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Kurds and Damascus meet over tensions, future of Rojava

By Rudaw 29/12/2016
 A Kurdish female fighter of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) near the Syrian-Turkish border. Photo: AFP
A Kurdish female fighter of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) near the Syrian-Turkish border. Photo: AFP
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region-- Tensions between Kurds and the Syrian government have reached fever pitch this week over the future of the Kurdish autonomous enclave, also called Rojava, as envoys of the two sides met on Tuesday, the second such meeting since the uprising in 2011.
The meeting hosted by Russian mediators focused on the relations between the central government in Damascus and the status of the Kurdish-administrated entities in the north and northwest of the country.
Sources close to the Kurdish factions told Rudaw the government had put forward a list of conditions that would regulate relations between Damascus and the Kurdish enclave, which the regime so far has rejected to recognize.
In the meeting the government has conditioned its support for the Kurds in the country on the Kurdish backing of the Syrian President Bashar Assad in the upcoming elections. The government has also asked the Kurdish representatives to drop their demand for a federal system and hoist the Syrian flag on all government buildings and offices. Damascus has also said all Kurdish factions in the country should take part in the negotiations.
In Tuesday's meeting both the Democratic Society Movement (Tev-Dem), close to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), and the Kurdish National Council (ENKS), supported by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) were present. 
The apparently new government demands come only days after the army recaptured rebel-held Aleppo and asked Kurdish forces to retreat from the eastern pockets of the city.
Military officials have told Rudaw that Kurdish areas should now return under government control as the fight against ISIS forces had entered new phases.
On Wednesday Kurdish authorities announced they had dropped the word Rojava--a Kurdish word for Western Kurdistan--from the official name of the federation of northern Syria.
In the aftermath of the Syrian uprising that soon turned into a bloody civil war, the Kurds set up three federal entities in the north corners of the country which together make up their political enclave called Rojava. The three cantons of Cizre, Kobani and Afrin are predominantly Kurdish inhabited areas but have sizable Arab and Assyrian communities.
The Democratic Union Party (PYD), which is the main group in Syria’s Kurdistan and rules over that area, declared in mid-March that the region was a federal entity within Syria. The PYD has called the new region the Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria and said its government and society will remain polyethnic.  
Damascus has since rejected the declaration of the federal region and described the move as “unlawful action” that "jeopardizes the country’s territorial integrity."
Tuesday's meeting stands in sharp contrast to earlier meetings between the Kurds and the government under Russian auspices. A Russian delegation in Syria told Kurdish and government representatives in October that establishing a federal system in the country was the only way to prevent Syria's partition. It also suggested that the country’s official name be changed from the Syrian Arab Republic to the Democratic Republic of Syria, the diplomats said.
"Only federalism can preserve Syria's unity as a country," the leader of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, Salih Gado, told Rudaw, quoting Russian mediator Colonel Oldvornikov Alexandrovich, who is also the commander of Russian forces in Syria.


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Mohamedzzz | 29/12/2016
Kurds wasted precious time and now they are getting the short side of the stick.
FAUthman | 29/12/2016
Kurds negotiations with Damascus have started, that is good esp. with Russian mediation. Kurds are showing flexibility that is wise. A hard position by Damascus after the glow of victory in Aleppo is understandable. Ultimately there will be a federal solution for a sovereign Syria since Russia would want this conflict to come to an end. So would everybody else!
Dutchman | 30/12/2016
Putin, Erdogan, Assad and Khamenei are equally evil. And these war criminals are now cooperating. The US and its allies should provide the YPG sophisticated weapon systems.
R Ahmad | 30/12/2016
To Dutchman: that is right Kurds need high tech weapons like radar guided anti tanks and anti aircraft. It is disappointing that Kurds have been fighting for over a hundred year but have not been able to make a single bullet. On the other hand a bunch of bare-footed camel keepers, ISIS, just came to the scene yesterday but have been able to make their own weapons to the level of self-sufficiently. It is time for Kurds to do the same thing. ISIS is going to be eradicated soon. This is a good opportunity for Kurds to recruit their weapon making experts. After WW11, America and Russia recruited all Nazi German scientists.
KURDISH STATE | 30/12/2016
The bloody dictator Assad will give Turkey half of Syria but will never allow Kurds to speak their language. Let's destroy Syria and Turkey.

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Leon | 3/24/2019 8:03:06 AM
Sistani is not the governemnt, so get fucked. Iraq should use force to remove him.
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Adam | 3/23/2019 2:49:50 PM
I wander what the Saudi royal family would say.
Gunrash | 3/24/2019 3:10:11 AM
Golan is Israeli just like Kirkuk, Amed, Mehabad and Afrin are Kurdish! Enough with the hypocrisy and selective indignation. UN is a joke.
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Adam | 3/23/2019 2:40:05 PM
Now the west especially America have the duty to reward the Kurds with real protection.
Kurde Canada | 3/24/2019 1:41:08 AM
God is no more with ISIS. They were just being used by him. They were betrayed.
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TerraNova | 3/23/2019 10:02:06 PM
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Trump is right when he sais that the US together with it's allies defeated ISIS. And it is also good that he wants to continue to work with his...
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