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‘No chance of return’ from damage to UNESCO site Diyarbakir

By Rudaw 14/7/2016
Diyarbakir’s historical areas were severely damaged in fighting between the Turkish army and Kurdish guerillas. Photo: AFP
Diyarbakir’s historical areas were severely damaged in fighting between the Turkish army and Kurdish guerillas. Photo: AFP
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Just one year ago, residents of Diyarbakir, the capital of Turkey’s Kurdish heartland in the southeast, were delighted that two historical sites in their city had been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Today, activists are lamenting the destruction in the city due to clashes between the Turkish army and Kurdish guerillas and UNESCO’s silence on the matter while it holds its 40th session in Istanbul. 

The ancient fortress of Diyarbakir and the Hevsel Gardens on the banks of the Tigris River were added to the list of important cultural monuments in July 2015. The recognition was greeted with fireworks and hopes that a boost to tourism and investment would follow.

“This decision to add the sites not only protects Diyarbakir city walls and the Hevsel gardens. It further gives us courage to protect the culture of the entire nearby area,” said Gultan Kisanak, co-mayor of Diyarbakir at the time.

The Diyarbakir city walls were built in 349 A.D. during the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine II. The walls of the fortress, which are almost five kilometers long, contain 82 bastions and have four gates.

The 8,000-year old Hevsel Gardens are the fertile lands between the city walls and the Tigris River valley.

But within weeks of the UNESCO listing, a ceasefire between the Turkish army and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) unraveled and the army imposed military curfews on Kurdish cities and towns throughout the countries southeast. 

Human Rights Watch estimates that at least 338 civilians have been killed and more than 355,000 displaced. The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), an international body producing information on internally displaced people around the world, believes the number of displaced in the renewed conflict is actually much higher – 945,000.

Ankara has banned the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, and journalists entry into the area. Local activists report that whole neighbourhoods have been destroyed, homes razed to the ground. Their claim is backed up by satellite imagery. 

The destruction in Diyarbakir is reportedly widespread. 

“In a year, we went from UNESCO… to destruction so complete, there is no chance of return,” Nevin Soyukaya, head of Diyarbakir’s heritage office, told Reuters. 

Soyukaya stated that more than 800 buildings in the city were destroyed and the rubble dumped into the Tigris River, meaning reconstruction of heritage sites is impossible. 

The destruction was a planned tactic in the military offensive with the goal of creating conditions such that the guerilla forces could not return; “urban regeneration” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described it. 

Ankara estimates that the cost to rebuild 6,000 destroyed buildings will be about 1 billion lira ($345 million). 

"Buildings damaged during operations will be renewed in rehabilitation projects. One of the most important of these is Sur. Historical buildings will be renewed in ways suiting the historical fabric,” a Turkish official told Reuters, referring to Diyarbakir’s ancient district of Sur.

Co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), Figen Yuksekdag, said that nearly 90 percent of the properties in Sur were seized by the authorities. “They want to destroy the living spaces and houses of the people who survived death and the massacres in those places,” she said, speaking to Hurriyet Daily News in March. 

As the UNESCO World Heritage Committee holds its 40th session in Istanbul, which opened on July 10, activists have staged forums to bring attention to the destruction in Diyarbakir, which they accuse UNESCO of being silent on. 

The official line from the UN agency has been diplomatic. “We are approaching this issue with extreme sensitivity and do not want to see any harm to the site,” Lale Ulker, head of the World Heritage Committee, told reporters. 

But others were more pragmatic. “The dilemma is [UNESCO’s] support and funding comes from governments, so political pressure renders such organizations ineffective,” Zulfu Livaneli, a Turkish novelist and filmmaker, told Reuters. He quit is role as UNESCO goodwill ambassador, a position he filled for 20 years, in protest of the destruction in Sur and the alleged human rights abuses.



Meksavan | 14/7/2016
Muslims ruin everything it touches. Except Kurdish people. Kurdish people have a brain. The rest of the Muslim leaders are mentally ill and hate everybody that is not a crazy Muslim like them. Islam is not a religion. It's a oppressive political ideology that 90% of Muslim civilians hate.
Kurdo | 15/7/2016
I believe Rudaw needs to be more honest, even if you don't like PKK. What happened in North Kurdistan is that turks did their best to destroy as much as they could of Kurdistan. They used PKK as an excuse. They could fight PKK without destroying entire cities but they took revenge on our people, completly innocent civilians were executed. There absolutly no difference between ISIS and turks, both want destroy entire Kurdistan and kill all Kurds. It's time for Rudaw and Mr. Barzani to show their support for our people in North. I don't like PKK either, but right now I don't care. The enemy want to kill all of us, and we have to be united. PKK's politics sucks, but that doesn't mean we will ignore any call for help from North Kurdistan or ignore what's being going for our own gain. What happened between Russia and Turkey? Turks couldn't even stand against Russia in six months, if it wasn't for NATO they wouldn't even stand for one week. Because Russians are united, because Russians have their own country. kErdogan had to kiss Putins ass, not once but many times. It's time for us to understand, we can only win if we are united,it's THE ONLY way. We have been without a country for ONE reason, we have not been united. Turks committed very horrible crimes in Norht, and they have been doing that for decades without any consequences. Mr. Barzani, I have always said he should be THE president of Kurdistan, but seems like he have not listen to Kurds in North, and he has not even condemned what turks have done... I really hare all turks, every single one of them. Turks are barbaric people, they cannot act like normal peopl. They are quite stupid and smell very ill. Yet they believe they are supierior everybody else. Their so called muslim president is the biggest thief in the world. They support terrorism but neither USA nor EU dare to tell them for some reasons. It's time to EU and USA to tell the turks to go to hell, kick them our of NATO and let Russia and Kurds send them back to Mongolia. Please rudaw do not censor this text, we see much worse things in turks new papers every single day.
Kevin Suleiman | 15/7/2016
#‎JusticeMatters‬ - Do You Care? Honourable Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, hereby I would like to request you to initiate an investigation regarding the alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity conducted by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his regime against the Kurdish and other minorities in South-East Turkey on behalf of all people signing the petition. Petition:… Please send all your evidence of crimes to us:

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Leon | 4/20/2019 11:40:24 AM
Islam is cancer and it must be destroyed. The only way forward for the Middle East is to abandon Pisslam. It is the most vile religion and has driven...
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Jay | 4/19/2019 10:43:13 PM
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Kurdi | 4/20/2019 10:42:40 AM
Rudaw : how come only Muraz can comment and I see comments reduced to almost nil ??!!! This proves that you are clandestine
Gorran and PUK ready to sign on dotted line or are gaps still too big?
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Peter | 4/20/2019 6:55:20 AM
Good. Turkish "soldiers" are terrorists, no different to any other member of ISIS.
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Hans | 4/11/2019 8:09:05 PM
@fraud, let's see if we understand this, so Kurds, who at the time held no power in Turkey, committed genocide on christians for Turks, then FLED...
Shahin Sorekli | 4/20/2019 4:39:55 AM
The name of this town has always been "Kobani." I challenge anyone to show me the evidence that the false name "Kobane" existed before 2011.
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