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Casualties as Kolbar shot at by Iranian forces on Kurdistan-Iran border

By Rudaw 15/4/2017
Casualties as Kolbar shot at by Iranian forces on Kurdistan-Iran border
A group of Kolbars from the Iranian side trying to carry goods and commercial items to sell on both sides of Iraq-Iran border. Rudaw file photo
ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - A number of Kurdish Kolbar, porters carrying goods across the Iran-Kurdistan Region border were shot at on Saturday by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, known as Pasdaran, an official told Rudaw.

Hassan Khdir, head of Qaladze Police Department, told Rudaw that all the Kolbars were from the eastern Kurdistan, or Iranian Kurdistan. They were fired on in the area of Heroiani on the border. An unknown number were wounded and killed.

He added that the wounded Kolbars were being rushed to the region’s hospitals, but had yet to arrive.

“We are trying to collect more information so as to assist them,” he added.

In the meantime, a source told Rudaw that in addition to being shot at, their loads were also set on fire.

Kolbars are frequently harassed by the Iranian authorities and many have been killed.

The French-based Kurdistan Human Rights Network reported that two days ago another two Kurdish Kolbars were injured by Iranian security forces in the western border city of Baneh. One of them is believed to be in a coma. 

The rights organization said that in 2016 alone it documented 42 Kolbars shot dead by the Iranian security forces, and 30 people in 2017 have been injured.

Local villagers, mainly from the Iranian side, have for years been carrying goods and commercial items to sell on both sides of the border. This act has been deemed illegal by Iran.


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kurt basar | 16/4/2017
It's truly sad to see these poor Kurd's, who are economically suffering under present Iranian regime and trying to feed their children's, by crossing the borders for minor goods trading but getting shot by Iranian regime Muslim thugs, who are barbaric, cruel and w/ Medieval dungeoneers mentality. It's truly a time for the Kurd's to have their own independent state, for to end these immoral sufferings at the hand of those barbaric & cruel occupiers. You have to wonder, why killings, Hanging & torturing of the Kurd's become so easy for the current Iranian Regime, who are calling themselves Muslim & civilized without shame, you have to wonder.
Iran | 16/4/2017
@kurt basar corruption is in all regions of Iran, people have been shot death smuggling goods in southern Iran (port cities, persians cities). Sepatarism is not allowed in Iran, Iranians are united in this.
Dave | 16/4/2017
They are security concern and loop holes, which can be exploited by the terrorists and their supporters such as slave masters, warmonger, invader, occupier, women and baby killer, racist and apartheid Zionists colonial and imperial powers and their stooges such as Daesh/ISI, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and Jaishol Eslam.
Ardalan | 17/4/2017
@kurt monkey go worship the sun you ape Kurds are Iranian.
A Concern Kurd | 17/4/2017
At Ardalan, your family and grandfathers were disgrace to Kurds. You sold Kurds to your "Arbabs" in the past too. Enjoy your blood money that generationally made you rich. . .
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