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PKK group says Turkish ceasefire over

By Rudaw 12/7/2015
The logo belonged to the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK).
The logo belonged to the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK).

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — The Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in a statement released on Saturday announced that a ceasefire with the Turkish government is over, claiming that Ankara has welched on its promises regarding the Kurdish issue in that country.
The Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), an organization inside the PKK, said in a statement that the Turkish government by building an excessive number of dams and security stations in Kurdish areas dishonored the ceasefire that had been sustained since 2012.
“The number of dams that were built is highly disproportionate with the Kurdish region’s energy producing capacity,” said KCK. It added that the Turkish government was previously warned to stop building the dams.
The KCK threatened that it will target the dams and asked people working in those projects to leave.  
The KCK claimed the Turkish government has targeted Kurdish citizens and used them as human shields, which resulted in civilian deaths, suggesting that there is a military intention behind building the dams and security stations.
“Our guerrillas with responsibility pledged themselves to honor the ceasefire since the beginning of the process, but the Turkish government with its arbitrary actions has already resumed the war against the Kurdish people,” read the statement.
“The government has started the war against the Kurds and we will not remain silent,” it added.  
A 2013 peace process between the government and the PKK has largely stuttered, with Kurdish politicians accusing the government of dragging its feet.
Resumption of armed conflict between the PKK and the Turkish government would be a major blow to the Kurdish–Turkish peace process, which aims to resolve the Kurdish issue in that country.


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Hejar | 12/7/2015
Good for the PKK freedom fighters. They have done everything to try and resolve issues through dialogue in front of the world but the terrorist state has only been playing stalling games with no intention of a real solution. They showed their true colors and ended any chance for peace by supporting Isis and openly calling for the destruction of Kurdish lands. From the beginning I have called their schemes and now the Kurdish people must unite against them. They will never agree to peace until they are forced to do so by the world powers. And those powers will not do anything unless the Kurdish people do it first. Our biggest weakness is trying to appease our enemies. I call on all Kurds to say enough is enough. One cannot reason with evil.
fermin | 12/7/2015
It's becoming more and more clear that the Turkish government was probably never sincere about the peace process. One thing is the dams and military grade roads which are very bad signs, but in the span of 3 years they've doubled the amount of military outposts, bases and airbases through out the whole Kurdish region. All this while claiming they "want" peace, they just used the calm of the ceasefire to build up. But I still think it was wrong for KCK to declare this now, they should've either done it a long time ago or really exhaust all possibilities. No matter what they should not be the first side to make an aggressive move.
Kurdish Patriot | 12/7/2015
What Turkey is doing is obvious as they are looking for an excuse to go to war. If PKK was smart they would hold on not give Turkey this excuse as this would give them the green light and U.S. And other EU countries would fully support them. You don't know what Turkeys up to. The only way forward is continuing with peace talks whilst preparing for the worst. Let Turkey be the one to attack not PKK. Your name is already on Terrorist list and you will not receive any help from The West. As a matter of fact, all Kurds must unite all party members under one government as soon as they can and should also be better prepared for any possible wars that may occur in any future events. We must plan the future ahead and not just take things as they come, there is always surprised plans of attacks Kurds...ISIS was one of them.
bebegun | 12/7/2015
What the heck is this? why risk everything now? specialy when there's talk of a HDP AKP coaltion government? doesn't make sense at all. I mean only NOW they find out that the Turks were not really interested in peace? why didn't they call it of or stop these activities earlier?
Kandil | 12/7/2015
Long live independant GREAT Kurdistan

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