers for Maliki regime, undermining the democratic principles of new Iraq and violation of...
Muraz Adzhoev | 8/22/2017 6:58:08 PM
Yes, if there is an appropriate resolution of the UN Securuty Council, providing the greater guarantee for reintegration and sovereign independence...
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KurdishGuy | 8/22/2017 11:56:56 AM
Congrats, and best wishes. Hope you win the contest.
Shilan | 8/22/2017 6:26:45 PM
May God’s blessings be always with you! Keep faith in Him and on your abilities
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