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Erdogan: Turkey will take measures against Kurdistan after ‘illegitimate’ vote

By Rudaw 28/9/2017
Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a joint presser with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's president in Ankara. Photo: AA
Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a joint presser with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's president in Ankara. Photo: AA
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned Kurdistan’s independence referendum as “non-binding” and “illegitimate.”
In a televised press conference, Erdogan said Kurdistan persisted in holding the vote despite all warnings. He called the vote a huge mistake.
The press conference was held jointly with Russian President Vladimir Putin following a meeting between the two leaders.
He warned that Turkey will take measures against the Kurdistan Region to ensure no more mistakes are made. No one has the right to set the region on fire, he said.
Erdogan added that he had discussed this issue with Putin.

He stressed the importance of preserving the territorial integrity and political unity of Iraq.
Putin was in Turkey to hold talks with Erdogan on Iraq and Syria as well as Turkey’s purchase of a Russian-made missile defense system.


Putin said in the press conference that Russia's position on the referendum was already made public by the foreign ministry. 


Russia has said it respects Kurds’ desire to form a state but pressed for dialogue with Baghdad and not the unilateral declaration of independence.


“The Russian party believes it to be of utmost importance to avoid anything that risks to further complicate and destabilize the Middle East, which is already overloaded by conflict situations,”  Russia’s Foreign Ministry stated after preliminary referendum results were released.



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Seyed | 28/9/2017
Keep barcking erdogan lol
Ariborz | 28/9/2017
Only and only booming in procreation level upto becoming majority in all four countries will save kurdistani people. Increase your fertility rate to 7-8 and then majority will be yours. no power can prevent for example 200mln kurdistani in the region from achieving what is their rights. atleast one kurdistan must be established to defend kurd people in the region and around the globe. just as one Azarbaijan,one Tadjikstan,One Turkey,One Arabistaan for all related ethnic binds spread in the region or around the globe.Demographically,Kurds must be atleast 7 times bigger than now in number to get what they want.-in level of 7 billion inhabitants of the planet-if kurds were atleast 200mln and upon genetic preference of Aryan in european attribution,then no force could prevent them of what that is their right. kurds must become majority force in the middle east and even supersede Arabs and their animalistic way of living. having 6-7 children must be the least of nation's goal or they will be perished by global order and oil money or lobbies of nearly 20 arabs states and the same nearly 20 turk countries.
FAUthman | 28/9/2017
I will believe Erdogan only when he shuts down the Kurdish pipeline to Ceyhan. That has not happened and not likely to happen! Of course Putin would insist the pipeline to remain open since Rosneft is working on improving it for its own export outlet from Kurdistan. US believes (or at least the US military believe) Kuridsh independence in Iraq is inevitable "not a matter of if but of when" So just sit tight and be patient. Problems of a century do not get resolved in few days or weeks. I remain an optimist. US will find a workable solution acceptable to Baghdad and Arbil, one that will not destabilize the region. Confederation wit a strong possibility of independence (note the support from Sen Schumer) will be the minimum Kurds will get as many commentators have observed. US is Key! I found this line to be significant. Why? because an independent Kurdistan can indeed become a military hub for the West (NATO) to put pressure on Iran and thus a strong argument for the US to support independence for Kurds in Iraq: "An independent Kurdistan could also become a military hub for Western forces on Iran’s doorstep."
Stewee Guy
Stewee Guy | 28/9/2017
No one has the right to set the region on fire, he said ??? Seriously Erdogan ???? Wasn't you who set the fire in Syria ?????
Turkey is illegimate | 28/9/2017
Turkey is illegimate. They have occupied multiple areas that have no Turkish people at all.

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Since the days of the patriarch Ishmael, instability has been the hallmark of the Arab middle east. It does not need "fuel" to become unstable, it is...
Love Peshmerga, AK USA | 12/9/2017 2:06:34 PM
At the end of the day. united state will realize that kurds are the only true friends in the middle east. the rest are fake and they only like united...
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nabaz | 12/9/2017 12:55:58 PM
You are no longer the top super power, I am afraid that is in the past. You impose your illusion supremacy on the defenceless Kurdish people just to...
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Linda | 12/9/2017 3:02:57 AM
Dutchman | 12/9/2017 10:00:55 AM
Thank you for the offer, Russia, but the best you and you Iranian and Turkish allies can do is to go home. Russia has done enough evil by supporting...
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